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Illuminating the world with empathy and astounding work, women are progressing valiantly in today’s era. Whatever be the realm, from house to office, they are thriving unstoppably with incredible potential, patience and compassion. One such stupor of stupendous caliber is Dr. Nikkie Grover, who is enthralling in the entrepreneurial world. The exemplar of resilience is the Chief Executive Officer of the renowned organization ‘NG EDUWIZER PVT. LTD.’


Dr. Nikkie Grover, many years back, started a consultancy named NG EDUWIZER. She, with her enriching experience in the educational arena, realized at that point of time that there was no consultancy, which dealt with the senior position recruitment for schools and colleges. There was no specialized and standardized consultancy, which catered to the needs of the recruitment of Principal or Director in the institutes.

The other concern was that people at senior level positions in schools and colleges, did not have the right source to connect for seeking the advice in times of need, pertaining to indispensable matters. Dr. Nikkie Grover mused on the issues, and came with a phenomenal idea of starting a small consultancy. The idea was to cater to the needs of recruitment, training of teachers, set up of schools, and also providing Legal Advisory services.

As there was no consultancy, which was specialized in the educational fraternity, NG Eduwizer grew and expanded. Then, it was decided to convert the consultancy into the Company. Henceforth, one year back, the consultancy became NG EDUWIZER Pvt. Ltd. That’s the reason of its expansion globally. Soon they are going to open the branches at Singapore and Dubai.

They are providing quality services at a minimum cost or no cost. They take no money until the person enters the school or college after the placement, and started working over there.

Their empowering mantra is ‘Leaders don’t create followers, leaders create leaders’

They follow the Be SPOKE approach.


It’s the harsh reality of India, especially the rural regions, where a girl child is abandoned by not all, but many. Without thinking once for ‘beautiful living beings’, people are leaving them on roads, in dustbins, etc.  In metropolitan cities like Bombay and Delhi, the girls are advancing and achieving a lot, but the reality is quite opposite in rural India. It’s quite a saddened truth, and needs the indispensable attention.

Dr. Nikkie Grover, as a beacon, raised her voice against a girl child abandonment. During her Research work in the rural part of our nation, she noticed this miserable condition of ‘a girl, and decided to work towards the adoption of a girl child.

In India, if we talk about an Adoption of child, so the percentage of adopting a male child is quite great in comparison to a female child. Whereupon, the abandoned girls either die in the laps of Mother Earth, which means on the roads, or become the victims of poverty, malnutrition, sexual assaults, sexual trafficking etc. This gives a tight blow on the face of humanity, and raises a pivotal question on the absurd discrimination.

On the serious notion, Dr. Nikkie Grover gave a suggestion to Richard, who is running the Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA) organization. She wanted to take a step ahead and propagates strongly the message –to adopt a girl child rather to abort her. If people find abandoned girl child, then they give her to the nearby orphanage. The idea is to stop aborting a female child, and start adopting her. In this way, a girl gets a home, and life of happiness and joy.

The adoption policies of a girl child also need certain changes. In our country, there is a multitude of stringent procedures to adopt a girl child. Government ought to make the procedure easy for the people in case of an adoption of the girl child, so that anybody from anywhere can contribute towards this humanitarian cause.

It does not mean if a woman is biologically fertile, then there is no need for adoption.

“If you have an empathetic heart, and willingness to bring a change for at least one girl, then a life will be saved.”~Dr. Nikkie Grover

The magnate- Dr. Nikkie Grover is also contributing her part for the women empowerment. Uplifting other women and empowering them, so that they acquire the correct motivation and confidence to lead their lives with dignity and grace.

Instead of slamming them down and demeaning their worth, women of today should act as the support system, so that their infinite potential can shine forth. She is a member of Women Empowerment Cell, and associated with its founder to encourage and support other women. She emphatically, with her beautiful thoughts, says, “A woman should adjust the other woman’s crown, instead of saying to the world that it is tilted.”

The Cell also deals with a plethora of issues such as sexual harassment, abuse, violence against women, etc. Women who are going through these challenges can write to the respective cell, and then Women Empowerment Cell will put all the possible efforts to help them come out from the disastrous situations.

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The Maestro at a very young and tender age sipped the taste of success. At a very young age, she was appointed as the Principal of the school, which itself a splendid thing. Dr. Nikkie Grover was always a brilliant child, so she advanced at a rapid pace in her professional and academic career.

Now being a woman, it is quite indispensable to balance the personal and professional realms; therefore she, with vigorous spirits, maintained it.

Being a mother, she had to resign from the reputed and well-settled job of the Principal, and ought to be at home to take care of her wonderful family. She took this challenge open heartedly and proceeded. During this time, she did not lose touch with her professional career; therefore did a lot of Research and wrote beaucoup of articles.

One of the influential articles, she wrote was ‘Cross Roads’, which was enlightening the worth of women, who are taking care of the families, and detached from the professional world due to circumstances or otherwise. According to her article- it’s okay to sit at home and take care of the loved ones. This is one of the incredible services, which home makers do, and it’s their choice of living. This provoking article of her was quite appreciated by Chanda Kochhar, who is the former Chief Executive Officer of the ICIC bank.

Her articles were even featured in the renowned Newspaper- The Times of India’, which is incredible. There is a multitude of awards, she is accredited by:

  • Woman Entrepreneur Award by GECL in 2018. GECL- Global Education and Corporate Leadership Awards
  • Best Startup Award by Blue Berry International
  • Best Director by IARE that is International Academic and Research Excellence Awards 2019
  • In Femina Magazine April Edition 2019, NG EDUWIZER Pvt. Ltd. was listed among the top educators

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