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The Ultimate Guide To Powerful Body Language: Key To Successful Startup Business

Written By: Dr Amit Mishra

The Ultimate Guide To Powerful Body Language: Key To Successful Startup Business

Body Language is vital in all aspects of a Startup Entrepreneurship career especially public speaking, group discussion, networking, and fundraising. In all professional interactions, powerful body language is a major facet of modern communications and relationships. It helps in better understanding of people and also raises self-consciousness and self-discipline in Young Entrepreneurs.

According to experts, the science of business depends entirely on your degree of highness or lowness of a tone or pitch of your voice. How you deal with clients or discuss your work with commercial people matters a lot in your routine business life. And so the advice is every business person, in particular, Young Entrepreneurs in Startups where the growth is important to life as Oxygen, must initiate the day with a peaceful, contented and happy attitude for running a profitable business.

For a budding Entrepreneur, it is of utmost importance to learn how body language can make a significant change in their business establishment? What are the different aspects of body language and its potentialities for a successful business?

In the recent economic survey tabled in Budget 2019 by Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman advocating insights from behavioral economics for designing impactful public policies, clearly suggests the importance of behavior or psychology precision required in the implementation of Government policies for a successful outcome for transforming Indian economy to reach $ 5 trillion (Rs 342.42 Lakh crore) by the year 2025.

What is Body Language?

According to Ethnologue, one of the world’s most extensive catalog providers, there are 7,111 known languages spoken by the people in the world today. Other than this, there is a unique language which if you understand you can know the person irrespective of his/her mother tongue. This language can easily make you understand the person’s true feelings even without his verbal communication. This language is Body Language.

By definition, Body language is the study of thoughts through gestures (body posture, eye contact) or non-verbal communication made by human beings to their colleagues. Kinesics is the technical term for the science of body language. It is usually said that the body speaks more loudly than your words.

How to Improve Body Language?

The mind is unsteady, restless and obstinate in nature. But a success-oriented businessman has to control the mind; the mind should not control him. In the spiritual world, One who is a master of the senses is called “Goswami”. Proper meditation and learning body language can specifically control over the mind.

By recognizing the habits that don’t follow you well and adopting new habits that enhance networking with other people, you can consciously improvise your body language, and hence your communication skills.

In today’s fast-moving business world, it has become vital to have certain attributes by the Young Entrepreneurs to remain on the top. The basic qualities include Confidence, Optimism, Discipline, Patience, Perseverance, Honesty and showing a positive attitude towards new ideas.

Every day in the business domain, entrepreneurs confront tons of different signals that can mean anything from ‘That’s a good idea’ to ‘You must be joking’. Are you all catching these signals! Because a single positive signal can give you a leap in your business.

In recent years, many studies investigating the effectiveness of communication have revealed that words, tone of voice and body language are the primary key drivers of the business. According to research, Body language accounts majorly for communication (55%) followed by Tone of voice (38%) and Words (7% ) of communication.

Truly speaking, a good body language adds color to the businessman personality. If your body language (communication) is perfect you will automatically gain confidence, similarly positive body language brings optimism, discipline and other qualities required for success in business.

Young Entrepreneurs need to have complete faith in themselves and wait for the right opportunity to arrive. Entrepreneurship is an odyssey of learning where the challenges give you the opportunity to succeed. It is important to maintain the spirit and keep working focusing on your goal. Communication is the key driver for success in business and so mastering the art of body language will give confidence and support in making genuine connections with people ultimately leading to friendships and alliances in business.

So, the golden words are Stay focused and keep learning different methods of communications to have a better understanding of people’s emotions (or emotional intelligence) as John D Rockefeller, a famous American businessman has truly said: “A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship”.

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