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InterSources Inc

InterSources Inc

A journey of evolution as a Cybersecurity Vanguard with Innovation & Product Solutions

The IT space has undergone a dramatic shift in the past three decades. Primarily, this whole landscape was heavily dominated by a handful of big industry players, but now with the startups and smaller companies brimming across the globe, the world has witnessed incredible innovative solutions.

The burgeoning startups are the harbingers who are challenging the status quo and stimulating change. With the launch and upgradation of technologies like Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and a renewed focus on Cyber Security, the industry is transforming at a faster pace.

Talking of these technologies, these are not just buzzwords; they are revolutionizing how we approach problem-solving and service delivery. In view of this, we wanted to bring such a profile on board that could play a key role in representing the futuristic growth of this dynamic space via its triumph tales.

And InterSources is one of the pioneers who spurred a big wave of change when it entered the industry in 2007. To them, this market becomes more dynamic day by day and for them, agility and adaptability have been their key to staying relevant here.

In chats with Ankit Shah who is the founder- CEO of the company, we happened to dive into an exploration of never revealing facts and ‘food for thoughts’. We have encapsulated all the discussion with him in this exclusive narrative to allow our global aficionado stay informed with the current trends as well as motivated supporting their respective business pursuits.


InterSources Inc. was inaugurated in 2007. Since the establishment, the venture stands firm as synonymous to a beacon in the IT Solutions and Consulting landscape. Today, the company has its lavish headquarters in San Francisco, California.

Driven by years of hard work and value catered to clients, the company has become a well-acclaimed name in the industry providing innovative technology solutions spreading across various verticals: Data Engineering, Cyber Security, Digital Transformation, Product Growth Consulting across the Americas, Europe and India markets.

When it comes to the US, they are the preferred service providers for the US Federal, Department of Defence and State clients. With time, they have evolved their business model and improved their service quality to offer matchless quality to their clients out there.


• InterSources has a diversified service portfolio that we have enlisted in the following points. This diversification of services has helped them expand their reach across the globe over the years:
• Data Analytics: Transforming complex data into actionable insights.
• Big Data Technologies: Handling vast datasets with advanced big data solutions.
• Cloud Application and Cyber Security: Robust cloud application development, cloud security solutions shielding against digital threats.
• Digital Transformation and Management Consulting: Digital technologies and strategic consulting focusing on Product Led Growth.
• Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence: Addressing complex business problems by developing ML algorithms, models and AI driven automation solutions.
• Government Projects: Delivering reliable and scalable solutions for US Federal and State Government projects.


In 2007, with the inception of the company, the leading team started off with a adamant focus on Data Analytics. Though numerous challenges came their way in 2008 such as the financial crisis, the founding team pivoted towards Big Data, initiating a period of growth and diversification.

Their resilience and dedication led to their way to a global expansion in terms of professional services and establishing a steady and broader US market presence, especially on the East Coast. Addressing the way they handled the hard times, Ankit Shah reveals, “The resilience we exercised then was a defining moment. It was more than a setback; it jolted our entire operation.

We faced a crucial decision point – our finances were strained, and we saw some of our team members leave. But it was during these testing times that the true spirit of our company shone through. It was the moment that fortified us. We responded by strengthening our core. The team that stayed was pivotal.


Our team wanted Ankit to share his leadership mantra with us. To which he responded that leadership is a multifaceted and evolving concept for him. Earlier, his holistic approach to leadership was heavily about taking the initiative and being aggressive in execution.

The whole team under his guidance not only focused on just satisfying clients but delighting them as well. But as the founder as well as CEO, he aspired to make his leadership such that it involves cultivating a vision that extends 5-10 years into the future. He realized that leadership is all about making daring decisions in the face of uncertainty to lead the team through various phases of company’s expansion. He added to this context,

I learned that leadership is not just about business strategies or technical expertise. It’s equally about understanding human behavior. This becomes crucial when dealing with clients and, importantly, in managing our team during critical moments.

