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Mulyo Clothing

Mulyo Clothing

The Shambhavi Jaiswal’s Endeavour: Crafting Sustainable, Ethical, and Eco-friendly Kidswear

Every parent wishes for their children’s safety, security, and the opportunity to progress in a better world. Giving them safe and comfortable clothing is an excellent place to begin, but it’s even better when the clothing is made and sold in a way that benefits both the planet and the people who live on it. Children’s clothes are a perfect example of fast fashion, as they have such a high turnover rate.

Observing the gap, two inspiring entrepreneurs, Shambhavi Jaiswal (founder and CEO) and Shivay Jaiswal (co-founder) with an ambition to promote sustainable clothing for children and mamas while fostering a sense of environmental sincerity in young minds., cultivated the conscious kidswear brand Mulyo Clothing in 2023.


Shambhavi Jaiswal, an iconic figure in the child apparel industry, is leaving a lasting impression on the market by introducing sustainable children’s clothing made of organic, natural materials that are not only healthier for your child but also better for the environment. Her journey from humble beginnings to becoming a celebrated female leader is evidence of her perseverance, devotion, and passion for addressing social issues.

Mulyo is prospering under her vibrant leadership and reaching new heights of success. Her approach to management is based on empowerment, teamwork, and a mutual dedication to their objectives as the founder of Mulyo and a leader in this women-led company.

“Above all, I firmly believe in setting the pace through my actions. Sustainability is a profound passion of mine, and I ensure that my conduct mirrors our company’s values.”

This establishes the team’s culture and highlights the significance of their goal to provide children’s clothing that is ethical and environmentally sustainable.


Mulyo Clothing aspires to infuse the idea of sustainability and conscious clothing, offering a variety of designs. This will encourage little ones to take bigger risks with their fashion and to be more ecologically conscious, all the while elevating local artists to a worldwide level. Among the primary differentiators that set the brand apart are:

• Mulyo takes pride in ethically sourcing only the finest quality organic materials and Indian hand embroidery, exclusively using Azo-free dyes, natural dyes and eco printing.
• Mulyo kidswear is not just about looking good; it’s also about practicality and inclusivity. The team creates clothing for kids that fits their active lifestyles while also being fashionable.
• The team actively works with the socially backward women in need of “Sewa Bharti NGO,” to mention a few.
• For as long as the team has been around, upholding industry standards and giving individuals what they want have always come first.
• Every fabric produced under the brand’s umbrella is put through numerous internal testing procedures.


The Brand name has been derived from the Sanskrit term “mulya” which signifies value. Mulyo is an Indian brand with a focus on minimalism and a Japanese aesthetic. In a world where it is more and more crucial to instil this understanding in children at a young age, Mulyo stands for ethical conscience toward the wellness of the planet. The brand hopes to infuse the ideas of sustainability and conscious clothing to inspire children to be more adventurous with their style and assist them in discovering the truest versions of themselves with greater environmental responsibility. At the same time, it hopes to elevate local artisans to a global platform.


The first steps in the process involve exploring and using cutting-edge sustainable resources that go beyond organic cotton, like recycled materials and products manufactured from waste textiles. The next step is design. Manga art and Japanese aesthetics are two things that Shambhavi and Shivay adore. It inspired them to produce eye-catching and unique designs that complement the sustainability principles of their company.

In the next step, the process reaches the production stage. Shivay, Shambhavi, and the rest of their team are committed to fair and local production. Everything is in-house in Mulyo, and they are also associated with NGOs to drive production.

The fabrics are produced with adequate dimensional stability, color fastness, shrinkage control, and consistent dyeing to meet high requirements. Strict quality control procedures are applied to every product to guarantee that the consumer receives only the best in terms of both design and quality.


The Mulyo Clothing culture is shaped by the leadership’s welcoming approach and teamwork. The company places a strong emphasis on encouraging a diverse and cooperative work atmosphere where each team member feels valued and heard. Shambhavi believes that diverse perspectives contribute to innovation. The team recognizes and values the distinct abilities and perspectives that every member of the team provides. They place a high value on open communication and nurture an environment where anyone can feel free to express their opinions.

Team building is a crucial aspect of their success. Shambhavi promotes unity and a sense of purpose among her team members. She makes efforts to provide her team members with chances to connect and contribute.

“This solidifies our professional connections and boosts our capacity to surmount obstacles, enabling us to accomplish our objectives collaboratively.”


With a distinct strategy and workflow, Mulyo Clothing aims to establish itself as a global leader in kid-friendly sustainable fashion, establishing new benchmarks for moral and ecologically responsible business operations.

In order to gain popularity across the globe, the company also hopes to develop a strong brand identity centered around sustainability and social responsibility and offer premium, cozy, and aesthetically beautiful apparel.

The leading lady further stated, “We aim to become widely recognized as a trusted brand, celebrated for our dedication to the welfare of both children and the environment”


Mulyo Clothing has been recognized by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) as a functioning certified organic kidswear brand in India.

It was also acknowledged as one of the top 10 sustainable startups by a prominent business publication. It is a certified organic kidswear brand, acknowledged by the National Startup Resource Center (NSRCEL), an initiative of the Indian Institute of Management Bengaluru (IIMB).

Mulyo Clothing is acknowledged by Udyam Registration as a certified organic kidswear brand, a government initiative dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and fostering the development of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in India.

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