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Adding Warmth and Personality to Websites with Human Illustrations – E-Orchid

In this technological epoch, the whole world has become a market place, and the only way to tap inside the potential of this bountiful market is by creating a standard IT Infrastructure for your business.

Information Technology is the art as well as the science of creating a sustainable mode of communication that adds functionality to your organization and motivates your prospects to take the desired action in any business. At E-Orchid, they have a team of experienced and expert professionals who are proficient, in the latest technology.

Their objective of the exercise is to give the clients a cutting-edge by creating a feature-rich Software, Mobile Applications, Websites, etc… that connects and interacts with its targeted customers market.

Uncanny: Spinning Dream to Reality!

The integrity they have in their commitment to customers will ensure THEIR RESULTS! They helped, established and restructure their expertise from time to time and relaunch their entire marketing plan so that they can evolve with the next generation of their customers. They don’t deliver just products or services, their focus is on delivering quality products and services, which is handcrafted with their great care and attention depending upon each of their client’s requirements like:-

  • Understanding their difficulties
  • Innovative ways to overcome their hardships
  • Personal interactions and connectivity with clients This would make them different from competitors.

The Rise & Journey of E-Orchid in India

Life isn’t sweet without the struggle. And without struggle, there is no growth. They started with no heavy investments. At the beginning of E- Orchid, with only two PCs and a small room in their friend’s house, E-Orchids was born. Musthafa Kamal, the Creative Head of E- orchid believes that by the will of God and his grace and by their hard work, now e-Orchids has become e-Orchids Techsolutions Pvt Ltd with more than 45 employees and having its clients across the 4 continents. There is no specific kind of clients they serve.

They treat clients from across the world and different segments of business right from Real Estate, Health Care, Logistics, IT, Fashion and Photography, F&B, etc….

The cost of developing a website has become very cheap nowadays, there are many web development systems and Media platforms available to the public free of charge. Social Media platforms like – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms will promote your business for better.

Customers can use these platforms to increase their business, but E-orchids make clients depend on their services because they customized both Media House and software solutions. Customers always trust us on the deadlines and the ‘words’ by them – a commitment to the work is always given to the clients, which is what that ensure unbreakable faith of clients in the company.

Therefore, E-Orchids would ensure that their deadlines will give clients the pace and constant updates about the project, which is given by the client. This whole process gives them more trust in the company and it would also easy to work for them to operate their business with the clients. When they do what is said, the clients obviously build trust on their products or services. Changing with market trends takes time – some changes would fall short and some would withstand. For Example

  • Nokia Java-based app developments had a shortfall. Whereas Android and iOS are standing still having tough competition.
  • Programming languages like J2ME have got outdated with the release of modern mobile browsers.
  • Around 2002 or 2004 when eOrchids was started there was not much awareness about HTML5 neither CSS3, in fact, those weren’t launched but still, HTML and CSS existing now with their updated versions.

E-Orchids, keep updating themselves with the present trends of whatever that is been upgraded to the existing technologies and would analyze the in-depth functionalities. They focus on market trends, welcome positions and some other new factors if trending.

R&D is very essential for the growth of the company as it works like when E-Orchids was started as Web Designing and Graphic Designing company, but in today’s scenario, they have grown into a fully-fledged software development company with an online media house and digital marketing services included.

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Hereby, all these expansions came with the R&D of that kind of service when emerged in the market. Without R&D or knowledge of exploration, a company cannot sail in the current wind. Every day is filled with challenges, challenges come from the client side, the employee side, the government side, competitors, etc. So when those challenges are faced today, they leave a success mark on our faces of the future, in terms of a zeal each and every time.


Besides work, the Creative Head of E- Orchid, basically has an interest in trees. Last year they have thrown around 3000 seed balls in various places of Tamil Nadu by which they have assumed that at least 50-300 would have grown as saplings. Apart from that, they take care of 50 tree sapling on care to make it as trees.

The Incredible Power of Company-Wide Goal Alignment and Organizational Business Goals

They believe that achievements and milestones of the company are that, we (Business Connect Magazine) have selected them one to be listed among others which is also a milestone in their history. The major milestones that they carry are – “growth” from a one-man show to a fully established Organization which is they think the biggest goal and achievement of a business.

We have been able to change the life of few which is considered the most unachievable milestone that we have reached. And more milestones ahead, we are planning for substantial growth. They recently started operations in Australia and Saudi Arabia and are planning to expand the list of products and services in those regions. Also, they have already successfully built a product out of IOT (internet of things) in the USA which is once again related to their industry.

“We want a better website” is like saying, “we want a better business”. They suspect the use of the SMART model for setting business goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely goals. Realistic Goals:-

  • Increase sales for clients
  • Becoming an authoritative resource for them
  • Improve interaction with existing and potential customers
  • Build your brand

“Built on the modern technological era, filled with creativity, backed with experiences, and finished with the best detail.”

The message they like to give to the readers of the Business Connect magazine is: The readers, let’s make India proud to stand in the International market. Let’s work together in building a better India ahead. Jai Hind.

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