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In conversation with a well-acclaimed Reiki Healer, Grand Master Prasad Karmarkar…

In conversation with a well-acclaimed Reiki Healer, Grand Master Prasad Karmarkar…

In an interview with Reiki Grand Master Prasad Karmarkar, we learned the benefits of alternate healing and how one can heal themselves through natural methods. Prasad Karmarkar is a Reiki teacher based in Mumbai but also does Reiki courses in other cities in India, the Middle East, Singapore, USA.

Business Connect- What exactly is Reiki?

Prasad Karmarkar- The word Reiki MEANS UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE ENERGY. It is defined as being that power that acts and lives in all created matter. The word consists of two parts, the syllable Rei the Universal,  the boundless aspect of the energy, while Ki- the vital life force energy flows through all living beings. It is one of the highest forms of energy in existence.

Business Connect- For how many years have you been teaching Reiki?

Prasad Karmarkar- I have been teaching for the last 25 years. It’s been an extremely enriching and fulfilling experience.  To see people make Reiki an integral part of their everyday life and to see them thrive using this subtle yet powerful tool is honoring itself.

Business Connect- What are the different levels, and what is the difference between them?

Prasad Karmarkar- There are Four different levels of Reiki.  Typically known as Reiki level 1- touch healing, Reiki level 2-For distance healing, Reiki level 3A Masters level with higher and deeper tools to practice and Reiki level 3-Teachers level where you get trained to conduct and teach Reiki to others.

Learning Reiki is a beautiful journey that always starts with the Reiki level –

  1. Taking the higher and subsequent levels of Reiki happens with the desire to learn more and use Reiki in one’s life at a profound level.

Business Connect- How can Reiki help cancer patients?

Prasad Karmarkar-  My last 30yrs of practicing Reiki have given me an amazing experience with cancer patients. Reiki is a  healing technique, and it gives results to different people in different ways. If it means reducing the pain and bringing in peace during the last days of cancer or practicing Reiki to minimize the side effects of radiation or chemotherapy, keeping the person’s energy levels to fight out the reactions or someone who might be detected with early-stage cancer and conquer it.

Reiki works at the emotional, mental, and physical levels of the person. Keep the overall and the general well-being of the person, going well.

Business Connect- Can Reiki be taken by Children below the age of 10?

Prasad Karmarkar-  Absolutely. Kids have shown incredible interest and openness toward the practice of Reiki. It is wonderful to see how the innocence of the kids lets them trust this natural healing process. Reiki helps the kids to channelize their energies in the right direction.

Business Connect- Some patients have been taking medicines for ailments that have no real cure, like type 2  diabetes, How can Reiki help them?

Prasad Karmarkar-  Reiki has always helped me create the magic and miracles I want in my life. It Is a matter of each one’s faith and trusts in the process of this natural healing. We have had some amazing results in  helping people to live through ailments with no real cure. This typically includes regular diabetes  to type 2 diabetes, hypertension, extreme blood pressure, heart ailments, and so on.

Business Connect- What about those with drug addictions?

Prasad Karmarkar-  Any kind of addiction is someone asking for love and attention in their lives. No addiction takes place  overnight. It could be an outcome of deeper, unresolved mental states. Yes, Reiki has helped people  with drugs, alcohol, smoking, and a variety of other addictions.

Business Connect- When is the best age for someone to learn Reiki?

Prasad Karmarkar-  Typically, from the age of 7yrs old to even people with 90yrs plus are eligible to learn Reiki.

Business Connect- Any advice for today’s Millennials’s on their health?

Prasad Karmarkar-  We are blessed to have such amazing and natural healing modalities. It is important to include them in your everyday lives. With the times of technology and fast-paced life, we all need a way to channel our energies in the right direction.

Business Connect- Since we are a community of Business People, could you tell us how learning Reiki can help businesses?

Prasad Karmarkar-  Learning and practicing Reiki helps one to be more focused and centered. It helps concentrate on the right goals and aims in life, and takes away fears and uncertainty in decision-making. It also helps to manifest thoughts into actions. Last, but not least, it helps you to live a very balanced and  harmonious way of life.

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