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Introducing ClinicSpots

Introducing ClinicSpots

An All-Inclusive Healthcare Portal to Meet Your Healthcare Needs and Get Your Queries Answered

Acountry with a healthy population is destined to flourish. The affluent Western countries have been blessed with strong medical services. As far as healthcare is concerned, Asian nations like India are suffering from several challenges, like a lack of access to treatment and an increasing burden of new diseases.

While India’s healthcare industry continues to be the most troublesome, ClinicSpots is driven to take the pain out of your battle with medical problems and provide the best advice possible by extending the entire spectrum of health services to you.

With an unflinching commitment to guide and offer economical yet high-quality medical and health information and service, ClinicSpots started its voyage in 2015 from Navi Mumbai, Mumbai. Over the past years, ClinicSpots has amassed great experience in offering comprehensive services, from medical counselling to hospital assistance, ensuring a seamless experience for patients. Creating its footprints in the global healthcare landscape, this distinctive doctor discovery platform has been successful in earning people’s trust as a reliable medium to search for and book medical consultations.

Providing the most suitable answers to people’s medical questions from qualified professionals, ClinicSpots has also emerged as a prominent medical Q&A platform where certified doctors answer patient queries. Every visitor at ClinicSpots receives the greatest care possible about their medical question and any support needed through their constantly evolving platform and related services. Under the stewardship of company CEO Pankaj Shrivastava, ClinicSpots is now on the cusp of meteoric rise and exponential growth while connecting medical experts who have the knowledge to the people who need it.


Initially developed as an online platform for marketing healthcare services, ClinicSpots has grown into a comprehensive resource for finding doctors. Expanding further, they entered the realm of medical tourism, positioning themselves as a global healthcare facilitator. Their journey is defined by adaptability, innovation, and a commitment to meeting the dynamic needs of the healthcare industry.

Aiming to be the most trusted ally in your pursuit of medical treatment, ClinicSpots’ operations are centred around its fundamental values, which include privacy, quality care, and convenience for all patients seeking medical attention.


There has been a notable shift in the industry landscape over the years. Platforms like Practo and Lybrate are having trouble expanding, even with significant money. This has emphasized the need to build direct relationships with clients and the necessity for businesses to provide end-to-end services instead of acting as intermediaries. The significance of taking a more direct and integrated approach to satisfying client needs has been brought to light by evolving dynamics.


R&D is a crucial part of operations at ClinicSpots. There is a dedicated team to create an inspiring environment for continuous research and development. ClinicSpots has led the way in providing the team with creative freedom, fostering innovation by harnessing generative AI. The company is further moving to increase investment in automation and generative AI, anticipating further advancements in their capabilities.


ClinicSpots’ primary strategies revolve around leveraging generative AI to establish distinctive brand entities. This entails using generative AI’s capabilities to scale content generation. They also place a high priority on creating a strong organizational structure that gives marketers the creative flexibility to enhance the overall presence of the brand.


A successful company draws its potential and performance from the happiness and fulfillment of its employees. Creative solutions, expanding approaches, or the advantages of a solution are only half the battle. The other, more significant, half is dependent on the kind of work environment the organization provides for its employees. ClinicSpots cultivates an environment that rejects micromanagement and places emphasis on performance without being overly directive. They hold people responsible for their contributions and promote creativity as a way to improve performance.


Incorporated eight years ago, ClinicSpots started traversing its journey to success with a small founding team. Today, it has a solid presence across the healthcare segment and is home to 60+ trained and diligent employees who are dedicated to the company’s vision, mission, and values. The company’s path from a small initiative to a renowned medical Q&A platform has been very rewarding; remarkably, it successfully obtained NABH certification for medical value travel.

The company has been recognized by several authorities on numerous occasions for its innovative efforts towards revolutionizing the healthcare industry as a whole. According to Heal in India, ClinicSpots stands as one of the top 3 medical travel companies in the country.

With more than 50,000 clinicians in its network, the platform has seen over 7 million visits to its website in the past year. These accomplishments demonstrate the company’s dedication to providing high-quality healthcare services and its expanding influence on the Indian medical travel market. The prestigious Fortis Group has presented the platform with the “Digital Masters Innovation Championship” award.


To enhance accessibility to healthcare for the general population, ClinicSpots now aims to consistently innovate and put forth continuous efforts as a healthcare destination for patients from different parts of India and abroad. Owing to its recent success, ClinicSpots is aspiring to make significant strides in making medical treatments more affordable and accessible. To accomplish these goals, the team is striving to establish a robust brand identity for the platform, prioritizing partnerships with healthcare organizations over functioning solely as an aggregator.


Sharing his valuable piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, Pankaj Srivastava stated, “Dedicate ample time to identifying the core problem they aim to solve. It’s essential not to rush into ventures hastily. Prioritize building a financial cushion for the long term without solely relying on immediate salary expectations. The decision to start a business should be driven by a compelling, genuine reason rather than merely following trends or fashion in the market.”


Having interacted with numerous patients, I can distil my message to one essential point for Business Connect readers: the imperative to invest in preventive and high-quality healthcare. Prioritizing these aspects enhances individual well-being and contributes to a healthier and more productive society overall.

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