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How to Create a Tight-Knit Company Culture That Can Scale With Your Business

Written By: Yashika Sabharwal

How to Create a Tight-Knit Company Culture That Can Scale With Your Business

Your company has an excellent organizational culture? That means you have access to a fancy break room where you can play some Games and Involve together… Right?

No… Not by a long shot.

Even though it is all around us, and it determines how employees experience day-to-day life at their companies, it is very difficult to define “organizational culture” (mostly because its definition is being discussed since 2013). However, having one is essential: it prevents organizational chaos, it provides people with a sense of security and creates a base for further company growth. Plus it can be the best tool for Tight-Knitting the organizational culture.

But, how to create and utilize a tight-knit organizational culture? Which aspects should you strive toward, and what should you avoid? We reached out to business owners, managers, and CEOs with these questions and represented you by selected answers which inspired simple, straightforward advice.

Create a successful business before the cosy culture

The fact of the matter is: you cannot deliver good service from unhappy employees. Tighten is always not the solution. That is why having a great organizational culture can be a huge competitive advantage. But there is no point in worrying about which espresso machine your employees would like the most if your business cannot afford one.

You can set organizational culture at the beginning, and stick to it

After you’ve laid the foundation of successful business and hired the right people, it is time to choose: either you set ground rules and stick with them for the years to come, or you adapt as employees, time and trends change. The successful companies that usually opted for “everything-written-down” can easily approach to organizational culture. The company which is based around remote teams, they rely heavily on their cultural values to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Adapt organizational culture as you go along

Some companies have determined their organizational culture at the very beginning – others, on the other hand, have shaped and have been developing their culture over extended periods of time

Some of the small scale companies, tight-knit their office cultures due to so some norms due to small staff levels in the company. When a small scale business grows though, its small company culture can drastically meant to change into one that’s the bigger and more disparate concern from what it once was.

For example, in a short company, employees may wear multiple different hats and generally communicate in an informal and frequent way – Language/Slangs. As an office to grows, it can be harder to communicate with higher amounts of employees when it increases, and the loyalty and commitment to the company can wane if employees begin to feel replaceable. Fortunately, you can take certain steps to ensure that your small-company culture continues even as your business flourishes.

Implementing organizational culture takes time

Like the other process, implementing organizational culture is a very slow and tedious task. However, it will reward you tenfold – if done properly. It took almost a year for Companies to grow the upper management to introduce their set of unspoken rules employees should follow. Benefits of Tighten culture:-

  1. Work smart – work hard, but do believe in work life balance one always want their team to view work as an integral part of their being, not as the thing they have to do for 8 hours a day to fund the rest of their life.
  2. Work as a team – Put all new hires into a dedicated slack channel during their on boarding process so they can experience the best culture, banter, and terrible jokes before they join. This way they can tell if our company suits them, and can tell if their attitude suits our company’s culture.
  3. Enabler – All of the team members are autonomous, creative, and driven people. Owner’s job is to give them the structure and resources they need to achieve their goals.

It roughly took 12 months of focused to the work to get this culture into place and a process for making sure new hires can fit in as seamlessly as possible. The result has been reduced employee turnover, a much more efficient development process. Throw an office party once a quarter.

Orchestrate the party to take place either during office hours or after work, and pick a location that is easily accessible by your employees, such as at a nearby restaurant or public park. These type of party and gathering can allow employees to bond with each other on more personal level with one another, which can lead to improved their employee relations, morale and a more tight-knit, small-company culture.

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