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HSESAVVY™: The Integrity of Consulting and Services is a triumph with glory

The difference between your company and targeted competitors is the basis of your advantage. If the business is self-supporting then they already have some kind of competitive advantages no matter how small or subtle their business is. The objective of HSESAVVY™ CONSULTING and SOLUTIONS OPC PRIVATE LIMITED is to enlarge the scope of advantage in terms of best consulting solutions and services, which helps to develop the best out for Business world.

HSESAVVY™ CONSULTING and SOLUTIONS OPC PRIVATE LIMITED has stepped into the service industry with the aim & objective of providing various unmatched services such as Training, Audits, Business management advancement (Growth), Business Analysis (To Rev Up the existing Business), Documentation services pertaining to HEALTH SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT (HSE) thereby, aiming to increase awareness towards Health and Safety throughout with self-innovative ideas of interpretation.

Their training services are also inclusive of in-house programs pertaining to Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Gap Analysis and more.

Their services are best suitable for Corporate as well as for individuals. The main motive of the key official Mr. ASHISH RAJENDRAN, Founder and Managing Director is to have continuous and continual improvement with the growth of himself and the others.

Views on Startups

The startups in India is undergoing a definite transformation currently. According to an article which Mr. ASHISH, read on that – “India is most likely to overtake Japan probably by 2025 and to become the world’s 3rd largest economy”. Whereas in his field of work there is no big transformation noticed so far. Eventually, there are a few companies (startups), which are emerging and rising towards success, fortunately, and with pride, they are amongst them.

Hurdles towards Success

“Anything successful or which is meant to be permanent never comes easy. Anything which is earned easily goes off easy and quick”. – ASHISH RAJENDRAN.

The company was incorporated in the year 2018, initially, there was only hard and smart work, which was and is with respect to time and effort. In the early stage, he himself used to work for 7 days a week and more than 12 to 15 hours a day to get clients/work-orders.

But only after months of hard and smart work he and his clients started delivering them quality services as per their requirements. (HSESAVVY™ is ISO 9001:2015 certified – QMS and MSME registered)

The only thing which kept him positive and going all the way till date and also in the future is a quote from ‘Bhagavad Gita’ – “Energy once produced will never fade off or will go waste because there is a rule of the universe which is to maintain balance at all times.” Hence it came true for him in all of his hard work came fruitful.

 The Clients and their trust do

The key focus of HSESAVVY™ is towards the management enhancement through updated training which includes training of management-level professionals from various sectors, but more precisely they serve and are best in their USP which is HSE [Health Safety and Environment] sectors.

HSESAVVY™ being an ISO 9001:2015 QMS [Quality Management System] certified company they believe in providing the clients the quality work which enhances their reputation and definitely satisfies the client’s need.

This way they not only ensure unbreakable faith of the clients but also establishes a strong and happy professional bond which leads both of them towards success with continual growth.

Keeping Pace with Changing the marketplace

In order to keep pace with the changing market, it is necessary to change with innovative ideas. “If you follow the trend which someone else has set, then there is no room for innovation”. What Mr. ASHISH, personally believe is that “Not to think within the market trend but try to look ‘OUT OF THE BOX’”.

In addition to that, the need to be perfect is to think positive about implementing the strategic recommendation whenever and where ever required. Therefore, Research and Development is a key part of every business’s success in terms of adaptation of changing trends.

Views on the Entrepreneurial world and Mentorship 

“Entrepreneurs who have the objective of growing rather than just making a monetary benefit, this market holds good potential for them”. As he discussed earlier that one needs to think out of the box, “If you are confined with the thought of money making one will never see the bigger opportunity”.

Mr. RATANJI NAVAL TATA he is the role model for Mr. ASHISH; he gets his inspirations from his Quotes. One of his quotes which have changed his perception towards business is, “I don’t believe in taking the right decisions, I take decisions and make them right”– Mr. RATAN NAVAL TATA. There is a lot what I have learned from him and yet many more to learn. “He is an irreplaceable legend in my eyes and will always look up to him for gaining inspiration from him”.

Employees and Society

According to Mr. ASHISH, employees are the spinal cord of every business, and he listens to his employee’s suggestions with rationality when it comes to recommendations for improvement. He ensures everything is done in accordance with the employee’s Morale Boost. Besides that, Mr. ASHISH practices Positive Leadership to ensure that his employees would see him as a teacher who guides them in the path of darkness with a lantern.

Currently, he is planning to provide free basic safety training to the people. It is still in the planning stage, they will choose a venue in a state, twice in the coming years. In this plan, people can be benefited and become aware of the basic real-life safety pertaining to the environment, themselves and others. Apart from work, He likes to spend his quality time going on bike rides, (Long rides at least once in two weeks), apart from that he loves to read prestigious books.

Achievements and Futuristic Goals

The latest achievement for him is that HSESAVVY™ is in the mid-stage of Business expansion. Mostly by the end of 2019 HSESAVVY™ will have an expansion in the Middle East (UAE to be specific). The Milestone for the company is to have expansion in Europe by 2020.

There will be many more surprises and now it would be too early to make any statement. All that he can say is that he sees Variety, Possibilities, and Expansion with Premium Client base in the coming years.

Lastly, the message they like to convey to the readers of the Business Connect magazine

Mr. ASHISH believes that he is honored to have this opportunity to communicate with the audiences. He does have immense gratitude towards ‘The Business Connect Magazine’. The message which he wants to give to you all is, “Always be confident, ensure and enhance your confidence through practical reviews and assessment. This will always help you grow in life. Be positive about your goals and most importantly set your goals/targets on an achievable and practical limit.

People may disagree with you at a time or every time, only you can prove them your corrective righteousness by achieving your goals successfully”. Just like his role model, Mr. Ratanji Naval Tata said, “Take the stones people to throw at you and use them to build a monument”. He also believes in accepting criticism in a positive way and overcome all the hurdles and fill all the loopholes, which are a comma (,) in the path of your success.

In the end, he wants to take an opportunity to thanks to all of the employees and people who are associated with them. “Make the world yours”.

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