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Hopping Bunnies

Hopping Bunnies

A unit of AATS Funworks Private Limited

A Thrilling Playland to Play and Party with Mind-Blowing Games and Exciting Activities

In 2022, a unique gift was given to city of Amritsar, when Hopping Bunnies opened its doors to diaspora of Amritsar. From then to now, there has been no looking back. Mr. Rakesh Mahajan, conceptualized this idea, when he used to take his grand children to such places in metro cities.

Mr. Mahajan says, Taking care of kids is one of the most hectic tasks. It is even more challenging to keep them entertained the whole day. Parents always want to provide their kids with joyful and exciting moments. However, finding the perfect play area that can capture the children’s creative side while fitting within the budget is no piece of cake. With all this in mind, Hopping Bunnies was designed and presented to the city of Amritsar.

A vibrant new-age play and party space for kids, the Hopping Bunnies provides a one-stop entertainment arena for all kids’ and parental needs. Nestled in the stunning city of Amritsar, Hopping Bunnies is the first-of-its-kind playhouse in the city.

It offers various learning activities and workshops for children to have an enjoyable and wonderful time and also make sure their journey is safe, hygienic, and easy. Further, the assortment of creative games, play areas, and adventure activities gets kids running, jumping, and climbing, even when the weather isn’t cooperating.

In addition to the great play area, Hopping Bunnies offers distinctive ideas for birthday parties, play dates, and many other celebrations. They take care of everything, from the venue, decorations, food, gifts, etc. Their mesmerising decor, which offers a variety of themes to select from, together with their first-rate services, can effortlessly turn any special occasion into an amazing experience filled with joy, giggles, and happiness.

Hopping Bunnies is multidimensional; apart from the funlearning activities and a sought-after kids’ party venue, it also has an incredible multi-cuisine restaurant, offering an array of delectable eating options.


Hopping Bunnies is a unique space that is thrilling, safe, challenging, and enjoyable. The place perfectly combined playing, exploration, and fun, all under one roof. Here are a few factors that make Hopping Bunnies stand out: Hopping Bunnies brings a comprehensive range of learning activities and workshops for children to have a great time.

From giant wave slides to challenging obstacle courses, Hopping Bunnies is an adventure that promises a play experience like no other. The highly trained and engaging coordinators ensure that kids have a fun-filled, magical experience. They are trained to provide a comfortable and safe setting so that parents can relax while the kids play.

Their play area is also designed with safety in mind, featuring soft surfaces and well-maintained equipment. Hopping Bunnies aims to foster a warm and inviting sense of community among the parents, children, and employees.


Hopping Bunnies is a vibrant kids’ play area where joy knows no bounds. They weave enchanting celebrations, blending learning and fun. From Holi to Christmas, and every occasion in between, their festivities come alive with captivating themes, engaging activities, and whimsical decor.

They foster inclusive celebrations, ensuring kids and adults alike cherish the spirit of occasions. They make all dive into a world of imagination with their themed events, featuring beloved characters like Peppa Pig, Aladdin, Harry Potter, and the timeless charm of Mickey and Minnie’s tea party. At Hopping Bunnies, every day is a new adventure in learning and laughter for the little ones.

Not just for kids, Hopping Bunnies has always brought something mesmerizing for mothers as well. The events and activities like Fluid Art, decoupage, candle making, souvenir arts, etc. have become the talk of town.


Hopping Bunnies’ play area is designed with kids in mind, featuring a variety of equipment and activities that are sure to keep them entertained for hours. From toddler play area to kids’ climbing walls and tunnels and swings, there is something for every child to enjoy. Here are the highlights of major offerings by Hopping Bunnies:

Indoor Play Arena: It features one of Punjab’s largest indoor play arenas with tons of super fun rides, including a rainbow tree, a donut slide, multi-level maze-like buildings, trampolines, etc.

Toddler Area: To keep young children interested and occupied, this area is furnished with colorful ball pits, sensory wall activities, enjoyable slides, and role-playing models.

Activity Center: Hopping Bunnies’ activity center is furnished with a variety of art and craft supplies so that children can create a wide range of crafts. This center is also designed to be used as a performance theater for children, conducting workshops and fun activities.

Party Zone: The party zone includes exclusive use of the play area, decorations, and a kid’s friendly team to make sure that your child’s special day is unforgettable.

Bunnies RestroCafe: As the cherry on top, they also have a beloved restaurant named The Bunnies RestroCafe to keep the hungry tummies at bay. Their delectable menu offers a wide variety of dishes from across the globe, from munchies to full meals.

School Picnics: Last but not least, Hopping Bunnies offers school picnics where children can spend hours having fun, learning through play, and engaging in unstructured playtime with the opportunity to add on seminars or guided activities.

In nutshell, this is a kids and parents treasure which has become a name to reckon with and a trend setter in this sphere. Hopping Bunnies resonates with kids and parents when it comes to fun, play and party.

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