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Thinking of selling your home for which you are looking for a real estate expert, then Jeff Cook Real Estate is the right option for you in South Carolina. After meditating on one’s requirements, real estate agents at Jeff Cook Real Estate with commendable expertise in negotiation skills provide the best options to you for buying and selling a house.

Jeff was laid off from Corporate America whilst working within a structure that did not reward or support top producing salespeople. Essentially, he was so good that they couldn’t afford to keep him. After witnessing the negative effects of this, Jeff began to work as an independent agent in real estate, with a goal of opening his own small business where people could thrive in a safe and goal-oriented company and can be rewarded for their honesty and hard work. Shortly, after entering real estate, Jeff began to establish a team and created Jeff Cook Real Estate. Along with Jeff, two other agents and an assistant is now a thriving real estate company, consisting of more than one hundred agents and over thirty staff members in numerous locations across South Carolina.

At Jeff Cook Real Estate, they assist families, which require a home buying and selling expert by their side. Their local real estate experts can simplify the entire process from beginning to end. They have been quickly expanding across the state of South Carolina and have opened up their most recent office in Rock Hill, South Carolina. With over 150 real estate agents across South Carolina, Jeff Cook Real Estate has become a household name for local real estate needs.


The clientele entails a wide spectrum of clients within Jeff Cook Enterprises; whether it’s a first time home buyer, sellers looking to relocate, or empty nesters ready to downsize for retirement. They have found a way to assist home buyers and sellers in every situation imaginable. Jeff C says,When we find a situation that is difficult, we create a solution to help them. One example of this is our new program Jeff Cook Offers.” This is a program for distressed homeowners and homebuyers that are not yet mortgage eligible. Another company and service they provide under Jeff Cook Enterprises is a property management company called Rent Holy City. By offering a variety of different programs and options to their clients, they can better serve their needs.


Boastfully, the CEO says, As leaders within the real estate world, we pride ourselves in not only being at the forefront of the new trends but simultaneously trailblazing new ideas within the industry. In an effort to be flexible with the ever-changing scene of real estate, without resisting changes in the market and industry, they embrace and adapt them so that their agents can grow and thrive. One way they plan to innovate their industry is by restructuring in a way the agents can feel more empowered. They will be teaching their agents the tricks of the trade, so that they can positively highlight their business and encourage a team of their own.

By constantly pushing to improve and change the way Jeff Cook Real Estate does business, the shifts in technology play a pivotal role. They are always looking for the next best thing and the most efficient way to get the job done. He states, “We do not fear change, we grow alongside the trends and work harmoniously with it.” One of Jeff Cook’s core beliefs as a company is that they must remain firm on the vision, but flexible in the process. One of their new visions is to empower agents in a way they never have before. Beginning in 2020, our agents will have the opportunity to learn the tips and tricks of marketing and operating their business all while leading a team of their own. At Jeff Cook Real Estate, they enjoy leading their industry with new and innovative ways to change the real estate game.


Each person who works within this organization knows that their base level of work is not just okay, it’s outstanding. Creating the norm of outstanding service for both those inside and outside the company, it keeps their employees, agents, and clients elated. The mantra is that being content is not enough because if they are content then they are not going to search for something better. The employees and agents in their company ought to be raving fans of their company and have a great work ethic whilst maintaining balance.Take one step into our office and you will see; we value our team members. Our yearly calendar is filled with events and Happy Hours to bring us all closer together. Our team doesn’t just feel like coworkers turned friends, they feel like family. We implement a positive culture in everything we do and we strive to lift one another up and keep improving constantly.” ~Jeff Cook

Team members cherish and celebrate each moment religiously, which builds an atmosphere of togetherness. Weekly, they have a chiropractor in the office servicing their hard-working employees, celebratory lunches and parties in the office, and of course ringing the bell when a home is purchased or another win has happened. They encourage competitions throughout the year including internal, office vs. office, quarterly, and yearly competitions that keep agents and employees focused and driven. Jeff with a smile on face remarks, “We believe that competition helps us stay engaged and sharp with a goal in mind.”

Jeff Cook Real Estate walks on the strong values and principles, which truly resonates with the core of what our company is and who we hire. Jeff says, “We know that in order to stay focused on our mission and vision we must live by our core values. This holds true both personally and professionally.” Below is a list of the company’s core values, created by the current existing employees.  By being a part of creating these, it has helped their leadership embody what this means. These are posted at every desk and displayed prominently within each office location.

