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Brings Top-notch Aesthetic Care to Cater to Patient’s Unique Needs

Cosmetic treatments have become an essential part of our lives today. A few years ago, the only cosmetic procedures that we usually heard about were laser hair removal, nose jobs, and botox fillers. Today’s marketplace has evolved a lot. The charm of flawless beauty is attracting more people than ever.

The choice of treatments has grown tremendously, offering services like vaginal reshaping, oxygen facials, and vampire facials a lot more. Numerous clinics and service providers have come into the limelight to offer the best solutions to all dermatology and hair-related issues with cuttingedge technology and affordable pricing, making India a global hub of medical tourism.

In the comprehensive list of renowned beauty and wellness brands, ISAAC Luxe (International Skin & Anti-Aging Centre) is at the pinnacle. Nestled in the heart of Delhi, Vasant Vihar, ISAAC Luxe is a renowned beauty and aesthetics chain of clinics specializing in skin, laser, anti-ageing, and personalized treatments that help you boost your confidence along with your well-being.

Standing strong on the solid shoulders of an inspiring businesswoman, feminist, mother, and industry trailblazer, Jharna Dhar, CEO of ISAAC Luxe, strives to provide you with the finest cosmetic and non-invasive procedures that produce visible results with minimum or zero downtime, with a plethora of embedded technologies coupled with the expertise of skilled professionals.


Women have long been the target audience for the cosmetics and skincare industries. Given that they are the ones who truly understand their needs, it makes perfect sense for women to lead in this industry. An alumna of the prestigious Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Jharna Dhar is one such lady who is rising to prominence in the skincare and cosmetics sector and is constantly striving to break new ground in the field.

As the CEO of ISAAC Luxe, Jharna holds the primary responsibility of overseeing the company’s whole operations. Her leadership has been crucial in steering the company toward noteworthy accomplishments.

During her rich career graph of 14+ years in a variety of industries, Jharna has grown into an expert who holds the key to understanding organizational success parameters. She has successfully launched her significant projects in Delhi/NCR and has held senior positions with companies including Clinic Dermatech, New Look, Interkadio, Reva Aesthetics, and HFCL. Jharna’s understanding and knowledge of the business are a testament to her ability and hard work.

Sharing more insights on her journey, the wonderful woman said,

“I’m grateful for the incredible journey and growth we have experienced together. It has been amazing and rewarding to go from having a local presence to having a national one. My steadfast dedication is still centred on fostering our development trajectory, enhancing our reputation, and laying out a plan for continued growth and success.”


For more than 20 years, ISAAC Luxe has dug out every possible way to treat your skin well and create rejuvenating experiences. Founded by Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta, the company offers a wide range of treatments in a contemporary and comfortable environment to meet the expanding demands of patients –

• “Makeover” helps feel more confident by changing how someone look.
• “Anti-aging” treatments aim to make a person look younger and stop aging signs.
• “Skin Maintenance” plan keeps the skin healthy and also resolves specific “Skin Concerns” like acne or dry skin.
• “Chemical Peels” are great for achieving smoother skin.
• “Body treatments” help assure overall wellness.
• “Vaginal Rejuvenation” enhances the overall well-being.

Some of the other issues ISAAC Luxe caters to include “hair loss,” “pigmentation/spots,” and other body concerns with specialized care. Additionally, they provide a variety of treatments for acne scars, hyperthyroidism, and PCOS, and boost confidence with the use of state-of-the-art FDAapproved technology.


Our philosophy is crystal clear, we aim for customer delight. Through consistent training and learning approch, we refine our processes for optimal service and keep our team updated with the latest industry innovations while ensuring their motivation level is always high. Keeping client loyalty as a priority, we do our best to maximize customer satisfaction.

Sharing her secret formula for staying motivated and positive, the inspirational lady said,

“I get inspiration through meditation, keeping myself rooted and focused every day. Keeping my thoughts in the center helps me stay motivated and moves me toward my objectives with clarity and purpose.”


The primery goal at ISAAC Luxe above all is to speed up awareness regarding skincare treatments in different ways. Actively involved in the community, the leading team hosts talks and seminars to provide younger people with knowledge about skincare procedures and promote inclusive learning environments.

By expanding their reach, they ensure that everyone has access to crucial details about skin care procedures, encouraging social responsibility via awarenessraising and education.


As one of the leading suppliers of non-surgical skin tightening procedures, ISAAC Luxe has grown to be a well-known brand in the skincare and cosmetics industries. Its status as the most prestigious Ultherapy clinic reflects its excellence.

The brilliance and integrity are further demonstrated by the receipt of prestigious prizes such as the Times Business Award, the Vogue Beauty Award, and the Zee Award in 2022. The company’s experience and outstanding accomplishments have gained widespread attention among news sources and other media platforms. This extensive coverage emphasizes its impact and authority within the industry.


Spearheading the brand in the position of CEO, Jharna leads by example and is excited about what lies ahead for ISAAC as it expands and introduces the ISAAC Luxe Academy of Aesthetics.

The team is ready to explore a cutting-edge field of teaching about cosmetic procedures, including advanced laser operations and dermal fillers. Here, seasoned medical professionals provide practical training sessions that enable students to handle a range of cases, from easy to complex, and set them up for a successful path toward expertise and career progress.


Jharna Dhar, who has created her distinctive stance in the industry, has some advice for young entrepreneurs. She urges them to believe in your vision, work passionately towards your goals, and never underestimate the value of resilience. Success comes to people who are tenacious, flexible, and eager to take lessons from failures as well as successes. Remember that every obstacle presents an opportunity for progress.

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