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JS Water Energy Life Co. Pvt. Ltd

JS Water Energy Life Co. Pvt. Ltd

Engineering Distinctive Solutions to Rejuvenate Polluted Water Bodies

Water pollution has become a global concern; it is threatening both human health and the delicate balance of our ecology. With contaminated water sources causing numerous health issues and ecological deterioration, it is vital to come up with effective solutions to deal with the pollutants.

Pioneering advanced nano-biotech solutions in Agriculture and Water Treatment,  JS Water Energy Life Co. Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as a promising name in the fight against water pollution. Harnessing the power of nanotechnology, the innovative endeavour expedites the rapid rejuvenation of polluted water bodies.

Acknowledged globally for its award-winning water treatment solutions, JS Water covers the water reservoirs of 15 countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, and Australia. Their products are sold under two brand names, Aquaritin and Bioritin, and the primary users are experts in wastewater management, golf courses and sports grounds across the world.

These “Made in India”  products are deployed in over 1000 polluted river segments, drains, wetlands, lakes, ponds and STPs as well as in over 700 golf courses, cricket and football grounds globally.

Setting New Benchmarks by Harnessing the Power of Nanotechnology

The innovative seed of JS Water was sown in 2010; it germinated well and became the cornerstone in harnessing the power of nanotechnology to address critical challenges in the water treatment, agriculture, wellness, and poultry industries.

JS Group comprises three companies that actively engage in cutting-edge research at the nexus of nano and biotechnologies to deliver unique products for the Insitu River and Lake Rejuvenation programs, for nutrition and disease management in turf and horticulture, for anti-obesity and anti-inflammation in the wellness sector, and for novel herbal supplements for the poultry sector. The company actively focuses on research in these fields with its fully-featured Bio-Nanotech Research Center, located in Gurgaon.

“We are delighted to share that we have a success rate of  99% or above on all of our projects. We just never fail because of how well we organize, prepare, and carry out our projects! We do not take on many projects, but the ones we do, we do very well—even by global standards “To put it simply, we leave our customers amazed”, asserts Sunil Nanda, Managing Director of JS Water.

JSWEL’s Primary Projects: At a Glance

Spearheading the industry with its innovative approach, JS Water is renowned for developing the finest and most versatile water-cleaning solutions:

  • Nutrient- Ultrasonic Combination Technology Reduced Algae by 98%, and water salinity by 40 % for irrigation.

Many lakes in India and elsewhere suffer from green algal blooms, that dominate lakes and ponds. The thick algal cover prevents sunlight from penetrating the water column thereby diminishing photosynthesis and making the lake oxygen deficit. This ultimately causes mass fish deaths that we see or read about. A proven non-chemical, non-invasive solution was eluding lake managers.

JS Water developed a unique combination of ultrasonic and nutrient intervention. In one such intervention using these technologies a lake at Karma Lakelands in Manesar with a Blue Green Algae (BGA) was rejuvenated. The algal level decreased by 98 % from more than 400 cells to 6 cells of BGA/ml. The lake never looked so clean and healthy before.

  • Rejuvenation of Rivers in Malaysia

JS Water undertook a prestigious project of rejuvenating a minor river Sungai Gong in association with a local partner in Malaysia. The river was being polluted by industries, domestic outflows as well as commercial units, much like we see in India. The river was classified as Class IV much like Type D class in India. In an amazing turnaround within 16 weeks, the water quality parameters improved so much that the river was reclassified as Type II. Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), a key metric in Water Quality reduced by 90 % while CoD was reduced by 84% within 16 weeks.

Ammonia levels that affect aquatic life were reduced by 83% in the same period.   Besides improvement in the river water quality, the other benefits that accrued included a reduction in Carbon, Nitrogen and phosphorus.  In just one month of intervention, approximately 288 tons of C, 51 tons of N and 15 tons of Phosphorous were fixed by Diatoms in the Project. The huge success of the project has encouraged the Govt of Malaysia to grant more river projects for such nano-biotech intervention.

