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They say, “To succeed, you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality,” and our today’s star of the show justifies this very well. When passion meets to plan, amazing things take place. All it takes is the right guidance from experienced and enthusiastic leaders.

Business Connect is a great platform renowned for its impeccable monthly editions centric towards some great business leaders and their brainchildren. And here again, we are back with our brand new October edition that comprises some untold stories of remarkable entrepreneurs and their journey in the business world. Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with the leadership panel of Go Green warehouses.

The Founder and CEO of the company, Mr. Santosh Sahu shared numerous lesser-known facts about the company and also shined some light on his insights on the corporate world. We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will add some extra value to the lives of our global readership panel and will encourage them to chase their dreams.

Mr. Santosh presents the company’s unique business model and says, “We solve our customers’ biggest problems from farm to fork. So basically you serve on the one hand the farmers who produce the grain and on the other hand also concerning the consumer side such as retailers, processors, exporters, importers, etc. who are the end users of the commodity. Go Green provides farm warehousing services, commodity-backed financial facilitation through and NBFC banks, quality testing and certification, warehouse inspection, and auditing services, any asset management required from farm to fork.

We try to offer all services for the agricultural value chain under one roof. Moreover, I have initially worked with Godrej Aadhaar, Reliance Retail, and Spencer’s Retail, which operates on the consumer side. I first spent about 10 years in this sector and then worked in the warehousing and logistics sector for the next 10 years before founding Go Green. Mr. Maulik Bhai Shah registered this company in 2012 and met with me in 2018 to discuss co-founding the company in Agri Warehousing the idea for this company was born at that time only.

We believe that you are a leader who has to suffer a lot to motivate employees to maintain the company’s success. We believe that trust and transparency are key areas that have been lacking in the industry, and we enable organizations around the issue by being a trusted and reliable service provider in this area. We started the process in 2018, originally planning to focus on the specific geography of the country, but customers have shown tremendous response to the new company, and now, we are present in 25 states. We are currently active in more than 400+ locations and with more than 3500 customers.

Furthermore, when we talk about the mission and vision behind this massive growth company, the company moves forward with the primary vision of being the biggest supporter of farmers and the number one in agricultural storage space in India. Through its creative solutions, the Go Green team works to increase the reach of growers and FPOs for the best quality products while attempting to increase the number of buyer connections with their warehouse to create market connections for farm products.”

“If you have a closer look, you will observe that the entire industry only focusing on handling the bulk side because of the margin profit otherwise it will be very difficult for them to survive. Nobody was looking at the micro site. So, we have a separate team who is looking into micro sites. So, instead of asking farmers to bring the produce to 150 kilometers away to our warehouse, we go nearer to the farmer and set up a small sun center in the farm gate levels using the windows and link to the pilot so that the transition can happen if somebody wants to store for some time.

Then we were required to some kind of warehousing facility so we have done a lot of research on that. We have a broad automatic storage technology which is a portable structure. It can be taken to the farmland itself and store the commodity for certain times. So, similarly, we are taking a lot of cold storage and a solar base for storage to the farm that level where the perishable commodities can be stored if the buyer is not going to buy on the same day they can buy on transit.” – Mr. Santosh Sahu.

He further adds, “As we are handling a lot of commodities, hence we are doing a lot of R&D to find how we can automate the entire management site because right now, it is oriented business where a lot of manpower is required. So, we are trying to have different kinds of technology like for example, earlier the samples were drawn in the warehouse and it was sent to the laboratory then it was tested and then the result was coming. At present, with IoT devices, we can give the resolution and the handling can be easy.”


