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JAYMAC®, A Brand of Excellence in Bar Bending and Cutting Machinery

Company Of The Year 2024

JAYPEE®, a name that perfectly resonates with quality, innovation, and reliability, has always focused on introducing cutting-edge technologies that add an innovative approach to construction equipment solution. With 42 years of expertise, JAYPEE® has successfully established itself as the pioneer in the production, distribution, and export of highquality construction equipment, delivering superior solutions with diverse offerings, challenging projects, and impressive clientele.

JAYPEE®’s bedrock was laid back in 1982. Since then, there has been no turning back for the organisation. It has become the largest manufacturer of construction machinery in India. With its R&D and production unit situated in Kolkata, JAYPEE® aims to emerge as a single-point solution provider in the infrastructure domain and foster economic growth in the Indian and global sector.

A pioneering OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) with ISO certifications, JAYPEE® under the visionary leadership of Managing Director Mr, Kumar Mangalam Mehta, stands out for its customer-driven services, providing adequate support to customers’ concerns by sharing their responsibility. The expertise and insight of the visionary leader in this realm helped the team understand how the OEMs’ function. Additionally, his guidance has not only benefited the growth of the organization but also has given employees a boost in their personal growth.

Driven by core values of integrity, quality, safety, and environmental care, JAYPEE®’s dedicated team of dynamic, qualified professionals create the best engineering solution that meet client expectations. They establish mutually respectful and trusting long-term successful partnerships with their clientele.

The Renowned Brands under JAYPEE INDIA LIMITED:

JAYMAC® is the best-known brand in bar bending and cutting equipment, offering a wide range of products as reinforcement solutions Because of its optimum product.

JAYPEE®, the largest manufacturer of construction machinery in India, has established itself as the market leader in the production of Rebar Processing Equipment like Bar Bending Machine, Bar Cutting Machine, Bar De-coiling and Straightening Machine, Digital Bending & Radius Bending Machine, U-bending machine and shearing line.

Additionally, they also manufacture Batch Mix Plant, Concrete Mixer, Walk-Behind Vibratory Roller, Passenger & Material Hoist, Suspended Platform Hoist, etc. Since its inception in 1982, the company has been growing with its technical expertise, professional approach, and commercial integrity.

WINGET® is among the most reputable brands in India. It is synonymous with top-notch manufacturing equipment. The brand is also associated with superior post-purchase support. WINGET®’s ergonomic control interface is constantly upgraded through innovation to optimize comfort, efficiency and safety for the user. Known to act as catalyst, for increasing productivity these equipment helps reduce menial labour dependency. Through its meticulous design this brand has proven itself to be the pinnacle of reinforcement solutions.

JAYMAC®: A Pioneer in Bar Bending & Cutting Machinery

With over four decades of stead-fast dedication, JAYMAC® has been a pioneer in the field of manufacturing bar-bending and cutting equipment. Their rebar processing solution consists of an array of Rebar Bending & Shearing Machines, Digital Bar Bending Machines, De-coiling & Straightening Equipment, Stirrup Bending Machine and lastly Radius & U-Bending Machines. They are engineered to tackle TMT bars of diverse sizes and thicknesses that are put to myriad uses.

The perfect shaping and cutting of steel rebars play a significant role in finishing any project on the estimated timeline, ensuring its structural integrity. The bar-cutting machine is widely used in the construction industry. It is because they are built to tailor, reinforced steel bars to predefined lengths, as per specifications.

JAYMAC®’s flagship bar-cutting machine often termed a bar shearing machine, as the name suggest, can shear a variety of re-bars that are of different thicknesses. They are typically used in the construction of buildings, bridges, and other structures where steel reinforcement bars are the primary ingredients of construction.

They are often seen to work conjointly with JAYMAC® radius bending & bar bending machines in the construction of pillars, columns, and other types of fortified structures. U-bending machines facilitates easier transport of such ingredients of construction. TMT rods come in a variety of sizes and configurations, & JAYMAC®’s rebar processing solution, streamlines the process of shaping and supporting the structural integrity of buildings and expedite the overall pace of infrastructure projects.

Benefits of JAYMAC® Bar-Cutting Machine:

• Highly precise shear with smooth edges
• Ergonomic controls interface
• Enhanced safety features for operators with minimal training
• Heat-treated and hardened cutting blade for longevityAdjustable cams also called jig locators facilitate the cutting of TMT bars of varied diameters.
• Easy to maintain with readily available spares

Benefits of JAYMAC® Bar-Bending Machine:

• Easy to operate and comes with an array of bending pins.
• Before leaving the facility, it undergoes quality and endurance checks to ensure it meets all mandatory quality parameters.
• Robustly built to withstand treacherous climatic conditions as well as unfavorable construction environment.
• An oil-bathed gear box with hardened forged alloy gears provide maximum strength, with the foot peddle enhancing the ease of operability

Key Differentiators: Why JAYMAC® Cutting & Bending Machines are the best? JAYMAC® Bar Cutting & Bending Machine are the pinnacle of technological excellence, with advanced features & innovative cutting-edge-technology. Furthermore, it provides the utmost comfort to the users with seamless operability.

Built with an emphasis on precision & efficiency, these machines empower businesses to achieve their construction goals with excellence. JAYMAC® shearing machines are excellent because their blades undergo stringent quality tests before shipment. Similarly, JAYMAC® bending machines too, are easy to operate and come with an array of bending pins, all of which undergo rigorous stress fatigue tests before they leave our facility.

Salient features of JAYMAC® Re-Bar Processing Equipment:

• Durable & Affordable
• Optimum Quality
• Better Productivity
• Reduction in Production Cost
• Versatility
• Availability of spares
• Efficient Servicemen on standby

JAYMAC®’s Re-Bar Processing Equipment: At a Glance

• Bar Bending Machine
• Bar Shearing Machine
• Bar De-Coiling & Straightening Machine
• Radius Bending Machine
• Stirrup Bending Machine
• U-Bending Machine

In the realm of construction equipment manufacturing, JAYPEE® proudly distinguishes itself by offering superior reinforcement solution. Quality, Safety & Environmental care are the three fundamental principles that form the foundation of the brand. The stellar repute has never been a result of chance, nor was it an overnight occurrence. It reflects the ingenuity, dedication, and the might to take on challenging projects.

In an exclusive interview over a cup of coffee, teeming with energy and a pride-filled conjecture towards the future, we talked business up close with the Managing Director of JAYPEE INDIA LIMITED, Mr. Kumar Mangalam Mehta. We are told, that the key to their global excellence lies in the bold commitment to Quality, R&D, & Service. Decades of consistency have made JAYPEE® the frontrunner in the construction realm.

Their customer-centric philosophy has earned them a stellar repute. It originates from the visionary leadership and the rich Legacy which has remained for years & will be remembered in the years to come. JAYPEE®’s flagship equipment embodies all the best practices adopted in the industry and its prominence among other manufacturers are not merely a result of chance, but a product of unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

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