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Today, technology has turned out to be a major distinguishing factor in the business landscape. More and more enterprises are turning to tech automation to introduce efficiency and productivity to their business functions. Hence, the need to find a partner organisation that could cater to the thriving business issues with tech-empowered solutions is in high demand. Featuring INTECH as our cover star is the reason aligned with this motive to draw the attention of our global aficionados to how are they adding substance to the business world.

To get to know them better, we dedicated a thorough research on its business portfolio and reached out to the senior leadership. The Managing Director of INTECH Creative Services Pvt. Ltd. – Dhiren Sanghadia, sat down for a freewheeling conversation with us to enlighten us on various aspects of this tech-driven organisation. All the narrative is based on the excerpts of the conversation held with him.


Keeping a deep consideration of digital science and advance technologies, INTECH is into solving complex business problems. Dedicated to creating futuristic and sustainable solutions targeting realworld challenges, they are in a constant process to collaborate with the best-in-class scientific minds hailing from premium institutions.

With their COE (Center of Excellence) department collaborating with IITians to pour scientific aspects in the direction of resolving any kind of complex industrial issues. So far, they have adeptly handled several challenges thriving across port and logistics business. A few of the worthy mentions that are creating a ruckus in the space are as follows-

• Lake of information integration between two major solutions – Port solution and logistics solution
• Driving efficiency through Industrial Automation
• Multi-layer decision making using AI


As they walk the path of phenomenality, they have ensured a perfect blend of experience, expertise and agility to put a substantial value to the table while being the tech partner to its customers. For example, with their new-age solutions, their customers are benefited in terms of their eCommerce business expansions.

All across the eCommerce industry, they are allowing customers to witness – customer reach, customer experience, customer support, security threats, managing multiple shipping & payment integration, managing returns, managing technology, etc. Backed by a robust team of corporate professionals that possess great experience in implementing eCommerce solutions, they proudly portray multiple customer success stories.

Considering their core strength in designing the right fit technology solutions, they deploy a web of varied technologies that required for a end-to-end eCommerce solution. Be it a web portal, mobile application, vendor onboarding, integration with ERP or other systems, integration with social media platforms, SEO optimization, integrations with multiple shipping and payment services, etc. Top-notch quality solutions and services delivered on schedule, they utilized best practices and tools for day-to-day operations for cost-efficiency and optimized solutions.


As per the luminary, R&D has to be approached differently, “Sometimes it may sound like R&D means always inventing something new but our approach of R&D is to finding new ways and means to provide innovative product or state of the art new services to our clients, we are constantly striving to become growth partner for our customers through our Centre of Excellence department.” Indeed, they are very much focused on providing an enriching experience to their respective customers with their unique to adopt any new technology.

They have a Centre of Excellence department with a vision of providing a WOW experience to the customers by being vigilant concerning current and futuristic technologies and business trends and adding 1 new technology offering every year into INTECH Technology Horizon. They are ceaselessly investing a significant portion of the accumulated profit into R&D to provide innovative, impactful and sustainable solutions to the customer base.


What has been the most successful aspect of the company changing the way people perceive them is the way we design and develop our new service / technology offering. One of the newest addition in that is Oracle ERP Cloud implementation and intergartion service.

Currently, they are working as implementation and integration partner for one of the world’s most complex and probably the biggest Oracle ERP Cloud roll-out project for one of their prestigious client. Oracle ERP Cloud implementation not only requires knowledge of the product but very thorough understanding of business processes of finance, human capital management, supply chain management etc.

For this, they have a deployed a dedicated team of certified business analyst with vast experience in the above mentioned processes alongside technical team who work hand-inhand. A separate integration team specializes in integrating Oracle ERP Cloud OIC layer which can integrate with other organizational systems like CRM, Operational systems and legacy systems to complete the whole ecosystem.


INTECH has designed as well as developed an exclusive retrofit smart home automation solution i.e. INNEXIA. Based on its one-and-a-half decade of experience and expertise in Industrial & Port Automation, this out-of-the box solution was developed. The Platform runs with INNEXIA OS ( Operating System ), and INNEXIA mobile APP, which converts any home to a smart home in 4 hours where any device that uses electricity can be at your command via a smartphone, TV and Magic Cube or any intelligent Voice Assistant such as Alexa, Google Home, etc.

The core motivation behind INNEXIA came from the experience of complexity in home automation products on the market, but no one is a master at compiling all the products on a single platform where end-users get the ease of handling different types of applications and the freedom to choose multi-brand automation products that can run smoothly under a single platform. In building smart homes by integrating all the existing devices
and appliances, an ecosystem is connected wirelessly via Zigbee protocol.

This exclusive solution is retrofit as there is no alteration needed across the interior along with no need for an active internet connection that will work with existing wirings and switchboards. So far, their IoT solutions have created a profound impact on the quality of life of users by providing them with the utmost comfort where the users can control or manage each and every device giving commands via unified and simplified applications.


The tech disruptions generally influence enormous scope undertaking applications as it’s truly challenging to oversee the speed of innovative changes in the existing framework according to the latest market trends. INTECH detected its way previously and is adjusting its clientage by upgrading and upscaling its current frameworks with the most recent state-of-the-art advancements. They have taken on Artificial Intelligence/ML, Cloud computing, IoT etc and providing partnership to their clients in giving an edge to their heritage frameworks.

Through this period of remarkable interruption, they are tracking down another road for organizations to redo existing conventional frameworks. Concerning covid- 19 disturbances, with their future backword approach, they truly changed over this breakdown into a forward leap for them, they took on an extremely compelling and useful work-from-home culture and opens INTECH entryway for the world. After the Coronavirus pandemic, they have now a worldwide workforce operating from various nations of the world and a sheer multiplication of their workforce during Coronavirus time is done. Indeed, they have effortlessly navigated the waves of such challenging times.


When it comes to leadership, Intech believes in a genuine articulation of working on “ Standing for something bigger than oneself with integrity and being cause in the matter.” Leadership is an ongoing production of chances for creating, supporting and hoisting administration in individuals around you to reach the ideal future.

How it is reflected in INTECH’s way of forging ahead is present concerning gatherings of around 60+ pioneers (Core Team, Team Anant and iNLP Leaders) that emerged 5 years and presently, these pioneers are driving the association at all levels.

As a whole, the company is rehearsing arrangements and enlistment for causing a “SELF LED” association that isn’t subjected to any one or restricted gathering of people. And all leaders are ongoingly finding and creating future pioneers from the group working with INTECH. This will guarantee the coherence of the association and its development forever.


• The company has successfully multiplied its past 7 years at the average of 40+% though having multiple challenges across the industry.
• They have continuously been recognized and certified as “Great Place To Work“ for 4 consecutive years in a row.
• Owing to its technical expertise and profound knowledge of port, logistics, retail and e-commerce business domains, it is delivering and fulfilling the customers resulting in long terms and ongoing business relationships with the customers.
• The culture facilitates the best-exampled growth for its workforce as people are their source. A true spirit of Live together, work together, Grow together is established.

INTECH’s listening as a proffered growth partner to DP World for more than 14 years in fulfilling multiple digital initiatives of DP World to power their ports & logistics and other digital initiatives.


INTECH is envisioning to ensure creative, effective and supportable arrangements in the space of home and industry automation with the brand name “INNEXIA”. INTECH is having a tremendous possibility and readiness to offer an allencompassing IoT based solutions to various ports, mines, oil & gas and logistics companies across the GLOBE. It is projecting its image as a special posting as Preferred Technology Outsourcing Partner for retail and e-commerce business enterprises.

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