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Helping Companies Around The World Grow With eCommerce Centric Solutions

The eCommerce Industry has been on a rapid rise since the last decade. Many firms are waiting for the right advice, platforms, and opportunities to build their operations into global digital brands. With the vision to fill that skill gap and act as a bridge for these businesses from where they are and where they aspire to be, Intenim Technologies came into existence. Today, it stands pioneer and a leader in delivering customer-centric, innovative, agile, and cost-effective solutions across IT and eCommerce domains.

Since inception, that all began in Nov 2017, from a small group of tech geeks grew into making its global presence in the software solution company focusing mainly in eCommerce domain. Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, Intenim Technologies holds a strong presence throughout the nation and in the global arena. Further explaining Intenim’s products and service’s portfolio, the visionary leader Arun Arora, Founder & CEO of Intenim Technologies, stated –

“We embarked on our journey by providing eCommerce services, including brand management, eCommerce Account Management, product photo shoots, product listing and cataloguing, and warehousing services a.k.a Fulfillment by Voila. Over time, we expanded our offerings to include website development and digital marketing services to give SMEs a comprehensive approach to transforming, even offline companies, into well-known digital brands.

Under the VOILA brand, Intenim conducts eCommerce business that largely focuses on E2E brand management services to all types of companies, not just D2C firms. By giving SMEs the appropriate makeover needed to establish and grow themselves in the market, they are committed to transforming them into well-known digital brands.

Four important verticals, VOILA Biz, VOILA Studio, VOILA Retail, and VOILA Kart, were developed to support the growth of SMEs in the eCommerce space. VOILA Studio offers eCommerce Product Photoshoot Services, VOILA Retail offers Pick, Pack, and Ship Solutions, and VOILA Kart is an online platform for Selling Goods. In contrast, VOILA Biz concentrates on offering Brand Management and eCommerce Consultancy Services.

A reputable provider of eCommerce solutions, Intenim Technologies, provides trustworthy, high-quality services. Despite the fierce competition in this market, Intenim’s distinctive business approach is centered on delivering superior customer service. Interim’s primary branding techniques include advertising on social media to attract new clients and word-of-mouth marketing to potential clients by turning existing clients into their biggest brand ambassadors.

Leadership is the process of setting perfect examples and establishing the right paths for the team as a whole to follow. We believe that the leader guides the team, and makes them work towards the organisational goals. Our many team leaders, who work in various verticals like VOILA Studio, VOILA Biz, VOILA Retail, and VOILA Kart, walk the talk and do leadership by example for their subordinates.

The essential foundations of Intenim’s workplace culture are ownership, discipline, and enough freedom to foster creativity. Ownership provides a sense of control and encourages team members to take the initiative in their work and feel in charge of their activities. Discipline enables the team members to operate with the appropriate intent to reach their periodic targets.

They become more closely bonded to their work as a result. Since they believe that creativity cannot be confined by time and needs a free mind and space to express themselves accurately, liberty allows creative thoughts to flourish. With these three pillars, they hope to accomplish the organisation’s objectives without sacrificing the calibre of the provided services.

Intenim’s team strength has been expanding each month and will do so in the future. They have an unmatched experience and aspire to do more and make their work speak for itself. Intenim started with 15 employees about 5 years ago and has increased by 100% YoY.

The company has continued to hire devoted, hardworking workers to VOILAVERSE as the scale and portfolio of its services have grown. The management team at VOILA promotes employee accountability and ownership of their work. They make sure to provide VOILAITES sufficient freedom to express themselves in their job and give the company meaningful contributions.

Every part of life has its ups and downs, and the business world is no different. The Intenim team always strives to provide the appropriate services and comprehend the effects if it doesn’t. The team’s frequent evaluation of its performance helps understand where it stands and areas where it may need improvement.

This helps them in reducing performance errors brought on by uncertainties. In addition, they always move forward with the mindset that there may be upcoming uncertainties to handle and that they should humble themselves in these circumstances.

To develop a sustainable work environment and a sense of belongingness for the employees towards the organization, they aim to promote a positive and healthy atmosphere in the office space. Employees are free to create working habits consistent with the company’s culture and tackle tasks any way they see fit.

Mr. Arun Arora, Founder and CEO, works to strike a balance as a leader by encouraging a collective team culture without sacrificing any team member’s uniqueness in order to make them feel at ease with their work. The idea of self-motivation begins to take shape. It emerges as a powerful tool once employees feel free to express themselves individually and work with a sense of freedom.

Intenim Technologies aims to expand its operation to different cities, apart from increasing the employee count in the coming months. They intend to establish VOILA facilities in the cities of Bangalore, Surat, and Jaipur. To better serve the clients by being accessible to them, they plan to strengthen the team even more.

VOILAITES believe in constantly upgrading themselves in this fast-changing world, as change is the only constant.
They always use the latest tools in their services to deliver the best experience to all the clients and stand a cut above the rest. To ensure the highest quality, they continuously upgrade the tools utilised in these services, whether it be account management, site development, or digital marketing.

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