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INSIGHTS OPINION: Striding On Through The Lockdown


Insights Opinion is a reputed research consultant with expertise in research outsourcing and offering expert data collection services to large research and consulting firms. In times as unprecedented as this, Insights Opinion has proved its mettle by handling the crisis with forethought and efficiency.

With a dedicated and proficient team of experts with multilingual communication capabilities, the firm has risen to fame in the field of Market Research. The dedication and enthusiasm of the team to accomplish the assigned tasks perfectly has contributed to their astonishing success and a dynamic growth in around a hundred countries across the globe. The team at Insights Opinion is distinguished for its unmatchable passion, ability to serve in more than 60 languages, and customized services. The team has earned the valued trust and appreciation of their clients.

The company serves in a wide range of topics like infographics, scripting, telemarketing, content syndication, diagramming, multigeological and multilingual studies, computerized advertising, lead generation, and white-paper announcing. Insights Opinion is headquartered primarily in the US, the UK and India.

Insights Opinion is valued by its clients worldwide for its high standards and excellence. The team makes it a point to never compromise with quality. The contemporary and exclusive research and data outsourcing potential of the company helps the customers to settle on more intelligent choices for their business needs. Security, Simplicity and Speed are the three maxims followed at Insights Opinion to provide exemplary research material for their clients. Their market research is based on domain expertise, exposure and scientific methodologies, ensuring that they provide reliable results every time.


  • Quantitative Research
  • Qualitative Research
  • Global Panel
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Survey Audit
  • Programming & Hosting
  • Translation
  • Data Processing & Analytics
  • Online Community Building


Insights Opinion is one of the few companies that is focused on looking for viable possibilities at the time of a global crisis. An emerging global leader in Market Research Consultancy, Insights Opinion is determined to transform its processes to meet the demands of the changing times.

As the pandemic escalated worldwide, Insights Opinion predicted the national lockdown and before it happened, were ready with remote working options for their employees. They took immediate action by adopting a cloud-based system so that the staff could work from home without hurdles. They also took extra measures to ensure data protection and security. Work from home was a viable option and Insights Opinion made the best use of it.

The company, under the leadership of Sharoz Ghauri (Director), is trying to gauge the impact of the resulting dip in the economy and the effect it would have on the attitudes of the people.

The impact on the economy that the lockdown will have will dictate the market behavior of people all over the world. As a market research venture, it is a challenge and opportunity for Insights Opinion to understand these mindsets.

Not only does the lockdown come with future challenges for the company, it also resulted in sudden changes within. As a market research firm, they had it relatively easier than other businesses as most of the work happens online or via telephonic approach. Therefore, they could expect their employees to cooperate and work remotely while sticking to the self-quarantine guidelines. Fear and panic were the common reactions that most of the employees experienced. However, Insights Opinions did their best to keep them motivated during the tough times and while assuring them that the changes are going to be temporary. The company paid full salary to the field/ support staff who couldn’t work from home as their nature of work doesn’t allow them to work remotely.

With gradual relaxation in the lockdown guidelines, they were able to bring back some flexibility while keeping the social distancing protocols in practice. Of their workforce, 30% could report to the office, while the rest worked remotely. The welfare of the employees as the topmost priority, Insights Opinion took every necessary measure to ensure the same. While in the office, strict measures for wearing masks, using sanitizers, and ensuring 6-feet distance were implemented for the safety of their employees.

There have been some ups and downs, but market research is an ongoing process, even amidst a pandemic. Through constant communication through conference calls, emails, and text messages, they were in touch with their employees to derive similar output as they used to, prior to the lockdown.

With the lockdown, funding becomes an issue for most newly-launched enterprises. Investors are expected to be more vigilant and cautious while making funding decisions due to it. However, it is important to note that the market manages to revive itself after every economic downfall. Meanwhile, Insights Opinion is ready to approach the existing investors for additional funding, as needed.

In addition to being prepared for obstacles themselves, the company continued their CSR activities during the crisis. Insights Opinion has always been proactive in supporting the local community. Their focus was to ensure they support the migrants. The company was feeding 100+ migrants everyday during the lockdown.

The pandemic and the resulting lockdown has impacted every enterprise in one way or the other. A number of companies are now struggling to make it through this lockdown, and looking for ways to survive the resulting dip the economy has taken. But Sharoz looks at it as a chance to innovate and grow:

“ The coronavirus pandemic has brought new sets of challenges to the business; however, these challenges could also be seen as opportunities. Hence, rather than giving into the panic and fear, it is best to appreciate this silver lining and come up with revised goals and strategies to achieve them. “

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