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The Go-To Guy!

The Go-To Guy!

Redefining Digital Marketing In The New Normal

The Go-To Guy! is a brand under Disrupvation Digital Pvt. Ltd. and is the services arm of the company in the business of providing brand and marketing services. Rebranding Experts & Marketing Evangelists, The Go-To Guy! is known for providing tailored solutions that incorporate the different needs, budgets, and goals for the clients

Consultants have made – “Strategy” – Overrated “Marketing” – A complicated myth and “Branding” – An untouchable convict

We, at The Go-To Guy! are attempting to break this norm and surprise the world every day! We are “Your Idea Execution Agency”. If you have an idea, we will take it to the world.

Over the last few years, the company has helped build 100+ brands across the USA, Australia, Middle East, and India. They have worked across 15+ industries to build brand identities, activate presence & engage consumers – Online, Offline, Social & Mobile.

The company was launched in 2018 by Mr Ajay Kulkarni and Mr Dipankar Ghosh. Ajay & Dipankar met at a gaming company in Hyderabad where Ajay was heading the marketing division and Dipankar was heading the branding division. Their complementary backgrounds helped them grow the company together handsomely as they could see the bigger picture together. They shared a great working relationship back then and always wanted to start something together as they both valued each other’s unique and distinct skill sets.

Both moved on to work in leadership positions in different companies. Dipankar decided to take the plunge first in 2015 and started The Go-To Guy! as a boutique brand agency where he used to get attached as a consultant with organizations that had brand building needs. Back then, he used to work with a freelancing team to get the execution done.

Fast forward to 2018, Ajay who by then had a fabulous career and had served in several leadership roles across gaming, media and technology companies joined Dipankar and together they co-founded a 2.0 version of The Go-To Guy!, which was now a full-fledged end to end brand marketing agency with branding and digital marketing expertise. They positioned themselves as “The No Nonsense Executionists!”.

The company has a multi-layer review process before every deliverable is rolled out. There are checklists in place that ensure a thorough review happens. They have also launched a STAR Rewards program that recognizes employees who do quality work. They have a very transparent policy in terms of recognizing efforts. Every good effort, small or big, is acknowledged in the form of ‘Stars’. Person with the maximum stars every month becomes the STAR of the month and is recognized with an instant cash reward.

This two-pronged approach of a multi-layer quality review, coupled with the incentive of STAR rewards program helps to ensure that their quality is top notch.

“We build relationships, not clients.”

Over the last few years, The Go-To Guy! has worked with clients across fifteen industries. Understanding the unique challenges they face, they provided customized solutions to them. The company has retained most of its clients through the years. The length of the relationship with their clients is a testimony of the good work that they have done.

The company works with startups, SMEs, as well as large corporations across the USA, Australia, Middle East and India. Based on what stage the companies are in their company life cycle, they will have different needs, budgets, and goals. The Go-To Guy! understands that and having worked across companies of all sizes, it has acquired the expertise to market a company of any size.

The company provides end-to-end brand marketing services, so companies need not run around and partner with multiple agencies, it’s got them covered. This ensures a single point of contact for delivery and consistent messaging across mediums.

Dipankar was the youngest brand champion at Deloitte across the world, and Ajay built India’s 3rd largest Rummy gaming company from scratch in less than 16 months as their Business Head – these are skills that come with their principals and bring The Go-To Guy! its edge – their Branding & Marketing expertise

complement each other so well, and make The Go-To Guy! a holistic expert. This is not the case with most of the other agencies, they are usually good in one field. And hence they get the advantage of being a solid one-stop shop for a client when it comes to building, activating, and engaging a brand.

The Go-To Guy! was on the cover of Silicon India as one of the Top Marketing Startups. It is now in the process of setting up an office in Mumbai targeting the national big brands, and also, is setting up an office in Dubai, UAE, as they see great opportunity from that region. Dubai is a gateway to the world and all the big brands across.

“The pandemic has taught us all several lessons, the new normal, the importance of health, the need of actual socializing with family and friends and appreciating life while you can.

We would just say that “inch wide, mile deep” focus is the need of the hour, and making sure you move the needle every day is the key to success. Big successes are great to come by, but small developments also should be acknowledged, because that is what will help you keep going. We always say one thing to everybody we meet; we entrepreneurs survive on ‘hope’. Every new morning brings in a new ray of hope, so keep the hope always high, and you will find the energy to drive yourself forward, no matter what the situation is!”

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