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Unparalleled cable solutions at affordable cost…

Vinay Rathi, Director
The star of this story is Gloster Cables Limited that was cofounded in 1995 by Modi and Rathi families in a business partnership. Gloster is run by a group of highly skilled and knowledgeable cable industry specialists from Secunderabad, Telangana.

The company’s managing director, Ashish Modi, and director of marketing, Vinay Rathi, have been able to make a name for themselves in the cable manufacturing sector by “sailing the ship” of the business through high and low tides. The company currently serves a variety of corporate sectors while offering cable solutions to its intended market in the Indian landscape, setting benchmarks in the process.

According to the leadership team, they are fiercely driven by a steadfast vision of providing high-quality items that may inspire maximum client happiness through swift and tailored services. The two have been in the business for more than three decades and consider quality and service to be the foundation of Gloster Cables.

Despite their high prices, the corporation uses a very strict vendor selection process to guarantee that it is only purchasing the best raw materials from the leading producers in each industry. In accordance with the Atmanirbhar Bharat Yojana, Gloster obtains the majority of its raw materials from reputable Indian producers. The company is well-equipped with necessary manufacturing and testing capabilities, as well as a contemporary PVC/XLPE compounding plant.

Both the leaders affirmed the significance of R&D in accelerating the company’s growth. No doubt, this aspect helps the organization to stay ahead of the competition by constantly innovating, improving and developing products that are highly relevant to the targeted audience. Also, as R&D is pretty important to keep up with the present market trends, they highly invest on this segment to ensure being in sync with market relevancy. This is something they find as a key factor contributing to the long- term success of any company.

Proceeding to define their keen leadership style, the duo explained that leadership is the capacity to motivate and direct people or groups towards a common objective or vision. Integrity, empathy, decisiveness, and a strong feeling of duty are all traits of effective leaders. They may also effectively communicate, inspire and empower others, and promote a great workplace culture. Effective leadership not only has a good effect on the people they lead but also helps companies succeed and advance.

“We keep a welcoming attitude in our workplace. Everyone has easy access to all Senior Management teams whenever needed. We constantly value teamwork and encourage all of our employees to participate in team building exercises,” expressed Ashish and Vinay.

Gloster is about to venture into new geographies while laying a strong foundation with their dealer’s network as well employee strengthening. On a daily basis, their BD team keeps a constant watch and attempts on approvals and registrations. For the coming years, they are very much focused on hosting technical presentations/seminars across different places in all India levels to spread their brand name to unexplored locations. Moreover, they are highly positive to become a 1000 Cr organization three years down the line.

The biggest and most considerable achievement for Gloster is its meteoric growth since its inception. In 1998, it got ISO accreditation alongside setting up its PVC Compound plant. Whereas in 1999, they introduced XLPE as an Insulation medium. Then in 2002, they established a dedicated Conductor manufacturing facility. The business had a significant development in 2005 and built a sizable, well-equipped production unit (Unit 2) with a full testing facility. Since that time, nobody has turned back.

With its distinctive HR-FRLSH+FRLSH+FRLSH specification, Gloster undertook yet another significant capacity expansion in domestic and flexible cables in 2012. It debuted Flat Submersible and Instrumentation Cables in 2012. It also introduced its Triple Layer ZHFR Domestic Cables the following year.

The company debuted Solar Cables in 2017 and Fire Alarm, Fire Survival Cables in 2018. A significant increase in the manufacturing of HT cables was made in 2020 with the advent of the Dry Cure/ Dry Cool 33KV/66 KV CCV Line. Finally, in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025: 2017, it gained accreditation of Unit-2 as an NABL Approved Testing Laboratory in 2021.

“Here is a piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs: Always focus on solving a real problem for your customers and be persistent in the face of challenges. Success comes from perseverance and a dedication to continuously learning and improving.”

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