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HUT MIND WORKS, A One-of-a-kind Advisory Firm, Empowering Brands Flourish through Innovative Communication Strategies

In Coimbatore, a company called HUT MIND WORKS PRIVATE LIMITED is making a big name for itself

Since starting in 2012, it’s become known for coming up with smart and appealing branding and promotional campaigns for businesses. Led by Vimal Viswambharan and Ameen Azharudeen Kaleel, the company has a team of 25 talented people.

HUT MIND WORKS has earned a special place in the industry thanks to its ability to develop strong brand identities through smart communication strategies. The firm houses a team of highly skilled professionals who specialize in crafting customized campaigns. These campaigns are designed to overcome specific challenges and leverage opportunities, providing a wide array of branding and promotional solutions tailored to each brand’s needs.

The company has worked on successful projects with prominent brands across different industries. Esteemed names such as ELGi Equipments Ltd., Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd., Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, C.R.I. Pumps Private Limited, Lakshmi Card Clothing Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd., S&T Group, Amirthaa Dairy Pvt. Ltd, Elgi Ultra Pvt. Ltd, Premium Jewellers,, VXL Group, Salzer Electronics Limited, Viswa & Devji Diamonds Pvt. Ltd., and many others adorn its portfolio.

Unique Portfolio of Services for All-Inclusive Growth

HUT MIND WORKS is all about blending smart strategy with creative flair to help brands shine. They offer a trio of core services designed to cover every aspect of your brand’s journey to the top.

BRAND CONSULTANCY: It’s all about getting your brand’s message across in the best way possible. HUT MIND WORKS zeroes in on who your customers are, what your brand aims to achieve, and how to talk to your audience effectively. Their plan? A mix of thorough research, sharp strategy, and clear communication, all aimed at making your brand stand out.

RESEARCH: Want to know what makes your customers tick? HUT MIND WORKS dives deep into market insights and customer feedback to bring you the full picture. They look into how your customers make decisions and what your competitors are up to, giving you the knowledge to make smart moves.

CREATIVE SERVICES: Every brand has its own personality, and HUT MIND WORKS makes sure yours shines through in every piece of communication. Their creative team is dedicated to crafting messages that capture your brand’s unique voice and style, ensuring you make an impact.

The Genesis of HUT MIND WORKS

Back in 2012, Vimal Viswambharan and Ameen Azharudeen Kaleel spotted a big opportunity in Coimbatore, a key city for India’s manufacturing and industrial scene. They noticed that the existing marketing and promotional modules weren’t quite cutting it for the local companies. These existing services, while valuable, often missed the mark when it came to addressing the core needs of their clients.

The mainstay of the market were media agencies that specialized in buying and selling ad space and time. This model, heavily reliant on securing slots for ads across various media, meant that the deeper marketing needs of clients often took a backseat.

These agencies were adept at placing ads but lacked the strategic depth to ensure that those ads effectively communicated the client’s unique message or met their specific marketing objectives. The result? A mismatch between the client’s core requirements and the services provided, leading to strategies that may increase visibility but not necessarily engagement or conversion.

On the other hand, the design-centric advertising agencies and boutiques took a different approach, prioritizing the visual aesthetics of communication above all else. Their focus was on creating visually appealing designs, which, while undoubtedly important, did not fully encompass the strategic marketing needs of their clients.

This emphasis on form over function meant that, although communications were attractive, they often lacked a cohesive strategy that aligned with the brand’s overall goals and messaging. This gap left businesses with beautifully designed campaigns that were not necessarily effective in reaching and resonating with their target audience.

Seeing this gap, Vimal and Azhar set up HUT MIND WORKS PVT LTD. Their mission was clear: to offer solutions that were not only creative and visually appealing but also logically sound and strategically focused, directly addressing the fundamental marketing challenges their clients faced.


HUT MIND WORKS stands out in the crowded branding and marketing industry
for several reasons, each contributing to its success and reputation.


With several years of experience, the team at HUT MIND WORKS has a deep understanding of how brand strategy and design change over time. This allows them to stay ahead of trends and craft forward-thinking strategies that work.


