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Inward Focus

Inward Focus: Laying Emphasis on Growth that comes From Within

The human race is swirling in the cradle of chaos and commotion and the prominent reason is the lack of self-awareness. It is therefore imperative that we focus inwards to make our lives better and profound. Sandhya Mathur, helping people to consciously live their lives, is truly an inspiration!

Sandhya Mathur embarked on her professional journey as a trainer, more than two decades back. She rendered training to senior executives and bankers in software when the subject was in its infancy in India. She feels immense joy whilst doing her job which includes helping people to empower themselves and realize their potential.

Supporting people with career and life enhancement skills, over the years, became her calling. A keen interest in Eastern Philosophy along with deep faith and belief in the untapped potential that resides in each individual, led to the inception of Inward Focus, a Coaching & Consulting organization.

Sandhya is an ICF credentialed Empowerment & Executive Coach and an Emotional Intelligence Assessor. She is also a Master Spirit Life Coach & a Certified NLP Practitioner.

Through her specially crafted style of Coaching, she has helped people to become self -aware, discover inner power to confidently and successfully realize their dreams. Her mission is to make a difference in an individual’s life, which will act as a catalyst to bring a change in their work and personal environment.

She is inspired by her parents who instilled in her the importance of being authentic, believing in herself and never giving up. She has nurtured these ideals, held them close to heart, and acts as the building blocks for personal and professional focus; they are her talismans.

Inward Focus enables people to empower themselves in all spheres of their lives through emotional Intelligence, and also incorporate the essence of Eastern Philosophy with structured coaching techniques for effective transformation and achievement. When they started, one of the goals was to work with educated and qualified women who had taken a break from work.

“It was a challenge to work with their existing mindset, low self-esteem and confidence as a result of not living their dreams” says Sandhya

The Inspiration & Inception

“All entrepreneurs- men and women, face some challenges – it’s just that the challenges may be different and the responses are based on the mindset, beliefs & circumstances”, says Sandhya. She has been coaching women who are looking at career transition and others who are exploring the option of starting something of their own. Through these interactions, she observed some challenges that may be unique to women. ‘Mompreneurs’ have dual commitments — to their families and work.

They need to work harder at achieving the work-life balance that everyone aspires for. To take initiative and start something of their own women often struggle with social norms and mindsets. Traditional expectations prevail even now. Perceptions need to be dealt with. To start a business of her own, a woman may need approval from the family who may or may not understand her aspirations.

As a result of the centuries of conditioning, women also struggle with confidence in their own worth, and are not comfortable talking about their own achievements. They often feel intimidated and feel the need to be like someone else. They may have limited access to funds which forms the backbone of any business. Even after the initial stages, they work under immense pressure and stress as a result of the fear of failure because they sometimes take the initiative against all odds and feel the need to prove themselves.

Luckily, Sandhya Mathur has always had a very supportive environment and this expanded to people from different parts of the world supporting her in realizing her dreams. She realizes that it was her drive & commitment that has been acknowledged and respected. She made some choices that created win-win situations for her & her environment.

She is grateful that she could manage a calm attitude along with resilience to expand work through one of the toughest periods of life, when she saw a lot of health issues in the family, and she was personally taking care of more than one person.

“The right mindset, focus, courage of conviction and the will to realize your dreams can help any man or woman achieve all that they aspire for. No one has all the answers at the onset and definitely does not need to be like anyone else. Being authentic and building your own space is the key. Develop the courage to believe in yourself, take action based on that belief and wisdom — and then watch the circumstances and environment change” ~Sandhya Mathur

Core Areas Of Work

We believe the best way for organizations & people to deal with these challenges is to develop from within.The coaches at Inward Focus work in some specific areas.


Coaching is a process based on the strong belief that every individual is capable of generating their own effective results with the support of an accountability partner. They support clients to close the gap between merit and success and specialize in leadership presence & emotional intelligence. They help to improve the success rates & careers by challenging limiting thoughts and enhancing self-belief.

They work with C level executives to create executive presence, which is all about gravitas, appearance, and communication. They, therefore support clients to act, think, look & talk in a manner that develop that presence. Their coaching services are also directed at redefining focus, managing time and setting priorities, revitalizing enthusiasm and standing out in a sea of sameness. During this journey they have worked with professionals in BFCI, FMCG, and manufacturing, Infrastructure, Telecom, IT, BPOs, Agriculture and other industry verticals.


In this area,they work with organizations to improve the chances of getting excellent results in business with consistency. They have helped clients to achieve their most important business goals through simplification and excellence in execution.


Inward Focus supports their clients through EQ Assessments and Hogan Assessments. These assessments support the clients to make them understand why they do what they do, their emotional connection with the leadership style. The Company’s assessors who are also experienced coaches, help to groom the client’s style and personality for great results.

Mentoring for Coaches

As a Coach mentor, Sandhya supports coaches to enhance their coaching career by adding the ACC accreditation. Through the Mentoring program, coaches experience live practice sessions with other coaches, and work on real coaching scenarios to improve skills.

Accomplishments and Future Plans

Inward Focus commenced its operations with the primary inspiration of creating self-awareness and self-improvement among its customers. The team initially limited themselves to working with individuals exclusively in the coaching area with certifications, credentialing and individual coaching work, and later it expanded to include EQ assessments and Executive Presence.

Moving ahead, they added components involving group work. The next endeavor was the creation of a framework on execution where the entire organization works as a group to change behavior that impacts getting the job done with respect to the organization’s vision. In the later stages, the team became involved in areas that would create better stick ability to what it delivers.

Coaching in the corporate world is becoming specialized, systematic and focused on personal effectiveness. Through 2019-20, Inward Focus is building out a broad set of solutions in organizational development and assessments. They are also building on key areas such as diversity in the workplace, employee engagement and retention, visualization and storytelling and executive presence. In assessments, they want to help clients to make better decisions regarding the current strength of their management teams, and those they want to hire.

In their endeavor to change mindsets for increased effectiveness, this year, Inward Focus will expand to different parts of the country.

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