  • CRUSH IT: We are committed to excellence and embrace change.
  • COMMUNICATION: We seek to understand and communicate clearly.
  • RESPECT: We respect the thoughts and time of those around us.
  • INTEGRITY: We always choose to do the right thing and operate professionally.
  •  LEADERSHIP: We seek to edify, motivate and inspire others.
  •  HUMBLE: We are grateful and check our egos at the door.
  •  OWN IT: We seek solutions and are accountable for our actions.
  •  WELL-BALANCED: With our commitments and our temperaments.
  •  PROACTIVE: We innovate and constantly improve.
  • UNITED: We have fun, encourage and celebrate the journey TOGETHER.


“When you hit struggles and obstacles you can either let it stop you or let it teach you a lesson and grow from it. I’ve built Jeff Cook Real Estate on the lessons I’ve learned from the past.

By focusing intensely on our values and continuing to develop and grow our leadership, we have had the opportunities to grow in ways we never imagined. The first major real estate market downturn hit our budding business hard. So hard, in fact, that I was taking out additional mortgages and living off ramen noodles so that I could pay my small staff. Yes, that time was incredibly trying, but the lessons I learned from that have helped me insulate and protect our business so that when there is another market downturn, we will not only be able to survive but thrive. We are very excited about our new company structure as it will be one of our newest tools to empower both our leadership team and our agents to thrive in the real estate business for many years to come in any market.”


As the CEO, it is Jeff’s prime responsibility to cast a vision for the future and do so effectively. In order to move the company in the right direction and ensure that each department knows where they are going, they often bring managers and department heads into collaboration meetings. It is his job to make sure everyone in the company feels like they are progressing and staying abreast of the cutting edge of their industry and that’s a great example of how accountable each individual is for their work. Jeff Cook says, “Since my priority is the big picture and long-term, I keep my nose out of the details and empower my leadership team to lead with confidence, knowing that I trust them to make the right decisions for our company. “


Jeff is the top-notch Residential Real Estate Agent in South Carolina. His company is also ranked 10th among all other real estate teams in the nation. In the past three years, Jeff has increased his sales by 150% and he plans to aggressively continue with the company’s growth. In 2015, Jeff opened his own brokerage, making Jeff Cook Real Estate an independent agency. He also launched Titan Home Buyers in 2015, a sister company of Jeff Cook Real Estate. Titan helps people in distressed situations who are not able to sell their homes through traditional real estate methods. In 2016, he launched Rent Holy City, a full-service property management company. Rent Holy City is tailored to maximize the return for landlords and investors. In 2019, Jeff Cook Real Estate was named South Carolina’s Top Place to Work! In 2018 and 2019, Jeff and the team received the coveted ‘Top 25 fastest growing companies in SC’ of all industries and Jeff personally received the ‘Top 40 most influential person under 40 years old category. 


Jeff Cook’s main priority is continuing to grow throughout the Carolinas. Its new office has recently opened in Rock Hill, South Carolina and they can’t wait to begin servicing the families near the Charlotte area. They are also excited to introduce a new company structure that has been in the works for several months now. Their agents will have the opportunity to learn from their leadership team how to make their business grow and flourish. They want to help agents learn to create and grow their own teams under their leadership so that they can have the success they desire for themselves.It is better to learn from someone who has successfully grown the number one team in South Carolina and the number ten team in the nation. Our model is that when our agents have success, the brokerage has success and we don’t want to limit our agents to do that in any way. We haven’t seen any other agencies tackle this method before and we can’t wait to redefine real estate once again. ”Jeff Cook 

In the coming year, they are planning to open a new company structure in real estate, which has never seen before. The agents will become the Powerhouse leaders learning from the experts in their management team and have the opportunity to create teams of their own.


At Jeff Cook Real Estate, they believe in supporting the community that you’re in. The Jeff Cook Cares program supports a wide variety of causes. They created an initiative to give back 1% of each home as they sell. Because of the funds brought in through a 1% initiative, they have been able to give back $334,472 to their community since they launched this program in 2015. In an effort to give back to children in need, they have recycled their vinyl billboards to create backpacks for title one schools. Each time you purchase a backpack, Jeff Cook Cares will match your donation and give a backpack filled with supplies for a child in the community.

During the holiday season, they keep an eye out for families in need and work to offer them a Christmas surprise they’ll never forget. They have partnered with The Fuller Center for their  Buy a Home and Give a Home program to help in raising the money to build housing for families in need. By participating in this program, they are helping in building homes for families not only in the local community but also in underprivileged communities in other countries. Their goal is to pay for and build seven homes in 2020 for these families. The company comes together to support the community and give back to those families who have supported them throughout the years and it’s something all of them are very proud of.


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