“I am pleased to say that the rejuvenation of a minor river within 16 weeks is an achievement that River Managers cannot even imagine.  Proud that a “Made in India” technology could establish such  a global milestone.”

  • Phyco- Remediation of Kiratpur-Kalyanpuri Drain in Roop Nagar, Punjab (2023)

The sewage system in Roop Nagar, which is in charge of managing an estimated 8 million litres per day (MLD) of flow and transporting household waste via the cities of Kiratpur and Kalyanpuri, is presently being treated using nano-biotechnology.

Initial laboratory testing after one month has demonstrated a noteworthy 70% improvement in all physico-chemical parameters. The treated water’s improved colour indicates that the drain’s visual look has improved in addition to the noticeable increase in water quality. The utilisation of Aquaritin and Bioritin, along with unique 3 in 1 Biofences in the therapeutic process is responsible for this remarkable accomplishment.

The Key Differentiating Factors That Make JS Water “A Blue Diamond of the Biotech Industry”

Amid the biotech industry’s wave of innovation and change, JS Water has stood out as a resounding success and is acknowledged as a global leader in Phyco-Remediation. Their cutting-edge Nano-Bio technology enables contaminated water bodies to be revitalized quickly, establishing the venture as a pioneer in sustainable solutions. Under a procedure known as Phyco-Remediation, the intervention is carried out utilizing Nanotech Aquaritin Nutrients and Bioritin Microbes.

Aquaritin is used to generate molecular photosynthetic oxygen through the synthesis of diatoms. Diatoms are brown algae that are prolific oxygenators, and such photosynthetic oxygen is pure (100% oxygen against 21% in aeration), reactive and nascent, persistent (persists for 1-2 months; bubbles do not collapse immediately like conventional aeration), and at molecular scale (smaller than picoscale instead of microscale in conventional aeration).

This results in a significant decrease in oxygen demand, a significant rise in “aeration efficiency,” and the neutralization of E. coli by “ROS” action. Typically, 70% of diatoms are benthic. This is why, because of the “Boundary Effect,” they do not flow out of even the fastest water channels when the water velocity approaches “Zero” in the benthic zone. In addition to producing oxygen, diatoms fix nitrogen and phosphorus, two nutrients that are typically “over-standard” in wastewater. Diatoms are also known to fix heavy metals like lead in their EPS through various processes.

Mr Nanda’s Distinctive Approach to Leadership

Sunil Nanda is a dynamic leader and the big wheel who has been instrumental in establishing the foundation of JS Water. He is a curious learner and a climate change enthusiast and is the recipient of numerous national and international accolades from APAC, FICCI, and ASSOCHAM.

“Leadership is certainly about the leaders leading by example,” according to the visionary. He observes an immense gap between the beliefs held by the leaders and their actual actions. He firmly believes in grooming the team for higher responsibilities, and leadership succession remains foremost in his mind since he is now running 65.Fortunately, my daughter, Shefali Nanda, a Biotech Engineer, has just joined the Company.

Painting the Future Canvas of JS Water

JS Water has created an indelible mark on the global landscape through its sound practices and solution-oriented innovations. For the future, they have exciting plans. First, they want their story to revolve around new environmental technologies that help the planet, their goal is to build skills that will enable the team to clean up even big rivers like the Yamuna or Ganga in less than a year! Additionally, they are working on sophisticated, affordable methods for lowering irrigation water salinity, which is a significant challenge for farmers.

Since JS Water works with phytoplankton, they are developing new wellness extracts from micro-algae that have anti-obesity (visceral fat), anti-tumorigenic, and anti-inflammatory properties. In 2024, it would be the first nutraceutical of its kind to be released into the market.

Parting Words

Educating people on sustainability and the environment, Sunil Nanda stated,

We believe that India can offer many nature-inspired sustainable solutions to the World.” This is a result of both our shared, deeply held view that the exploitation of natural resources should not outweigh natural regeneration as well as of our culture and heritage.”

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