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iEnergizer- Your reliable partner in optimizing business critical tasks…


Your reliable partner in optimizing business-critical tasks…

Higher quality that accompanies better performance is how businesses define BPOs today. As BPOs allow businesses to put their focus and energy on operational excellence rather than worrying about tasks that could be outsourced, the BPO industry has witnessed a considerable boom in the last few years. Accuracy, efficiency and agility come effortlessly to the companies after considering business process outsourcing. Apart from cost-cutting and time-saving, this industry is also boosting human capital by opening the gateways to incredible job opportunities. Undoubtedly, BPO companies have escalated to fame in a short span of time.

We have come up with a name that ensures to make a mark in the industry owing to its exemplary solutions that are derived from an innovative mindset, customer-centric outlook and thought leadership. Yes, it is none other than, iEnergizer- a synonymous to excellent Business Process Outsourcing. Acknowledging its extraordinary success across the business realm, we took a closer look to dive into the success story of this company in the highly competitive space that BPO is.

In order to get some information about the phenomenal aspects of the company’s overall journey so far, we sat down for an exclusive interview session with the co-founder &COO- Adarsh Kumar. As he walks us through various facets of the company and the invaluable experience he has garnered from it, Adarsh shares ‘food for thought’ with us to ponder over. We sincerely hope that this success narrative of iEnergizer will inspire our global readership in the most unimaginable ways. Let’s dive in-

The preface

“Our key to success in the BPO industry is our ability to meet the needs and expectations of our end-clientele. Being in the know that each customer has his own unique requirements that may vary immensely from each other. Any organization that is able to bridge these two aspects would inevitably witness enduring success,” asserted Adarsh Kumar. iEnergizer is driven by an intense sense of adaptability and dynamism that aids the team to evolve as per the market needs and sync with latest happenings.

It has proved its efficiency over and over again in its more than two decades of exalting journey. No doubt, it has become a de facto leader of BPO services across the APAC region and beyond owing to its inspiring journey so far. Excelling across a number of industries and markets such as Healthcare, Telecom, eCommerce, Retail and Travel sectors, among others, it has proved its expertise as well as experience to render effective solutions tailored as per the client’s needs. Each solution is specially curated to eradicate the operational challenges faced by the client organization.

The market position attained by the company and the trust put on them by business owners are due to the value it has added to its clientele in their respective fields. Their partners always prioritize them for the substantial value they have bagged since considering the partnership with iEnergizer. Their key focus has always been on understanding their client’s pain points and eradicating them via CX strategies. Also, known for maintaining high numbers when it comes to customer engagement, the company never faced any loss due to any performance-related scenario.

Service portfolio

iEnergizer’s service portfolio is bifurcated into two verticals- Business Process Solutions and Digital Content Solutions. The team at the company always considers itself a sheer extension of the client’s brand as well as the operations. Owning a reputation as a mid-sized company, it is aptly capable of providing the best of both worlds to the clients- from the resources to ensure a scalable environment to an infrastructure that allows nimble and customer-focused BPO services.

The specially selected and curated services offered by iEnergizer is what keeps them at the top of the game. High transparency and consistency in the service quality are their distinguishing factor- something which helped them witness exceptional success across the industry. In Business Process Solutions, they offer services such as Account Receivable Management, Customer Lifecycle Management, Back Office Support,  Human Resource Outsourcing, Investors and shareholders services, Market Research Analytics, Quality Assurance, and Testing, Sales and Fulfilment and Technical Support.

In Digital Content Solutions, they are able to ensure customer service from successfully managing the website content, social media platforms & chatbots for some of the industry leaders to the wavering needs of the business landscape and to the requirements of our clients, with growing years.

Flexing its abilities

To prove its competence via its expertise, the company views itself as the mutual partner allowing it to build brand loyalty for its clients and ameliorate the overall customer experience. iEnergizer’s approach to operate a business is in a term partnership that has formed the cornerstone of the company. Every day, they are into flexing and texting their abilities as they drive for higher standards. The company comprehends BPO services as the long-term and future centric services. Their business philosophy asserts in delivering and meeting expectations that established a mutually beneficial relationship for both the sides with favorable outcomes.

Scalability plays an equally important role in their success where they facilitate the room for growth allowing the partnership to boost over the period of time. This acuity comes from the understanding that the BPO industry has been so competitive due to this symbiotic relationship where customer pain points are addressed by delivering appropriate solutions to the end client.

iEnergizer has thrived with numerous growth opportunities while conducting their business. Years of extensive experience and impeccable expertise set them apart from the crowd. “Our high success rate is a testament to our high client retention rates where we have curated a pacesetting standard that people think are easy to replicate. But still we are impeccable to beat,” elucidated Adarsh.

All the extraordinary qualities have been combined with cost efficiency and transparency by iEnergizer, securing its reputation across the BPO space. It has indeed showered them with immense recognition across the world. Needless to say, only a handful of organizations are able to relish the longevity and reputation being bagged by iEnergizer.

Adarsh Kumar: A vibrant intro

Adarsh is known to be a well-acclaimed Chartered Accountant, who has been spearheading IEnergizer as Cofounder &COO, for the last 21 years where he currently leads a team with 25000 headcounts. Here, he has been implementing his accumulated knowledge and experience to scale the organization to greater heights. Owing to his impeccable leadership qualities, the company has made a distinguished name for itself in the targeted market.

His corporate journey began three decades ago with one of the group entities of Birla Group where he led its F&A Division before joining iEnergizer. During the nascent stage of his joining, Adarsh was responsible for leading the commercial & overseas assignment. He was asked to visit theUS and understand the potential of the opportunity to present to the Board, in the advent of the BPO era in India.

Equipped with extraordinary expertise in understanding international contract terms and conditions along with Cost models, Commercial negotiations, Project Management, financial due diligence, he negotiated major contracts with multiple domestic and international clients.  Since his association with the company, he has supervised each aspect of the business from delivery to process excellence from a closer perspective. His customer-centric approach and intuitive leadership style have led to a resounding success of commercial and overseas assignments performed by iEnergizer.

“My sheer mantra to success in a business is- ‘The customer is the primary driver of the business’. Hence, every business process at iEnergizer has been aligned with this strategy only. Avidly believing in this ideology, they have always prioritized customer needs that makes everything else secondary. Not only this, we also ensure the holistic well-being of our employees and motivate them to utilize the same mantra in their functioning to derive best results. Our satisfied customer base speaks volume of our offerings as we believe no other yardstick could be as accurate nor any asset could be as essential and impactful as this mantra is,” affirms the luminary.

What’s up for the future?

Any business needs to evolve as per the market demands and deliver results as per the consumer expectations or the whole marketplace. In this direction, iEnergizer showcases a bold ambition where they are restructuring the business models to provide breakthrough value to the clientele. Adarsh has curated a strategic roadmap that  will not only result in better global expansion but will also improve the business performance to sync with client’s conjecture. Addressing this question, Adarsh explained, “We are in a constant process to build better capabilities. With our market offerings in the new age marketplace to compete with the best, we are driving our values to ensure that we are agile and flexible in our approach. And we believe it will help us carve a radiant future ahead.”

Pearls of wisdom by the leader…

“I would advise the upcoming professionals to be very curious about the business. They need to ask all sorts of questions like, ‘why I am doing this?’, ‘what is the need to do this?’, ‘in what way will it help me?’, and so on. I think curiosity can be a game-changer for everyone.”

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