Over the years, my leadership style has matured. I’ve grown to be more patient, a better listener, and more adept at navigating the highs and lows alongside my team. It’s a continuous learning process, focusing not just on leading a successful business but also on building a cohesive and motivated team.


The company’s work culture is a perfect blend of collaboration, support, and a ceaseless pursuit of excellence. They are focused on anticipating future needs and consistently aim to provide favorable outcomes. These often exceed the clients’ expectations. And since inception, versatility has played a major role in their operations.

As per Ankit, the employees have to wear multiple hats allowing them to keep the organization lean and agile. However, this approach, while effective, sometimes leads to overwork and stressful situations. The management realized this as a bottleneck to their growth and innovation and shifted to a more focused approach within teams. The shift was like taking a step back to recalibrate and then moving forward as such that individual’s area of expertise.

Though they still encourage cross-functional learning and exploration for interested people across multiple projects, now they can choose their interest in areas accordingly without any external pressure. And this flexibility to interdisciplinary learning serves as a big cornerstone of their well-received work culture.


On sharing the futuristic roadmap, Ankit claims that the present global macroeconomic situation is hard to deal with. But he is assertive that even with slowing growth across major marketing, it is the most opportune time for better growth prospects. And in view of this, his team has been patiently working hard to establish robust company fundamentals to establish substantial opportunity for business growth.

Ankit emphasized that by adopting a matrix approach for scaling and diversifying, they have curated a strategic roadmap to expand their expertise into new geographies. This would be accompanied by bolstering capabilities in existing markets with agility and responsiveness to evolving demands.

Also, there would be a keen focus on cloud applications and cybersecurity. They are poised to capitalize on burgeoning trends, leveraging its current expertise and adapting to future needs.

In view of the surge in demand for digital transformation services and product-led growth, InterSources Inc. would intensify its efforts to expand its capabilities in the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML-AI) domain. It would contribute to significant growth opportunities and a ladder to claim the leadership status in this cutting-edge technology field.

Furthermore, it would be spreading its professional service wings across European and Latin American markets. Indeed, they are demonstrating adaptability and thriving in diverse environments. The product partnerships and in-house innovations, such as the collaboration with Kasm and the introduction of ‘ID Pass,’ underscores the company’s commitment to innovation.

Additionally, gaining traction with government projects, particularly with US Federal and State clients, highlights InterSources Inc.’s capability to handle large-scale, complex initiatives, diversifying its client portfolio. In essence, InterSources Inc.’s multifaceted expansion strategies, coupled with its adaptability and innovative ethos, position the company for sustained growth and success in the everevolving global marketplace.


Needless to say, InterSources Inc. has carved out a proud history of significant milestones and achievements in its phenomenal journey. And a few of the worthy mentions have been enlisted below:

  • Foray into US Federal, DoD, and State Sector: Venturing into the US Federal, Department of Defense, and State sector in the 2020s was a pivotal point in their journey. This expansion not only diversified their client base but also proved their capability to handle largescale, complex projects in highly regulated sectors.
  • Acquisition of Comtech RIM: The acquisition of Comtech RIM which is a global cybersecurity company. This strategic acquisition aligns with the vision of expanding their expertise in cloud and cybersecurity.
  • Strategic and Implementation Partnership with KASM: In 2023, the company became the strategic implementation partner for KASM. This next-generation container streaming platform, known for its advanced security features and ML-AI scaling capabilities, positions them at the cutting edge of technological advancements in the industry.
  • Expansion into Management Consulting with a Focus on PLG: A constant focus on Product Led Growth (PLG) after they intensified their foray into the management consulting space. They are confident that this strategic move will yield long-term benefits, further solidifying their position in the industry.


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Dreaming big and solving these challenges isn’t just good business, it’s what creates memorable stories and lasting impacts. So, keep flipping through Business Connect for more such stories and business insights!

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