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Jain Metal Group: A pioneer curating sustainable tomorrow for the upcoming generations

Sustainability is directly proportional to long-term economic stability and resilience. And looking at the present backdrop, the world is in dire need of the companies that adopt sustainable practices. Such ventures are better positioned to anticipate and adapt to evolving market trends, regulatory changes, and consumer preferences.

In this article, we are unfurling the story of an organisation that is known for investing in sustainable technologies and innovations. It believes that businesses can drive economic growth while minimising risks associated with environmental disruptions just by being sensitive in their practices.

Yes, it is none other than a pioneering establishment, Jain Metal Group that is known for its sustainable practices, tech- innovations, and a thought approach to recycling. To honour the venture’s contribution to a positive transformation in the industry, we have created this exclusive success story based on the excerpts of conversation held with the leadership panel.

In talks with Mr. Kamlesh Jain, Chairman, Mayank Pareek, Managing Director and Sanchit Jain, Director, we happened to explore numerous unexplored facets of the group’s operations.

The company overview

Jain Metal Group is a well-established global entity within the non-ferrous metal recycling sector. Its career trajectory began in the early sixties with a focus on brass sheet manufacturing for recycling purposes. With its extensive evolution over the years, the group diversified its offerings to include a range of recycled products, such as aluminium sheets, stainless steel sheets, and copper sheets.

In 2013, the group expanded into lead recycling, initially sourcing raw materials from lead acid battery scrap. This was later supplemented with various types of lead scrap and lead copper cable scrap. In a significant move in 2018, the group established the largest copper cable scrap recycling plant in Southeast Asia. In the following years, it slowly ventured into plastic recycling and recycling of scrap from motors, alternators, and starters followed suit.

And the latest addition to the group’s portfolio is aluminium recycling, where die-cast aluminium alloys are made from aluminium scrap. At present, the group is operating via three distinct entities, Jain Resource Recycling Private Limited (JRR) which spearheads the pack as the largest producer of recycled lead ingots in India, with an annual production exceeding 150,000 tons.

Jain Recycling Private Limited (JRPL) operates two plants, with Plant -1 emerging as the country’s foremost producer of recycled copper products, generating over 40,000 tons annually. On the other hand, Plant -2 focuses on recycling Polypropylene and Polyvinyl Chloride plastics, churning out more than 12,000 tons of plastic granules per year.

Meanwhile, Jain Green Technologies Private Limited (JGT) specialises in the production of aluminium alloys and stands as one of India’s leading exporters of die-cast aluminium alloy ingots. In addition to this, the group supplies aluminium in molten form to consumer industries.

In the current scenario, they are proud to have an impressive annual scrap recycling capacity exceeding 200 thousand metric tons, translating to an annualised turnover of more than Rs. 4000 crores. Bolstered by a robust sourcing team operating from India and the USA, they aptly meet the increasing scrap demands of its business operations.

With a diverse supplier base spanning over a hundred locations worldwide, the group seamlessly exports its copper, lead, and aluminium products to more than twenty countries across Asia, Europe, and America. What is worth more than a glance is the fact that the refined lead ingots produced by Jain Resource Recycling are recognized as a registered brand by the London Metal Exchange.

Core values and guiding principles

At Jain Metal Group, the ethos stems from a set of core values that define their overall identity and guide their every action. Transparency lies at the heart of their operations, fostering open communication internally and externally. It perfectly lays the foundation for trust and accountability in favour of their business growth.

In their domain, flexibility is of paramount importance that enables them to adapt to change, explore new opportunities, and consistently deliver value to their clients. Their commitment is unwavering – to quality, innovation, sustainability, and the utmost satisfaction of their customers.

Moreover, upholding the highest ethical standards, integrity is the cornerstone of their operations, ensuring honesty and accountability in all of their plans and operations. Altogether, all of these values have been the guiding force behind their trajectory spanning over 7 decades, propelling them to lead the industry at the forefront across Indian geography. By steadfastly adhering to these principles, they not only sustain their legacy but also lay the groundwork for continued success in the recycling and manufacturing sector.

