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Any business speaks its values, ethics, motto and identity via its office space. It is a physical embodiment of various aspects the business wishes to reveal to the clients, stakeholders, employees, etc, subtly. Hence, business leaders recognize the significance of a well-established corporate space and seek a reliable solution provider that can meet their expectations.

Interia Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is such an organization that has set exemplary benchmarks with its revolutionary way of newage working methodologies. We are in a freewheeling conversation with the Founder of the company who provided us with an in-depth view of his unique establishment while giving us food for thought to ponder over.

Mr. Sushil commenced his corporate career as an Interior Designer in 1999. He established his own venture, Interia in 2008 to fill in the existing gap across infrastructure space by providing high-quality solutions. The vision
was simplistic- to render world-class quality in providing space to help the clients enjoy a place that is vibrantly alive, contributing to their respective success.

Impassioned in craft office spaces that breathe excellence in the form of design, beauty and ergonomics, Interia Infrastructure has become a reliable name in this particular space. Delivering end-to-end office space solutions is their steadfast commitment to their valued customer base. So far, they have executed over 200+ projects across PAN India.

Creating joyful places while stimulating the best out of the employees is what the venture has been striving for since 2008. The team members prove their competencies in delivering large volumes of office space to the clients that come with perfect quality on time. Equipped with almost every resource that is required to carry out activities from design to handover. Be it architectural design or furniture design solutions, Interia comes up with a gamut of pit-stop solutions for all your needs.

The success of the company is driven by highly competent and innovative designers and engineers who are in constant pursuit of providing convenience and comfort to the end customers. Based on their extensive experience and network across the country, they are capable of ensuring cost-effective solutions to a multitude of diversified clientele base ranging from Corporates, retails, hospitality for their End-to-End interior fit-out requirements.

On-time delivery and no compromise on quality are the key drivers of their holistic growth. Backed by the persistent efforts made by a qualified and skilled workforce that is apt in sublime planning and execution, Interia ensures to create and deliver a perfect aesthetic ambience to the clientele as a replica of the design. Driven by integrity and customer-centricity, they manage to complete their transactions and provide world-class office space solutions at the most competitive prices. Interia world is a perfect place to experience to witness your dream spaces come true!

THE SERVICE PORTFOLIO OF THE COMPANY INCLUDESDesign – Architecture, interiors, graphics, Artists (murals, painting), furniture designer. Execution – General Contracting comprising Civil & Interiors, PHE & MEP services, Modular furniture requirements. Facebook’s special office-space project was Interia’s very first project that was executed in Hyderabad. Basically, Facebook was their very first client during the nascent stage of its growth. Similarly, many ‘biggies’ have joined hands with them considering their impeccable solutions such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc., something they take immense pride in.

Leading the company at the forefront of the business operations, Mr. Sushil always cross-checks the quality proposed by the workforce. His leadership inspires his employees to make better strides to satisfy the clients in the best possible way.

The overall work structure is such that different team heads are ensured with particular responsibilities that allow better efficiency across the management system. Mr Sushil goes on a personal qualitycheck on-site before the project is handed over to end clients. His years of extensive experience in the industries have been the core of the business operations from where everyone derives the motivation to perform their level best.

“For me, leadership is all about communicating your values to the workforce. Here and there, I am constantly interacting with my teams and trying to figure out how they are feeling and try to resolve their issues while motivating them to keep their spirits high,” how he defined his leadership style.

Mr. Sushil stated that business expansion across foreign geographies is their priority for the next 5 years. And along with that, syncing with the tech-dominance hyping all over the world, Interia would definitely go for more and more tech-inclusivity in its day-to-day business practice. While establishing itself as one of the leaders in corporate space providers across the globe, it will be brainstorming ways to bring a touch of innovation, agility, and affordability to its proposed solutions.

“At Interia, we make sure to provide you matchless interior spaces, the outstanding quality that are delivered at better timelines without compromising on any aspect. Value for money has always been our motto and we are striving for the same on a daily basis,” concluded Mr. Sushil, before signing off from the conversation.

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