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Where Creativity Lies At The Core

iOTA: Inception Story Having dealt with the drudgery of day to day work in an orthodox IT company, the Founder of iOTA felt the need to explore a different vertical. Mr Rahul Layal started his career in a company providing software solutions, and strived to not just get away from the repetitive challenges and frustrations of the job, but to discover above and beyond the scope of it. This is how iOTA Infotech was launched, and how it took shape as a creative agency.

The idea behind iOTA Infotech was to break apart from the world of monotonous business dealings and explore the depths of creativity. To understand what creativity could bring to a new venture, and what wonders it could lend to the society itself. Creativity stands at the heart of iOTA Infotech. It is what makes the company stand out, and it has been the reason behind its sustained growth and encouragement.

Rahul has been a firm believer in the idea of a workplace that is a blend of old experience and new ideas. When the tedious world of IT made him rethink his career and take up entrepreneurship, she scouted for new talent in the industry who would be as thrilled to face the new as they were dedicated to succeed. For his, every failure became an extended opportunity to learn and every small achievement glorified the effort.

iOTA Infotech was established with a goal to revolutionise the monotonous industry: to add creativity, smart approaches, and new-age talent into Tech and Management. iOTA provides innovative and customized marketing solutions to businesses, varying from Branding, Inbound Marketing, and Growth Hacking. The company understands the influence and nuances of marketing. The need of the hour in the digital world has always been to ensure that there is constantly something new to solve the basic yet genuine problem: fast business growth.

Termed as ‘Growth Hacking’ by multiple startups in recent times, this growth is sought after by most marketing agencies and their clients. Technology integration is the primary technique used by the growth hackers to help the organizations achieve faster growth and that is exactly what iOTA does. Its marketing techniques help the new or existing businesses and entrepreneurs across the globe to attract users.

iOTA has evolved as a brand in the short time since its establishment through thorough analysis of the market dynamics, a sound understanding of current conditions within a specific sector, and keeping an eye on developing trends. Well on its way to further success, the iOTA family has also kept itself afloat through the pandemic.

The Leadership and Work Culture Entrepreneurship demands dedication and hard work for being able to achieve
and live the startup dream. Each entrepreneur has their unique method to make it work. For Rahul, the focus has been on celebrating the small victories, keep learning and testing, taking initiatives that are new and promising without excuses, instead of just counting revenues.

He focuses on an analysis of facts and trends to decide whether or not to embark on a certain venture and undertake strategies by visualizing its pros and cons. By clearly outlining all positives and negatives of a project, and going

“Clarify your mission and values, as it is very important to set them right. Form concrete strategies and tactics for achieving your mission and stick to them,” he states. Rahul shares his thoughts and ideas with the team, keeping them encouraged by aligning them with his shared mission and values. Monitoring results regularly and making adjustments to respond to the strategic changes demanded by a volatile marketplace has worked wonders for iOTA.

The books that have kept his company in acknowledging and achieving all this are “Good to Great”, “First, Break All The Rules”, and “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. He recommends these top three reads, which have helped his transform his outlook and personality.

At iOTA, the team works in an environment that is congenial and cohesive, with the leadership paying attention to their mental health and environmental sustainability, and offering them employment-enhancing vocational skills. The best kind of companies are those where everyone works together cordially. Encouraging and promoting teamwork boosts productivity, because it makes employees feel less isolated and keeps them feeling engaged with their tasks. For this, iOTA has Fun Fridays, and other Indoor and outdoor activities, which add on to the exciting activities for the staff helping them release workload and stress.

The team that Rahul has created and nurtured at iOTA Infotech reflect qualities like uniqueness, attention to detail, delivering quality each time, honesty, reliability, positivity, complying with deadlines, respecting team members, company policy and rules, and most of all, being cooperative.

“Starting something from scratch on your own is never easy. The struggles can never be put into words, but yes I would like to mention a few that are very important: – A team is something that you definitely need and building a team in itself is a struggle.

– Once you have people to work for and with you, it becomes more than necessary to understand and know how you will scale your business to make the ends meet.”

The future plans for iOTA right now focus on extensive year-over-year growth, while contributing to the economy. The company aspires to build opportunities for the brands whose marketing campaigns can bring a change to this world and the community.

Parting Words
To aspiring entrepreneurs, Rahul has these words of wisdom to share: Commit to one business. Know your industry/niche. Market analysis and a proper business plan. You can’t do it alone. Build a team. Don’t rush yourself but stay curious.

“Make sure you prepare thoroughly before starting a business, but realize that things will almost certainly go awry but to run a successful business, you must adapt to changing situations.”

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