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Transforming your CCTVs into Powerful Solutions Through Artificial Intelligence

“We are working to transform all video and other rich media content, devices, and sensors across the globe into compelling solutions that will make society safe and secure.” Abhijit Shanbhag – President & CEO, Graymatics.

The world is heading towards a digital fever mindset after the epidemic. Companies that build smart solutions and customer journeys that facilitate and/or complement people’s lives will be successful. Companies that do not attempt to leverage emerging AI technologies and do not use data to forecast demand patterns and make workforce improvement decisions will fail. Digital transformation is no longer a choice; businesses must break free from their comfort zones, reinvent themselves, and compete in a world dominated by technological advancements.

Graymatics, a cognitive multimedia analytics platform capable of converting images and videos into meaningful granular data, can help you embrace digital transformation. The company primarily provides CCTV-based Video Analytics solutions to its clients, allowing them to extract vital information from existing infrastructure and display them in comprehensive dashboards. Such solutions solve a range of challenges facing industries including smart cities, smart transportation, telecommunications, manufacturing, building management, retail, banks, and factories.

“CCTVs have long been one of the most common physical assets in businesses, however, they have traditionally been utilized passively. Utilizing these CCTVs with our Video AI platform for various enterprises value-added services such as ensuring worker safety in factories and other vulnerable sites, estimating customer experience at banks, contactless attendance management for enterprises, and many others is one of the important Digital Transformation areas that we enable.” quotes Mr. Shanbhag


“We work to create a highly scalable, feature-rich, versatile platform that transforms video and other rich media content into actionable data enabling various innovative solutions.” quotes the CEO Mr. Shanbhag

Graymatics is a cognitive multimedia analytics company headquartered in Singapore with a presence in Silicon Valley, Bangalore, and Chile. It has developed a massively scalable AI-based platform for deep multimedia analytics. Here’s a look at the cutting-edge solutions offered.

LabVista – AI solution for smart manufacturing: LabVista is a cutting-edge video analytics system. LabVista is certainly a one-stop-shop for industrial executives looking to boost workplace safety and improve process optimization, thanks to important features such as staff & visitor analytics, accident detection, and safety gear identification. The system includes simple dashboarding tools that managers may utilize to make data-driven decisions.

UrbanVision – Helping police maintain law and order: UrbanVision is a Smart City video analytics system. UrbanVision can help police maintain law and order and cities enhance traffic and urban mobility management by providing features including vehicle, people, and audio analytics.

VistaMart – Helping retailers overcome a variety of issues: VistaMart is a Smart Retail video analytics system. Is it tough to get consumer information from physical stores? Why aren’t certain goods selling? How can you keep customers from having to wait? VistaMart helps retailers overcome a variety of issues by delivering real time analytics tools that help them enhance promotion methods and customer happiness in-store.

SiteInsight – Building management video analytics system: SiteInsight is a cutting-edge building management video analytics system. It has a long list of features, including fire detection, intrusion detection, loitering detection, and abandoned object detection. Aside from that, SiteInsight can count and trace every vehicle that enters the facility, as well as inform the appropriate people if suspicious activity is detected. End-users may make use of the solution’s accessible and customizable dashboarding tools to make data-driven decisions.

G-Safe – AI solution for commercial banks: G-Safe is a premier video AI solution for commercial banks. From customer profiling to intruder detection, it allows banks to develop a safer and operationally efficient workflow that ultimately leads to a better customer experience. This Data derived from these video feeds and presented through user-friendly dashboards can be used as a backbone for all decision making.

Puerto Vista- Video Analytics solution for Smart Ports: For Smart Ports, Puerto Vista is a cutting-edge Video Analytics system. Puerto Vista offers all-around port security and surveillance with a variety of capabilities such as 24/7 ocean monitoring, swimmer detection, arriving vessels, and ship type recognition. Furthermore, the system includes a user-friendly dashboard that managers can utilize to make data-driven decisions.

“ Our other user-friendly services that help a long way in facilitating this journey are our detailed and adaptable dashboards and trained and responsive technical experts. ” believes the president.

“ We want to create a cultural change toward artificial intelligence by making products that are simple to use so that customers are more willing to investigate the area rather than being hesitant due to the technology’s complexity. We want to see a change in behavior as a result of our solutions. For example, in areas where trash disposal is not tightly regulated, our device might encourage honesty and responsibility toward littering by detecting rubbish. ” shares Abhijit.

If you are a part of this team, you’ll find that Graymatics has an open work culture in which employees offer regular feedback and are open to new ideas and opinions. This type of culture encourages employees to collaborate and think beyond the box. As the world was crippled by the pandemic effect, it was the culture within that motivated the team to keep moving. As a result of the global epidemic, when all businesses and sectors were inevitably affected to some degree, the Graymatics team attempted to investigate other regions, such as Latin America, as well as new solutions, such as Co-Video, Souffle, VistaKarma, and FlightSight and grew exponentially. That’s the power of a team.

Here’s the list of achievements and accolades attained by Graymatics for the creativity and innovation it brings into the world and for its ability to solve problems.

  • The most innovative Indian-ASEAN tech for Smart City
  • The first company to be selected by Singapore’s PMO for their new Global Executive Entrepreneurship Award
  • One of the global 50 smartest companies selected by Silicon Review
  • Top 10 best IT companies
  • Top 10 most Disruptive Face & Image Recognition Solution Providers of 2020 by Analytics Insights Magazine
  • Top 30 fastest growing companies in Asia 2019 by Silicon Review
  • Top 25 retail solutions provider by CIO outlook
  • Top companies detecting violence within videos by Reuters

Not only is technology enhancing people’s lives, but it is also making work simpler in a variety of fields. Digital transformation allows a company to stay up with changing consumer expectations and, as a result, survive in the future. It enables businesses to compete more effectively in an economic environment that is continuously changing as a result of technological advancements. The effective management of the digital turnaround allows businesses to gain operational and productivity benefits.

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