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Times are evolving and we’re fast forward into an era where sustainable development of resources has become vital. Our homes are deemed as the hotspot for maximum energy consumption which also increases the carbon footprint across our home environments. With the increasing awareness among people about the negative aspects of energy-hungry homes amidst the shortage of electricity and rising electricity costs, the demand for sustainable interior solutions and home upgradation is peaking.

With only a few catering to the paradigm shift in the industry, new startups with innovative solutions to the dated problems are evolving. GreenArk, a fast-growing end-to-end home upgradation startup lies at the center of India’s Green movement, and it can very well be the answer that the interior solutions & home upgradation industry is seeking, for a long time now.

GreenArk provides customers with a wide choice of eco-friendly interior solutions to add that extra bit of ‘green’ exclusivity to home interiors and buildings. Alongside quality solutions, the startup puts a 360° emphasis upon bringing down the carbon footprint, which constitutes the core values of the promising startup.

The platform provides home upgradation solutions with sustainable, toxin free and recycled materials which are locally sourced alongside energy efficient windows with low e-glass, thermal insulation, air tight spaces, and solar panels to help clients and home-owners save money on electricity costs while keeping their house pleasant and comfortable.

GreenArk recognises the significance of developing ‘environment-first’ living spaces, which as per its founders has been their ‘Unique Bragworthy Proposition’ for how they’re solving the environment jigsaw with interior solutions that are sustainable yet affordable. Deemed as India’s first ‘All-in-one’ platform for end-to-end energy efficient homes, GreenArk has been the brainchild of Vishesh Khurana and Radhika Raj who began in 2021 with the sole motive of reducing carbon footprints and aiding a healthier and sustainable indoor environment for homes and buildings.

The duo bootstrapped the company and has upscaled it from ground zero, designing iconic spaces with minimal usage element attached to it. The first movers in their category, GreenArk led by their visionary founders — intends to add an environment-friendly element to homes by imbibing their expertise of designing and upgrading traditional homes into self-sustaining spaces.

With Indians waking up to the need to focus upon sustainable development of their homes, the company has positioned itself as a front-runner for elegant, user-centric, beautiful yet sustainable and affordable interiors that can make its way to every household in India. With grants from the Indian government in the pipeline, GreenArk has the substance to add immense value to India’s ‘Go green’ aspirations.

GreenArk’s emphasizes upon bringing standardization into the unorganised interior solutions industry, where inflated expenditures, untimely dependencies, prolonged delays, and failure to adhere to the deadlines has daunted clients for long. This pain point and its addressal has been a crucial component to the coveted home-upgradation platform that they strive to build.

“We think that attractive and useful homes may be built without depleting our planet’s natural resources. That is why, in our projects, we strive to utilize only the best and most eco-friendly materials, guaranteeing that your house is not only beautiful but also sustainable. Our platform is reshaping the interior design business by providing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions that will make your house seem elegant while simultaneously lowering your environmental footprint. “, said Vishesh Khurana, as he emphasized upon the distinguishing element of GreenArk and what makes it revolutionary in the first place.

GreenArk intends to drastically minimize the adverse impact of development casualties, by eliminating the extensive use of chemical based products, and utilizing sustainable and eco-friendly products for homes and buildings. These materials are produced via organic practices and made from renewable resources, thus helping to reduce waste and pollution. The company provides state-of-the-art interior solutions with relentless focus on energy efficient design, alongside the optimum usage of natural energy.

GreenArk has been upfront about their positioning and about the drastic impacts of poor air quality in our day to day lives. Many traditional elements used during renovating, upgrading or designing the interiors of a home can emit toxic chemicals and toxins into the air, which poses a significant threat to the environment and the masses alike. These compounds are generally absent from naturally sourced and ecofriendly products, which can enhance indoor air quality and the overall well-being.

The GreenArk team has been working day in and day out to inculcate the same as a standard, across all their spaces. The notion — ‘thousands of energy efficient homes backed by the GreenArk promise’ is what the new age startup intends to accomplish in the long run. GreenArk is leaving no stones unturned to educate the masses about the positive social impact of having an environment-first approach while getting their homes designed. GreenArk’s products and solutions are frequently manufactured and backed by team members that value ethical and sustainable production methods, which can aid in the support of local communities and encourage social responsibility.

Ultimately, implementing a sustainable and eco-friendly design for your home isn’t a choice anymore as it has quickly developed into a need, and a vital one for the significance it holds for the environment. It may help customers, home owners and their families live in a greener, healthier, and a positive environment. A look at GreenArk’s positioning and one can know that the team is passionate about creating sustainable living spaces that are both beautiful and functional, which rightly positions the company as a torchbearer for the ‘Green Revolution’ in the interior solutions industry.

The ability to be a one-stop-shop and yet take care of the tiny aspects of eco-friendly development is what distinguishes them, and it would be exciting to see what this promising new age startup brings to the tables, and the homes in the times to come.

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