Unlike some firms that focus only on design or advertising, HUT MIND WORKS blends creativity with smart strategy. They’re a one-stop shop for brands looking for comprehensive solutions that are both imaginative and logically sound.


Their team is their superpower. With people from all sorts of professional backgrounds and interests, they bring a wide array of ideas to the table. This diversity leads to innovative solutions and a creative culture that can tackle any challenge.


Keeping up with technology has been vital for the company’s success, particularly concerning the incorporation of AI. The marketing and the creative team leverages OpenAI to speed up and improve the quality of their work on a variety of projects, such as fact-checking, research, presentation creation, and brainstorming.


HUT MIND WORKS dives deep into the company it works with, becoming an essential part of their clients’ teams. This close relationship lets them see opportunities and insights that others might miss, making their advice and strategies invaluable.

“We firmly believe that adapting to AI is not just about enhancing our current services but also about positioning ourselves to lead in the future,”: – Mr Vimal Viswambharan

They create customized plans that precisely address the unique issues faced by the business, having an in-depth understanding of the company’s environment.


Since the work in the branding industry is custom, ensuring the quality of their services is essential to HUT MIND WORKS’s operations. From the first customer contact to the project’s ultimate delivery, a complete strategy is taken to uphold high levels of quality.

Several crucial steps are involved in the process of developing strategies: Their core team begins by collecting a wealth of information from the client, supplemented by secondary data and primary research when necessary.

They then proceed to evaluate and segregate the gathered information based on its necessity, priority, and relevance. They create customized plans that precisely address the unique issues faced by the business, having an indepth understanding of the company’s environment.

They put in place several strict quality checks during the project lifecycle in the following phase. These checks include:

• Factual Verification
• Creative Assessment
• Compliance with Mandatory Information

A standout feature of their quality assurance is the assignment of specific team members to specific clients. This ensures that the team deeply understands the client’s brand, needs, and objectives, allowing for a highly personalized and consistent service level.


After years of success, HUT MIND WORKS is not resting on its laurels. Instead, it’s charting a course for the future with strategic moves designed to deepen its influence in the brand advisory world.

Here’s what lies ahead for them:


At the heart of their future strategy is an intensified focus on brand-centric research. Recognizing the invaluable role of data-driven insights, HUT MIND WORKS is set to boost its research capabilities, ensuring that strategies are always informed, relevant, and impactful.


HUT MIND WORKS is looking beyond Coimbatore, aiming to bring its services to more brands across India. This geographic expansion is a testament to their growth ambition, targeting to collaborate with aspirational brands in other major cities.


To accommodate this growth and broadened service offering, there’s a keen focus on team expansion. HUT MIND WORKS plans to build and structure its team further, creating multiple autonomous divisions within the organization to streamline operations and enhance service delivery.


Vimal Viswambharan

Vimal Viswambharan, a dynamic and versatile professional, has over two decades of experience in advertising and branding. Throughout his career, he has worked with some of the leading brands in South India, showcasing his prowess in the industry.

Vimal is the lead strategist at HUT MIND WORKS, where his prowess as a photographer, graphic designer, and storyteller is invaluable. Academically, he completed an MBA in marketing from the esteemed Alagappa University and a B.Sc. in visual communication from Dr. G. R. Damodharan College of Arts.

Ameen Azharudeen Kaleel

With a master’s in advertising and design, Ameen Azharudeen Kaleel is a specialist in promotional design with over 17 years of experience. Azhar, positioned as the art director at HUT MIND WORKS, has a strong background in design and communication, along with a lifetime interest in sports and blogging.

These skills have helped him create remarkable ads that effectively connect with audiences. He holds a bachelor’s degree in visual communication from Dr. G. R. Damodharan College of Arts, a PG diploma in advertising and communication from PSG Institute of Management, and a master’s in advertising and design from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom.


•Strike a balance between market demands and your passion as an entrepreneur.

•Spend time learning every facet of the industry you’re entering. A practical way to achieve this is by working in the field under a specialist for a minimum of five years.

•Your business exists for your customers and because of your staff. Treating both with respect, fairness, and kindness is fundamental.

• “Don’t be afraid to be different. Be afraid of being the same as everyone else.”

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