  • Mr. Premchand Motta
    Mr. Premchand Motta is well known not only in India but in more than 125 countries across the world for his spices annual reports, which contain his forecast of the market trends for the coming months. Through this, all leading sellers and buyers of spices benefitted very much. At the age of 23, Mr. Premchand Motta became famous in more than 150 countries of the world as one of the best spices analysts. His analysis report has given a profit of multi-million rupees to leading spices powder manufacturers, spices traders of the entire world, and especially in India.
  • Mr. Biren Vakil
    Mr. Biren Vakil is a veteran of trading and risk management in the Indian commodity markets. He is associated with key exchanges, intermediaries and large broking houses, and business media. He has worked as a consultant for The Multi Commodity Exchange of India, The National Multi Commodity Exchange – NMCE during their initial commissioning. He regularly appears in popular electronic media such as CNBC, Times Now, Zee Business, Zee Gujarati, E TV, and VTV. He has also appeared as a Gold Analyst at the international news channel Al-Jazeera. He is a columnist with the largest-selling Gujarati daily Divya Bhaskar, Commodity World, Phool Chaab, and Gujarat Guardian.
  • Mr. Santosh Sahu (Executive Director & Co-founder)
    Mr. Santosh Sahu is an Agri-business professional with extensive experience in developing Agri Value Chains in sectors like Warehousing, Commodity Financing, Trade Facilitation Business, Rural Retail, Fresh Food, Agri Inputs, and Cold Chain. Before joining the Go Green Group, he was the Director & Head – Business Development at Kunvarji Group, AVP – Business Development at NBHC, and has also worked with organizations such as NCML, Krishdhan Seeds, Worlds Window, RPG Spencer Retail, Reliance Retail, and Godrej Agrovet. Mr. Sahu is an M.B.A. in Agri-Business from DAIICT, Gandhinagar, and an Agriculture graduate from OUAT, Bhubaneshwar.


  • Mr. Maulik K Shah (Promoter & Managing Director)
    Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder and brains behind the Go Green Group. With over 25 years of experience in the International Agri Commodity Business, Real Estate, Foreign Exchange – Risk Management, IT-Infrastructure Development, and Modern Warehousing, he established Go Green to provide state-of-the art services to businesses of all kinds. He is also the founder of more than 5 other startups in India. Mr. Maulik Shah is a Commerce Graduate with an M.B.A. in Finance and Marketing from ITM, Mumbai.


  • Edge Over Others
    “The secret of the market is very basic, if you see the Indian market is very big. I don’t think competition is there, it’s time to see the opportunity to take and excel on our own. So, it is in the mind itself. In India, 300 million metric ton of production of food grain is there and we have only 130 metric metric ton of agri warehouse is there. So, I think if you focus on yourself and your team then there is a clear path to growth in the same way. As far as Warehouse receipt finance, the latent potential is more than Rs. 2 Lakh Cr. where as all WSPs put together are not able to reach to Rs. 50,000 Cr mark also in any of the previous years. So the potential is huge. I don’t think competition is there it is only how you manage your team as well as underlying assets well to grow smoothly that is very important.”- Mr. Santosh says.
  • Bond With Tech
    Mr. Santosh says, “Technology is very much essential because we are operating 1200+ warehouses and we do spread across 25 states with more than Rs. 8000 crore worth of value of commodities in our warehouses in India. Here comes the importance of technology to manage such big volume of business with real time information and transaction at every place of your supply chain network. So, there are three aspects in the business – number one, we are responsible for a quality and quantity of the goods, we are managing agri commodities , it is not just like non-agro or any FMCG good, which varies in quality and quantity bag to bag and grain to grain. The quality of the grains is very important as these are live entity where grains have an embryo which continuously respires and is live. So if you are not opening the warehouse on daily basis, then the grains quality will deteriorate to have huge losses in terms of value of the commodity. So, we try to follow through our automatic monitoring system. We are monitoring the opening and closing of warehouses on daily basis to ensure the grains are OK and also monitoring security system via central control room with CCTV surveillance. We have also got AI/ML based Quality assaying instrument for fast results which can give you results instantly within 30 seconds earlier.”

Before signing off, the visionary shared some words of wisdom for our budding leaders out there by quoting, “Building a right team is the key for any business and to any event. Many people have ideas, but they fail sometimes, but the first and foremost thing is that you have to have a very good team to try your idea that is parking. Second thing is that there is 1000 days of struggle in the initial stage whenever we were entering into any entrepreneurship. So, we need to have a lot of presence and a good faith on self is required in order to build a big business.

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