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Creates an Indelible Mark on the Digital Payment Landscape through Its Sound Practices and Customer-Centric Innovations

A powerful disruptive force reshaping the payments horizon, IMwalleT is acknowledged globally for its award-winning offerings and a series of unmatched services.  As the fastest-growing B2B aggregator in the telecom Fin-Tech industry, IMwalleT has tie-ups with more than 160 Business leaders and runs hand-in-hand with 1000 plus Channel Partners in the retail network of 50,000 plus nationwide, delivering an excellent experience to over 50,00,000 customers nationwide.

An innovative seed that was sown in 2017 germinated well and became the cornerstone and set new standards for the payments industry by spreading its wings in various spectrums like Mobile Recharge, Bill Payments, Domestic Money Transfers, Travel Solutions, Recharge API, and various Whitelabel Service Solutions. IMwalleT is a brand name under Virtual Wallet Systems Pvt Ltd., owned by Rashmita Nayak and Pankaj Kumar Sharma as the Managing Directors.

IMwalleT’s Exclusive Service Portfolio

“Our Company’s motto is “Har Retailer Ka Wallet.” With this motive, we work towards empowering retailers and distributors on the PAN India level”, asserts Rashmita Nayak, Managing Director and the brain behind the idea. By offering a single interface for Aadhar Enabled Payment Systems (AePS), Aadhaar Pay, and M-ATM withdrawals, IMwalleT empowers users. Customers may additionally benefit from credit card loan possibilities and domestic money transfers offered by Paytm Payment Bank and Fino Payment Bank throughout the country of India.

Additionally, it allows for the payment of utility bills such as electricity, insurance premiums, gas, water, subscription fees, telephone bills, etc.; the recharging of all popular mobile devices; and the booking of flights, hotels, and buses, which are all offered by Travel Solutions.

Craving out as a Differentiator

IMwalleT emerged with the idea of providing an intuitive platform for B2B business through a strategic partnership with hundreds of retailers and distributors on the PAN India level. They have an advantage over their rivals in the same industry as a result of their rich experience and knowledgeable team. Therefore, their flourishing experience and profound staff give them an edge over their competitors in the same arena. Some of their fortes are:

  1. Optimum Service Quality
  2. Boosting Retailers and Distributors Businesses
  • Provide the Best Business Opportunities
  1. Most Reliable API Partner
  2. Highly Secured Platform

Catering to the Latest Market Demand

Intuitive, user-friendly, and highly trustworthy in terms of security against viruses, bugs, and unwelcome risks when conducting financial transactions are the goals of IMwalleT. The core team of the firm constantly aspires to work in accordance with what the clients and the market demand.

They ensure the ongoing analysis of market trends and hasten the adoption of cutting-edge technology for API service, Whitelabel service, recharges, money transfers, etc., in order to react to the most recent market demands. They employ the most recent tools and methods to fulfil their primary objectives.

 Obstacles on the Way 

The initial days of IMwalleT were not a cakewalk. Instead, they had to overcome numerous obstacles like building a solid team of professionals who share the company’s goals and are willing to work, winning over potential customers, creating a user-friendly platform for accepting all forms of payments and money transfers, and guaranteeing the highest level of security in every term.

“We willingly accepted every challenge and overcame every roadblock that stood in the way of our achievement. We are currently India’s fastest-growing company thanks to our extensive knowledge and significant experience in the telecom and fin-tech industries”, added Rashmita Nayak.

IMwalleT’s Take on Technology Infusion

Innovative technologies like IoT, AI, and Big Data have opened up new opportunities for organisations all around the world. The IMwalleT team has taken on the challenges head-on. It provides distinctive solutions for customers in the form of cutting-edge features and technologically cutting-edge products supported by IoT, AI, and Big Data.

Valuable Ethos and Values at IMwalleT

The following are some of the company’s core principles and beliefs that contribute to its success in the market:

  1. Serving as a one-stop solution partner for both large business hubs and small retailers at the same time
  2. Fostering a relationship with the clients based on enduring faith and trust by offering them cutting-edge, technically sound solutions
  • To optimise the clients’ income, they are working to recognise long-term relationships with business partners and channel partners
  1. Supporting start-ups and SMEs to develop inventive API solutions or White-label products in order to compete successfully in today’s market
  2. Embracing the challenge of doing business with other businesses and enabling the clients to provide smiles worldwide

Relationships with the Clients

Their promise to offer unrivalled security and quality, which serves as the foundation of the brass-bound trust and faith, is the cornerstone of their unbreakable relationship with the 160+ corporate partners and more than 1000 channel partners spread across the country. With this objective in mind, they ensure to provide the highest quality service to the clients with incomparable features and traits.

The Significance of R&D

To offer impeccable services to clients, IMwallleT rely entirely upon Research and Development. There is a separate Research and Development department in the company that works on doing extensive market research and mapping potential customers’ expectations. The research revealed that they focus on creating the highest calibre engineered products for our clients in the form of priceless services in order to increase their profits.

The Team of IMwallleT

IMwalleT is managed through a highly talented, exceptionally skilled, and profoundly dedicated team of 40 enthusiastic staff members who possess a deep knowledge base in the Telecom and fin-tech industry.  At IMwalleT, every member gets equal importance. The leading team use the tactics listed below to maintain the team’s motivation and vigour:

  1. Encourage their creative ideas
  2. Support open communication
  • Recreational activities
  1. Boost employee feedback
  2. Celebrate milestones and achievements together
  3. Acknowledge hard work and efficiency
  • Reward and accreditation to deserving employees
  • Prioritize their needs
  1. Encourage a healthy work environment, and
  2. Promote peer and subordinate relationships

Feathers in the Cap

On the path of serving customers nationwide with extensively significant features, IMwalleT has proudly joined hands with 250-plus strategic business entrepreneurs. Additionally, their more than 1000 channel partners and 500-plus transactions per second make the company the business leader in the market arena. However, they view the 500000 content clients they have in both urban and rural India, as well as their tremendous trust in the team, as their most significant accomplishment to date.

Painting The Canvas of IMwalleT’s Future

At IMwalleT, they are dedicated to giving retailers and distributors around the country the tools they need to maintain their identity in this cutthroat marketplace and reinvent their businesses in order to see increased revenue and profit margins. The improvement and decoration of the clients significantly affect the company’s future.

Here, the mission is to strengthen retailers and distributors in India. The future plans to achieve their ultimate goals includes the following:

  1. Continuous service enrolment
  2. Benefiting the retailers and distributors
  • Exclusive services to our clients to let them equate with the current market competition
  1. Highest quality service with constant advancements and growth
  2. Promote the importance of vendors and provide them with solid technical backing

Dynamic Leadership

Rashmita Nayak, Managing Director

An inspiring and successful businessperson, Rashmita Nayak is spreading the IMwalleT in the key position of Managing Director. Before this venture, she held various executive positions in businesses focused on the Fin-Tech industry for more than ten years. In academics, the influential lady graduated with an MBA in Business Management from a reputable management college in India and hails from a family with a strong educational history.

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