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ICONS is a qualified engineering services provider and project management consultant with experience across industries. Headquartered in Hyderabad, it has clients in many countries and provides services to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers and Chemicals sectors. ICONS has a wealth of experience in basic and detailed engineering ,procurement services and project management with senior management team having hands on experience, in plant operations, and maintenance.

It constantly strives to provide services having world-class quality and safety standards in Design, Procurement and Execution. ICONS is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and adheres to its quality standards & procedures in all spheres of its operations. Adaptability, flexibility and proactive approach are its strengths evidenced by repeat and continuous business from customers. Continual improvement in skills and technological tools based on customer feedback and excellent customer service have made ICONS what it is today.

In the upcoming edition, “Consultants of the year 2021,” our magazine features consultancy firms with a reputation for excellence. With a track record of 183 accomplished projects over the past 10 years, ICONS is a niche enterprise and qualified for participation in our edition.

Conceptualized in 2011, two engineering veterans, Mr. DKM Rao (Founder & Director) and Mr. P C Jain (Director operations), are leading ICONS with the help industry veterans with cumulative experience of more than 400 years working as senior consultants and mentors guiding young engineers in its upward and glorious journey. Way back in 2011, the first steps were arduous since most firms expected engineering services to be given by a well-established company. To grow, the leaders persuaded a few clients to give thema chance to and ICONS got interesting assignments based on trust and a willingness to deliver tailored solutions.

ICONS is indebted to its first clients as it acted as a springboard for the company’s growth and reference for future jobs. In April 2011, it won its first notable order, and in 2014, Hitachi Japan awarded it a big services contract for engineering of compressor packages. It secured a long-term engineering service contract from Saudi Arabia in 2017 from Petroleum majors and a complete grassroot 1500 MTPD Ammonia plant Mega Project PMC contract the following year associated with expansion of its team and acquisition of technological tools and software.

Since then, ICONS has had a team of virtuosos; its senior members having 35 plus year experience in engineering and project management both in India and abroad. With a diverse portfolio, talent and resources, ICONS is now providing PMC services for Mega Projects and qualified for long-term General Engineering Services for Petrochemical Plants. It is fulfilling the needs of companies seeking effective and quality solutions within specified deadlines.

PMC and engineering services have one of the fastest-growing markets in the industry. By market size and value, the segment measures for $267.9 Bn in 2021. And the market has a massive number of players with a multi disciplinary portfolio. ICONS marks its significance with its cost-effective engineering services. It constantly explores its arena to be more unique and creative than its competitors. ICONS is deadline-driven and always maintains a warm and courteous demeanour when dealing with clients. This fosters respect for all its existing & prospective customers, vendors, and other stakeholders.

The senior team, with their leadership experience and fundamental understanding of finances, commit to offering ICONS an unrivalled edge. The inherent quality further drives loyalty with customers and a plausible culture.  “While considering how you can sustain your business, we remain competitive in all the factors,” avers Mr. Rao. With loyalty, location, and the ability to provide unique and cost-effective solutions, it has achieved sustainable clientele.

This esteemed client base comprises national and international magnates, such as Hitachi, Indorama group, ATEC, Aditya Birla Group, Qatar Petro-Chem, Chiyoda Almana, Sipchem, GSI, Expertise, and more. It has a General Engineering Services contract in the pipeline with Tasnee and Advanced Petrochemical Company in Jubail, KSA. Its commitment to meeting customer expectations with tailored solutions helps it to expand business and trust.

ICONS’s quality and distinct portfolio account for its efforts in R&D. It is the cornerstone that helps ICONS expand and strengthen its business prospects. Its R&D focuses on market research and identifying client  demands to develop technically adept solutions to meet those needs. The process also helps it adapt new and emerging tools to train the engineers on board.

While adapting to evolutionary technology can be difficult, ICONS is used to working dynamically, and every fresh change stimulates it for value addition and quick learning. In-house R&D adds a lot of value to the company since it makes it nimbler and more efficient, and it helps it succeed with wider acceptance in a versatile market.

Since its inception, the team at ICONS has been a critical factor in earning its niche in the market. The directors and top professionals have since created an environment that encourages retention and individual growth. Mr. Jain adds his thoughts, “The most effective team leaders build their relationships of trust and loyalty. We at ICONS ensure the same.” Every employee holds an equal value, and their ideas are emphasized.

Leaders ensure seamless communication so that employees can express their unspoken views, thus building trust and cooperation. They also instigate team values and objectives as well as a performance evaluation strategy. And talk with them about their progress and efforts in achieving goals to give a sense of fulfilment.

Apart from these, the upper management has multiple tactics to keep the team enthusiastic and motivated for the long haul. They provide positive feedback and reward them for their efforts, as well as opportunities to grow  and learn. The team also enjoys outing every 3 months, which improve cohesiveness. Team members (engineers) can also involve in project and review meetings. Putting it simply, ICONS is a fine place to grow teamwork capabilities and make new strides in career.

In the face of setbacks and market uncertainty, ICONS’s agile business model and teamwork have always been its pillars. It has weathered several storms in the last ten years and has remained unconquered even during the Pandemic. While others experimented with ways to adapt to the distressing condition, ICONS emerged with remote working and updated roles and responsibilities. Both directors are proud of how they reskilled and upskilled their workforce in order to execute new business models in the post-pandemic period while maintaining obligations and expectations.

Throughout its journey, ICONS has earned recognition in two key areas: team building and customer satisfaction. Starting with just two engineers, it has grown to a team of over 50 members, including senior consultants, working together as its pillars of strength. Their teamwork and expertise have brought many positive customer feedbacks with a 9/10 rating in projects. ICONS also assisted one of its customers in meeting stringent guidelines for SO2 emissions by using ammonia as scrumming medium in a sulfuric acid plant.

The Company aims to continue on path of excellence and customer delight with its team of senior specialists to guide engineers. It has taken steps to explore EPC and PMC opportunities in the Middle East through tie-ups with local companies engaged in construction. It also aims to build more partnerships to get long-term engineering services contracts from operating plants for their improvement projects. ICONS aspires to become a valued partner for clients and known for optimum quality and cost in services.

“In this digital age, entrepreneurship is more accessible than ever. That doesn’t mean it’s a cakewalk. Be sure of what you want to do. Get a mentor and a like-minded team.. Learn to take risks and never stop networking. Lastly, never stop learning. The world is changing, and it’s important to learn new skills and stay updated with innovations.” – Leadership panel, ICONS

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