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A Stalwart Of Innovative R&D Solutions

R&D is undoubtedly the keystone of innovative features for any organization. Irrespective of the vertical, R&D widens the arena of creativity, opens new channels of diversification and offers a Company with a progressive image in the market. However, R&D practices for self-growth and devising R&D solutions for the growth of others are two separate things and the second one is undoubtedly a highly acclaimed service. HORIBA Group is one such multinational conglomerate leading the market, with a robust R&D platform.

HORIBA India is a subsidiary of the multinational brand HORIBA Group, that leads the world in analyzer and Measurement technologies. HORIBA Group took its first step in the industrial arena as a Radio Laboratory, focusing on services including research and development, production, sales and support. With time, HORIBA India rose as a prominent manufacturer of analytical instruments and transcended its boundaries; emphasizing on five specific business verticals -Automotive Test Systems, Process and Environmental, Medical, Semiconductor and Scientific.

At present, the brand consists of 49 companies, spread across 27 countries. HORIBA India came to light in 2006. HORIBA India is presently led by Dr Rajeev Gautam. Dr Gautam is a proficient leader, with a demonstrated history of mentoring eminent foundations like CHPL, Ranbaxy Laboratories and RFCL. He is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee, holding a PhD in Biotechnology and is a specialist in running domestic and international operations. His valuable leadership has helped the Indian arm grow as a market leader and spread roots across India and SAARC nations.

“We firmly believe R & D as the key to growth and development”, says Dr Gautam. As mentioned before, HORIBA was ideated, with R&D in its core. HORIBA India works on the philosophy of pursuing cutting edge technology to procure and supply tailored solutions, that meets customer’s requirements. As such, the Company invests 8% of its Net Sales towards R&D and innovations. Its R&D based solutions have garnered several accomplishments around the world. Few of them are enlisted below:

  • HORIBA’s mainstay Emission Measurement system is highly valued, by the automotive industry, for R&D and quality control. Its rendered as standard equipment by many Global Exhaust Gas Certification organizations and commands an 80% share of the global market since the last few decades
  • HORIBA India has also pioneered the field of healthcare and medical equipment. Its Yumizen range plays an integral role in blood analysis and determining blood-related diseases. The analytic instruments are flexible, reliable and mostly automated, and ensures qualitative results.
  • The Company has facilitated several Anti-COVID products around the world like hand sanitizer, instrument sanitizer, temperature monitoring device, Microsemi CRP and hemostasis instrument (Yumizen G200) capable of performing D – Dimer; useful to all healthcare centres and emergency departments in hospitals.
  • HORIBA Jobin Yvon Gratings technology had helped NASA Discover Icy Mountains on Pluto. HORIBA India has also served United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), to supply water quality sensors to be used in the medical intravenous (IV) fluid production device and this has been possible only because of its exclusive features. R&D has been instrumental in HORIBA’s growth, which is evident from its accomplishments. The analytical framework has helped the Company evolve from a product-based to a solution based Company. Maintaining a remarkable quality has further help in sustaining a multicultural client base, across the globe.

Today HORIBA enjoys a stellar presence across the globe, for which proficient employees stand as the prime factor. Dr Gautam says, “Inspired by our unique motto, ‘JOY and FUN’ our focus has always been on employee welfare and social responsibilities by building state-of-the-art products for scientific advancement, touching human life”. Efficient employees are the backbone of an organisation. Just like its clients, HORIBA treats its workforce as an indispensable asset. Based on its corporate motto, the Company ensures every team member is enthusiastic towards their roles and can maintain harmony between professional and personal life.

Since its inception, HORIBA has seen an incremental journey. The parent group was founded by Late Dr Masao HORIBA, in Japan, 1945 as HORIBA Radio Laboratory and later established as HORIBA, Ltd in the year 1953. Since then, the brand has been enjoying a trailblazing journey. The legacy of growth and success is being carried on by our current Chairman and Group CEO Mr Atsushi HORIBA. We came up with the first Automotive Emission Analyzer and Air Pollution Monitor in 1964. HORIBA commenced its expansion in 1970, with a wide array of superior technology and enterprise-grade products. The 1980s brought about a period of building up our internal resources and HORIBA got listed on the first section of the Tokyo stock and Osaka securities exchanges. HORIBA concludes an agreement with Maidak Inc., of the U.S., to transfer technology on fourier-transform infrared spectrophotometers by 1988. During the 1990s, HORIBA acquired two French companies: the specialist blood cell counter maker ABX SAS (present name HORIBA ABX SAS) in 1996, and an optical equipment & instruments maker Jobin Yvon SAS (currently HORIBA Jobin Yvon SAS), in 1997.

This decade brought about the next innings of HORIBA and its global operations. During the next decade, HORIBA unites as ‘One Company’ as administrative policy. Moving forward in the year 2005, HORIBA started widening its arena of services and brought in Schenck Development Test Systems (including Schenck Pegasus). This acquisition aided in gaining more visibility within the automotive market with a progressive range of products including engine and driveline testing tools, brake testing and wind-tunnel balances. The 2010s took  HORIBA India towards its 60th anniversary.

Then in 2015, HORIBA India acquired MIRA in the UK (present name HORIBA MIRA) to expand in product engineering, research, testing, information and providing certification services to the automotive sector. Between 2018-19, HORIBA delved into two more arenas, further diversifying its specialization. In 2018, the Company acquired FuelCon AG (present name HORIBA Fuelcon GmbH). This acquisition helped HORIBA to curate unrivalled services for the e-mobility sector. In the same year, they also got their hands on ROHM Co. Ltd’s micro-blood analysis system business, in Japan. The next year, January 24, 2019 – HORIBA shook hands, with MANTA Instruments, Inc. (present name HORIBA Instruments) – A reputed name in nanoparticle characterization technology. The acquisition has helped HORIBA to procure and sell nanoparticle tracking analysis systems used in life-science, semiconductor manufacturing process and environmental process.

Over this challenging period, HORIBA has grown all five segments beyond numbers. Its potential partnerships and acquisitions have helped in the development of the first Automotive Emission Analyzer. Our products and services have displayed dynamic standards in the fields of automotive emissions and stack-gas measurement, air pollution, water pollution monitoring, quality control in various industries and clinical diagnosis. HORIBA brand is testified as a specialist for its scalable quality and unparalleled performance that establishes astounding confidence in its clients.

In addition to clients, the Company utilizes its services towards elevating societal needs. HORIBA India dedicates a part of its profit towards empowering the weaker sections of the society. It organizes free check-up camps to survey and spread healthcare awareness amongst the needy.

During the nationwide lockdown, HORIBA’s employees voluntarily visited slums across India and provided the unprivileged people with daily essentials (soaps, face masks, ration kits, sanitizers, etc.) to help them cope up with the desolation.

HORIBA has accomplished more than – 6 decades of business and has a remarkable presence amongst the coveted multinational conglomerates. On the other hand, HORIBA India has built export business relations with SAARC nations such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives; building a robust presence in these growing economies. HORIBA India is foreseeing to expand its avenue of tech advancements and keep walking the path of progress -expanding and accomplishing new milestones under the able the leadership of Dr Rajeev Gautam


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