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InfySEC Solutions Private Limited


Vinod([email protected]) A techie whose love and passion were computers, especially computer games that propelled him to learn about the computer’s working such as application, debugging, disassembling, compiling, etc. With the passage of time, the same interest found a new route towards networking and how packets communicate, how data gets transferred, bandwidth, and then it got into wireless. Whilst exploring the exciting domain of Cyber Security, he found it ecstatic.

He says, “It’s not just the knowledge but it is fun in the process, and yeah for me I have miles to go.” After accomplishing graduation in IT, the geek chose an eccentric path contradictory to his friends who were contended in working for money in MNCs. Being a technocrat and free soul, he started to discover like-minded fellows who can match his hunger for learning and innovation in the technical realm.

Being a Cyber Security nerd led him to win multiple ‘bug bounty programs’ for which he was rewarded by companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Dell, Aramco, HP, Sify, etc., and this filled his pockets well as per his age. After that, he never looked back and was wanted in big companies for his amazing technical skills. Vinod Senthil([email protected]) talks with an exciting tone, “Hacking is fun.

Hacking with a team of like-minded folks and getting paid in the process is amazing.” Gradually the maestro started to build a team and thereby incepted infySEC. Today, infySEC has over 150+ clients across the globe with 5-star reviews for all their works.


infySEC is a rapidly growing Information Security Services Organization. Client Security, Research & Development and Information Security Education are the focal points of the organization. It aims to build intellectual capital with customers across Asia, the US, and Australia. infySEC is committed to providing an innovative set of services that address the client’s security needs. infySEC keeps focusing on Research & Development, Vulnerabilities Analysis, Tools Development, and few more services.
The umbrella of the clientele consists of various clients from diverse verticals.

  • Healthcare: Leading Healthcare service provider in Australia and Singapore
  • Banks & Financial Institutions: Indian Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Federal Bank, Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Global Money Exchange , Al-Hilal Bank UAE, Meghna Bank, People’s Bank Sri Lanka, Bank of Ceylon, Commercial Bank Sri Lanka, QNB Qatar, AL-IZZ Bank Oman, Bank Audi Lebanon, Nepal Bank, Everest Bank, Sidhartha Bank, Sanima Bank & Meghna Bank
  • SCADA/IOT/Automation space Clients: Honeywell Systems, Rotork, Siemens
  • Manufacturing Clients: Manufacturing Clients operate Across Asia- Toshiba, Renault & Nissan, Kubota, MELSS, TAFE, TVS group
  • Oil & Gas: Aramco, Total Africa
  • Product & Services Organization: Across Asia and the US, Ajuba, Compass Group, PICK-ME- SRI Lanka, GNB,, Ivy Mobility, Yiaco Kuwait, BITS- Bangladesh, IMTMA, Maveric, Certis Lanka, Origin Learning, Ameex Technologies, Amara Raja Batteries Securight Australia, Qonsult Singapore ,Amrita University , TVS Capital, IMMPL
  • Telco & Service Provider: Nokia Japan, Airtel Africa, Sify – Datacenter and Internet Service Provider, Mavenir VOLTE Product Company, Verizon (North America)

“On Research and Development, Vinod Senthil T([email protected]) says, Core DNA of infySEC is R&D, we believe to offer a cutting edge offering of current market’s needs. We ought to harness our skills in contemporary fashion. We are very agile in all our delivery.”

On handling the crosses which emerge while running the business, the entrepreneur talks, “As the founder of a startup, you’ll be expected to come up with ideas. When a competitor emerges, it will be your responsibility to come up with a response plan. When your team hits an impenetrable obstacle, your job is to come up with an alternative plan to move forward. This demands on-the-spot creative thinking — which should be an oxymoron, but entrepreneurs rarely have the luxury of time. The less experience you have, the more pressure you’ll feel from this, and the harder time you’ll have coming up with acceptable plans.”


Adding flavors to life, Vinod loves to engage his soul in a multitude of activities. The entrepreneur loves computer gaming, teaching, playing with his dog, chatting and photography. A great movie watcher but keeps himself away from politics or religion, simply because it’s a never-ending argument.

He has a great sense of situations- when to laugh and when to be serious, he knows well Trekking, cycling, hiking, skating and exposure to the outside world are technophile’s interests. On the same notion with dreamy eyes and heart, he states,” I often fantasize about disappearing to some small Island and living my days enjoying nature’s beauty, never wearing shoes and licensing out my life’s work. I love family, friends and myself more than anything else, of course not to miss out on my doggie – harry.”


For the phenomenal work in the sector of Technology, infySEC has a number of accolades under its name:

  • Only IT Security company holding the world records for the largest and longest IT security awareness marathon
  • infySEC has been an official organizer for TED x in Chennai, CII connect, etc.
  • infySEC has been an official organizer for Google Developer Group in Chennai
  • infySEC presented Wi-Fi war driving for the 1st time in Chennai and assisted the cybercrime department along with NDTV
  • 150+ Information Security Awareness Program conducted by infySEC from 2009 to 2014 for Major universities, colleges across India, Maldives, the UK, etc.
  • 180+ participants have attended Certified Ethical Cracker (Advance Ethical Hacking) training program conducted by infySEC.
  • Only IT Security company holding the world records for the largest and longest IT security awareness marathon
  • Represented infySEC in ASSOCHAM for 2 consecutive years on Cyber Security, Silicon India’s startup of the year
  • infySEC has done security consulting for the largest Oil and Natural gas company in the world – Saudi Aramco on SCADA Security
  • Our Online Training has attracted participants from as many as 50+ countries in the world.


Most of their critical systems are interconnected and driven by computers. In the future, this connection will be even tighter. More decisions will be automated. Their personal lives will be reliant on virtual assistants and IoT connected devices will be parts of almost every function of daily lives.

Connected cars will make their daily commute easier and virtually all of their personal data will reside in cloud computing where they don’t fully control the dataflow and access to information. The complexity and connectivity of these systems directly impact their level of vulnerability. In order to protect their systems, they need to understand the hackers’ motives. And that is what they do as cyber security consulting company, they are here to stay.

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