The mantra to success

As per the senior leadership of the company, the mantra that inspires them to stay focused is “Recycling for a Better Earth.” This succinct phrase comprises their sheer pledge to sustainable practices in the realm of metal scraps recycling. It is their profound dedication to contributing positively to the environment by fostering a circular economy and transforming discarded materials into valuable resources.

The USPs

We happened to ask them about the unique selling proposition of the group, to which the ‘trinity’ explained:

1. Pioneering Legacy: With a history dating back to the 1950s, Jain Metal Group boasts a pioneering status in the metal scraps industry, reflecting a legacy of expertise and reliability.

2. Diversified Operations: Operating through three specialised companies, JRR, JRPL, and JGT, the group ensures efficient and compliant processing for various non-ferrous metals, showcasing a diversified and strategic approach.

3. Industry Leadership: The group stands out for its exceptional quality of recycled products, holding a prominent position in India’s recycled lead ingots and copper products production.

4. Technological Advancements: Equipped with stateof-the-art facilities and a focus on technological innovations, the group emphasises automation, advanced machinery, and clean recycling processes, ensuring high-quality products.

5. Global Presence: With an extensive supplier network in over 100 locations globally and a listing on the London Metal Exchange for refined lead ingots, Jain Metal Group is a major exporter to over 20 countries, demonstrating a robust global presence.

6. Environmental Responsibility: In view of minimising carbon and emission footprints through investments in environment control technologies underscores its promise to environmental sustainability.

7. End-to-End Recycling: By ensuring zero landfill impact through comprehensive end-to-end recycling practices, it is emphasising on a holistic approach to waste management.

8. Strategic Expansion The group’s strategic expansion into new recycling avenues, such as plastic recycling, e-waste recycling, and the production of die-cast aluminium alloys, showcases a forward-thinking and adaptable business strategy.

9. Quality Assurance: With ISO certifications across all plants, a focus on quality laboratories, and a commitment to thorough audits, Jain Metal Group ensures stringent quality control, reinforcing its reputation for delivering high-quality recycled products.

10. Forward-Looking Growth Strategies: The group’s forward-looking growth strategies include plans to expand lead ingot production capacity that ventures into copper cathode production, and explore new recycling avenues, reflecting a proactive approach to future industry trends.

Industrial applications

When it comes to defining the industrial applications of their products, the trio of leaders elucidated that alloys are extensively utilised across various industries. JRR is India’s foremost producer of recycled lead ingots which underscores the group’s significant presence in sectors reliant on leadbased products, including automotive and battery manufacturing.

Moreover, JRPL operates two plants—one for the recycled copper products and the other to recycle Polypropylene and Polyvinyl Chloride plastics scraps—showcasing the group’s diverse applications in electrical, electronic, and environmental sustainability sectors.

Furthermore, JGT’s production of aluminium alloys and its status as one of India’s largest exporters of die-cast aluminium alloy ingots further solidify the group’s foothold in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing. Jain Metal Group’s alloys cater to a wide array of industries, reflecting the group’s commitment to meeting diverse industry demands and propelling it towards broader environmental sustainability efforts.

Tech reliance

Like any visionary establishment, Jain Metal Group promotes and emphasises on leveraging unique technologies to minimise environmental impact throughout the recycling process. Their promise to sustainability is reflected in the deployment of cuttingedge solutions and environmentally responsible practices. The major highlights of this vision involves:

• Environment Control Technologies:

The administration invests enormously in advanced environment control technologies across various facilities. All of these technologies are designed to mitigate emissions and carbon footprints.

These steps are focused on ensuring their recycling processes adhere to the highest environmental-friendly standards. With the integration of these solutions, they aim to leave the least possible carbon and emission footprint, aiming at facilitating a greener and more sustainable business approach.

• Automated Scrap Battery Breaker:

All of their facilities consist of an automatic scrap battery breaker, said to be one of the largest battery breakers in the country. This innovation streamlines the recycling of batteries, enhancing efficiency and reducing the environmental impact in sync with conventional processes.

• Clean Recycling with Minimum Emission:

In their oath to a greener world, the clean recycling practices with a focus on minimal emissions is their foremost priority. The entire recycling journey, from collection to processing, is led by their commitment to achieving maximum efficiency while reducing any kind of strain to the environment. In this direction, their plants are known to deploy the best available technology to ensure clean recycling processes.

