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Growth Institute

Growth Institute


Growth Institute is a robust and innovative e-Learning company for C-level executives at fast-growing firms. It employs a hybrid pedagogy in its learning model that excels traditional education. Growth Institute works with all kinds of mid-sized companies around the world. And it’s well-acquainted with the beasty impediments in the segment. Therefore, it offers customized training programs to “Scale Impact & Reduce Drama.” Its offerings include on-demand seminars, Master Business Courses, innovative workshops, and more.

The Institute has an avid league of Industry experts and business coaches who customize training programs tailored to individual needs. Moreover, it partners with the London Business School to offer ‘Customer funded Models.’ Such a resourceful training model helps leaders stay on track with their underlying passion for creating wealth, employment, and change in the world. Growth Institute aspires to be a top choice in e-Learning and the go-to resource for business executives and enterprises looking to scale up their operations.

Growth Institute is led by Daniel Marcos, CEO. Being a self-made entrepreneur, Daniel believed in creating leaders through end-to-end guidance, something he never had. In 2012, he co-founded Growth Institute with Verne Harnish, launching a mission to shape dynamic leaders with hindsight for tomorrow. And stating the growth, it’s evident the mission is upholding pretty well. Growth Institute is currently one of the leading and mushrooming institutes based in the USA. For four years in a row, it has been recognized amongst the top 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the country, with over 40,000 members across 64 countries. With such prowess, Growth Institute envisages helping 1 million entrepreneurs across the globe scale success.

Every startup has a different story and obstacles, but mid-market players, challenges are a whole other level. Despite their prominence in an economy, they lack the appropriate resources to become successful. The paradox further brings complexity as they bring more people on board. Growth Institute believes in changing the scenario and help them thrive. Its proprietary framework, “The Hybrid Learning Model,” is adaptable to a broad spectrum of industries.

“Whether it’s a $5 Million or $50 Million Company, the principles, strategies, and tactics we use are proven to work time and time again”, affirms Daniel.

The model offers –

  • Direct learning from world-class Thought Leaders
  • Live group coaching with experts
  • A system toolkit for business optimization
  • Peer Masterminding for accelerated results from the initial stage

Growth Institute comprehends the distinct stages of a startup and shifts gears from one stage to the next. In the process, a business leader evolves from entrepreneur to CEO. The learning model enables better leadership, teamwork, accelerating exponential growth, scaling more impact in fewer efforts and the freedom as an entrepreneur. It allows clients to choose amongst self-paced learning programs, depending on whether they want to complete courses on their own time and pace or participate in hybrid cohorts with peers and mentors following a set schedule that balances asynchronous pre-recorded content and synchronous discussions. The ultimate goal is to assist companies in staying on track with their objectives at every stage of growth and be exit-ready at all times

Just like everything else, innovations have had a paradigm shift, influencing every industrial vertical. It has enabled business leaders to create scalable organizations ingrained with a bulletproof business model. As for Daniel, technology has helped him strategize a business model conducive to this new technological age. It has allowed him to bridge the traditional linear organization with its exponential environment, creating ten times for
effective company than his peers.

Furthermore, its premium program Master of Business Dynamics (MBD) and rebranding it as ‘MBD All Access’ gives it an edge. The online interactive program allows clients to subscribe to a bundle of top 6 Master Business Courses, coached by the most influential thought leaders. Although the program was for CEOs and C-Suites, these leaders have enrolled executive teams in the program too. They recognize that each methodology requires a multidisciplinary approach and a collaborative effort to achieve transformational growth.

“The barrier to incentivizing innovative behaviour isn’t knowing what to do. It is having the conviction to do it,” Kaihan Krippendorff.

There are many ways to separate an entrepreneur from others, but above all, it is their ability and willingness to learn that distinguishes them.

Even Daniel says, “Leaders are learners. And even though as CEOs we’re always busy, having a dedicated time for learning is the one thing you can’t skip out on.”

It helps in becoming better decision-makers, fast learners and act proactively. This is one of the core values of Growth Institute. It follows an internal notion, ‘Eat our own dog food,’ meaning practising what you preach. The Company seeks and implements systems that keep them innovative from within.

Moreover, Daniel follows Kaihan’s “Outthink the Competition,” which helps in styling an innovative framework. Growth Institute is constantly driving efforts to develop its inherent resources (Talents – their abilities, intelligence and emotional growth). In addition, it works on side projects to help the employees get new ideas off the ground. Stepping above the ‘Business as usual’ mindset, Growth Institute ensures a constant improvement in each employee to become the preferred incubator.

Despite the glooms and dooms of COVID-19, Growth Institute had a seismic growth. The Institute faced a crisis in terms of lead generation and revenue, but things improved over time.

“Companies understood the importance of equipping themselves and their teams with tools that could help them navigate through the crisis, so they turned to us for quality training,” states Daniel.

Growth Institute found a great opportunity in training leaders with their team. Since leaders are involving their teams in a transformational learning process, it drives their growth mindset and integrity towards their company.

There is an old saying, “Teamwork makes Dreamwork.” Although it’s not a doctrine, it does reflect Daniel as a person. He is an ambitious yet selfless and humble leader with a great vision and a genuine curiosity and, not to mention, a great learner. He always believes in ‘WE’ whether its challenges, achievements, success or failure. He has created a team of like-minded executives who are a great complement to his leadership. The team consists of – both strategists and executors – top of their game with individual responsibility in the Institute’s growth. The collaboration of these executives has ensured transparency across different dept. in the Company and kept the sails high over the years.

Completing nearly a decade of a journey, with a fervent leader and resourceful training programs, Growth Institute seeks to further double down on MBD All Access as a program. The Institute aims to make it the No. 1 e-Learning program for business leaders and their teams.

“Every company should have a learning mentality and a discipline to execute their strategy. They should have goals, vision, KPIs, accountabilities and processes to scale growth with less drama. And if you wish to develop the focus and discipline to scale your business, we welcome you with open arms.”

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