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A Joint Endeavour, Offering Excellent IT Services & Customized Training Programmes

With crime on the increase in the digital world, every organisation has been required to be more proactive in safeguarding their digital data. Infosec Train, a pioneer and leader in the IT security field, has positioned itself strongly in the market. Incorporated by a group of enthusiastic individuals with over 15 years of industry experience in 2016 under the guidance of Deepti Kalra, Infosec Train is spearheading as a premier ‘ IT security training and consulting organisation’.

Since its inception, the company has been at the forefront, delivering best-in-class yet cost-effective, customised training programs to enterprises across the globe. Envisioned to deliver exceptional training that transforms the IT learning spectrum and empowers individuals with in-depth knowledge from expert instructors, Infosec Train’s rich portfolio accommodates an exclusive suite of specialised services, including Corporate IT Training, IT Security Training & Certification Prep, and IT Security Consulting Services.

The customer is considered the king here! Some of their well-known clients are HDFC, Airtel, Deloitte, HCL, HP, NCR Corp, and Samsung, among others. The team’s dedication and utmost focus on quality help them win the clients’ hearts and their trust too!

What Gives Infosec Train an Edge over the Peers?

The Quality of Service coupled with the values of Stewardship, Distinction, Innovation, Accuracy and Respect empower the corporation an edge over others as these values are imbibed top-down, even to the executive level. Each one of the team members does not believe in settling for anything less than excellence.

According to Deepti,

“What gives us an edge over our competition is the trainer capabilities, our industry connections, and knowledge, which have all been repeatedly reaffirmed by the clients themselves.”

In addition, their training delivery process is completely transparent and based on customer feedback and  ratings. They provide guaranteed post-training support to assist clients in successfully converting their learning objectives into business objectives.

The Journey – From Inception to Accomplishment

There were no significant players in the training sector who were explicitly focused on IT security. The market’s need for a focused information security or cybersecurity training organisation motivated the founders to keep the foundation of Infosec Training in 2016. They started small – with just a team of 3 or 4 personnel. The first three months were like a trickle, but within 6 months, they were ready with a Sales team of 10-15 members.

From then on, there is no looking back. They reached 100% revenue growth from the first to the second year of formation and still have an impressive YoY upward trend. Throughout its 6-year journey, the firm has successfully trained over 50,000 professionals so far and has assisted more than 100 organisations across 43 countries. They have recently been accredited as an authorised training partner for IAPP and ISACA and other top security vendors such as EC-Council, CompTIA, and Microsoft, among others.

In addition to security, they have expanded rapidly into data privacy, cloud computing, risk and compliance, as well as security consultancy and advisory services. The company is further aiming to build trust in the business world and become the most preferred security training and consultancy organisation in the world.

Ensuring better Outcomes during the COVID-19 crisis While COVID-19 put a stop to a lot of jobs and business endeavours, it also made people realise the importance of continuous learning, skill development, and professional certification training. In addition, the pandemic’s rapid digitisation revealed Enterprise IT Security flaws and their adverse effects.

In order to help businesses meet their security standards and maintain a sound security posture, Infosec Train was able to capitalise on this need among professionals and businesses. The company then presented an IT Security training and consultancy solution while also providing professionals with the necessary skills to bridge the widening security skills gap.

Deepti’s Take on the Significance of R&D

If we do not change and reinvent ourselves, we will not be relevant in the industry we work in. R&D helps close that gap and forces us to focus our efforts on what consumers and students desire. For instance, we began as a company that provided information security training, but we have evolved into much more.

We have diversified into the cloud because that is what organisations are looking for. We have started offering Security, Risk & Compliance Consultancy services to businesses, because that is a need we uncovered while delivering security training solutions.

The Dynamic Leaders behind Infosec Train

Deepti Kalra – CEO

The leading lady, Deepti Kalra, holds the position of CEO, graduated in management from ICFAI University and has 13 years of experience working in the IT training sector across a variety of verticals. She works hard to create sustainable growth and has demonstrated competence in providing strategic direction for the expansion of new geographic markets. Her main objective is to assist clients in advancing their careers and teach inexperienced to seasoned users how to make the most of the available technologies.

Prabh Nair – Program Director

Over the course of several years in the information security sector, Prabh Nair has worked on numerous short-term assignments for more than a hundred organisations globally in more than twenty countries. Application security, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and security solutions in governance, risk, and compliance are some of his professional specialisations. Prabh has always been passionate about the idea of giving back to society because he has been a lifelong learner. This motivation has led him to publish outstanding books and mentor other IT specialists.

Pragati R – President & Head HR

The president of InfoSec Train is Pragati. Pragati has had a more than eight-year career and has been instrumental in the completion of numerous significant and intricate corporate restructuring activities. She has played a vital role in developing the company’s global profile and increasing sales operations. Pragati has experience working with numerous IT firms in the training sector. She was in charge of establishing and maintaining significant customer connections as well as sourcing and supervising the completion of commercial

Infosec Train’s Secret Formula behind the Team Motivation

The biggest motivation for the employees, they allow them to make their own decisions based on their expertise. Here, they are given enough liberty and flexibility to bring their own ideas to life and contribute creatively to the team. They also celebrate every success by giving away a small token of appreciation, giveaways or sharing monetary bonuses with the teams whenever possible.

As far as recreation is concerned, they conduct regular parties to celebrate the team’s achievements. They also have quarterly awards for the best performers to recognise their valuable contributions. They also have our Annual Event, which is when their employees from different corners come together in one place and just enjoy themselves like one big happy family.

“We believe in creating a work-life balance for our employees, involving them in our hits and misses, being transparent with them regarding company decisions, and recognising their efforts at every juncture” , the visionary leader apprised.

Words of wisdom by Deepti Kalra

The best advice for business owners is to uphold their beliefs and cultivate consumer loyalty. There is no satisfaction more remarkable than a returning delighted customer. These loyal customers are your brand ambassadors who do not cost you a penny for word-of-mouth marketing.

They are your greatest assets. Of course, maintaining open and honest communication with your customers and staff, as well as admitting responsibility for your mistakes, will help you develop stronger bonds with them that are based on trust and respect.

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