Fostering an employee-centric culture The most globally reckoned businesses always prioritise employee growth and development driven by various initiatives. The biggest tool they have for this is training and development programs that are common investments to enhance skills and knowledge, encompassing on-the-job and external opportunities.

But apart from this, Jain Metal Group offers clear career path planning, including performance goals and mentorship, to guide employees on their growth trajectory within the organisation. Moreover, education assistance programs demonstrate commitment to long-term growth by supporting further education or professional certifications.

Internal promotions foster a culture of advancement, while regular performance reviews provide feedback and goal setting. Skill development workshops empower employees to enhance capabilities, while leadership development programs identify and nurture potential leaders.

Recognition and rewards, alongside employee development budgets for conferences and education, further underscore the organisation’s investment in employee growth. For specific initiatives at Jain Metal Group, referring to official communication channels or HR policies is recommended.

As per the leaders, “Ensuring equal opportunity employment, Jain Metal Group bases all hiring and promotion decisions on merit and skills, promoting fairness regardless of background. They implement diverse recruitment strategies, reaching out to underrepresented groups and utilising diverse hiring panels to attract a varied talent pool.

Inclusive policies, including flexible work arrangements and parental leave, foster an environment of inclusion. Providing diversity training and establishing employee resource groups, they raise awareness and offer support for diverse needs.

Demonstrating leadership commitment, they set diversity goals and promote accountability across all levels. These initiatives enhance workplace culture by encouraging innovation, increasing employee engagement, improving problem-solving abilities, promoting cultural competence, attracting and retaining talent, and bolstering their positive reputation in the industry.”

Futuristic goals

The metal recycling and manufacturing industry is known for its dynamic nature. And to navigate the wave of change, Jain Metal Group has prepared a roadmap that would propel it to set new standards in the space.

At first, they are focused on expansion and growth based on strategies aimed at increasing production capacities and diversifying the range of metals recycled. This entails exploring new markets, implementing innovative recycling processes, and expanding the portfolio of recycled materials.

Additionally, the group is committed to continuous investment in advanced technologies and automation to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact. They aim to diversify into emerging sectors related to sustainability, such as recycling materials from electric vehicle batteries and developing eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Strengthening their global leadership position remains a priority, achieved through increased presence in international markets and maintaining a positive reputation on the global stage. Environmental sustainability is paramount, with a focus on reducing carbon footprints, achieving zero landfill impact, and adhering to international standards for environmental responsibility.

Moreover, the group emphasises employee development initiatives to ensure a skilled and motivated workforce, while fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability to navigate market changes effectively.

The proud accomplishments

Throughout its years of inspirational business journey, Jain Metal Group has marked a growth that is bestowed only upon very few business ventures. Some of the noteworthy achievements include:

1. All the plants of the group are ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 certified.
2. The Aluminium plant (JGT) is also ISO 14021 certified.
3. Aluminum ingots are BIS certified.
4. Refined lead ingots produced by Jain Resource Recycling is registered as a brand by London Metal Exchange.
5. Jain Resource Recycling Private Limited has received a recognition as one of the “Fastest Growing Company of The Year in Metal” last year from MSME Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India.
6. Jain Recycling Private Limited has received a recognition as “Industry Leadership Award: Scrap & Recycling” last year from MSME Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India.
7. “Non-Ferrous Best Performance Award – 2022-2023” was awarded to Jain Resource Recycling Private Limited by The Indian Institute of Metals.

Parting words by the luminaries

At Jain Metal Group, we extend our sincere gratitude for your interest and support. Our journey spans over 70 years, dedicated to the responsible recycling and manufacturing of nonferrous metals. We strive to uphold the highest standards of quality, innovation, and sustainability.

As we forge ahead, embracing cutting-edge technologies and diversifying our operations, we remain committed to environmental responsibility, employee well-being, and contributing to a better world. Your trust fuels our passion for excellence. Join us on this journey toward a greener and more sustainable future. Together, let’s continue to recycle for a better Earth.

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