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Why Healthcare Is Moving toward an On-demand Model

Why Healthcare Is Moving toward an On-demand Model

On-demand services have already changed everything from ride sharing to dog walking, and now make up a market of over $57 billion. New startups are finding ways of applying the on-demand model to a variety of industries, and more and more businesses are looking into on-demand Android and mobile app development. The healthcare industry is no exception.

The healthcare system in the United States is among the least efficient worldwide, as Americans pay more than anyone else yet have lower life expectancies than citizens of similarly wealthy countries. Many industry experts now believe that an on-demand model could improve healthcare access while reducing costs and making the process easier for patients.

Reducing Wait Times Through House Calls

If you live in a major American city, chances are you’ll have to wait over three weeks for an appointment. Scheduling a visit to the doctor also means taking time out of work or your personal life, which can be extremely inconvenient, especially if you’re already sick or injured.

On-demand healthcare services plan to address this common issue by returning to the house call model, in which doctors conduct appointments at their patients’ homes. This was the most common method for much of the 20th century, and an on-demand approach may soon bring it back.

The Benefits of On-demand Healthcare

While there are some types of medical care that cannot be carried out effectively outside of a clinic or hospital, the on-demand house call is a viable option for a number of common services. It also offers several advantages for both sides compared to visiting a doctor’s office.

First and foremost, being able to receive medical attention in the comfort of your own home is significantly more convenient for most people, especially at a time when are lives are so fast-paced. But the house call format also helps doctors by enabling them to set appointments whenever is convenient for them, rather than being tied to a clinic’s schedule.

Beyond convenience, house calls can reduce the frequency at which patients use emergency services by giving them another option for immediate care. This is extremely important due to problems with overcrowding that are causing issues for hospitals around the country.

Potential Challenges

Although there’s good reason to be optimistic about the future of on-demand healthcare, there are significant obstacles that could slow or hinder its adoption.

The most salient issue is that the increased quality of care and patient convenience are countered by a decrease in the number of patients a physician can visit each day when making house calls. Additionally, the house call format depends on a large number of patients, and is therefore less sustainable outside of urban areas.

On-demand healthcare is an emerging industry with the potential to dramatically alter the way medical services are purchased and carried out in the United States. The house call could become commonplace once again in just a few years!


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