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Jewellery and the art of making it has a long and storied history. It has been passed down the years via a traditional model from master to apprentice. But there has been a radical shift in the tradition due to digitalization. With innovations on the horizon, the jewellery industry is adapting to latest technological breakthroughs that have also revolutionized other industries. With the emergence of digital transformation, where do aspiring jewelers and jewelry designers learn their craft today? Introducing JewelShala, a visionary startup training platform for the Jewelers and Jewellery Designers of tomorrow.

We recently interviewed JewelShala’s founder, Ms. Priyanka Narnolia. She is an Edupreneur and Jewellery designer, striving to set a future- proof benchmark for Jewelers and jewelry enthusiasts. During our discussion, she took us through the pivotal stages of her journey and how JewelShala has evolved in its purpose to new heights. Her ambition for her brainchild has earned it a spot in our captivating edition, “20 Most Promising Startups to Watch  in 2022.”

While being successful is a common goal, it takes a visionary to be successful significantly. Ms. Priyanka did hern Masters in Fashion and Lifestyle- Accessory Design, specializing in Jewelry Design. But the curriculum differed greatly from what the industry demanded. Indian jewellery differs from the western genre in terms of design and appeal. Indian patterns have a royal elegance. Western jewellery is delicate and exotic. Its simple form is refreshing and offers anyone a polished look. Despite being new to the industry, she knew her Strengths and Limitations and undertook industry-wide research to better grasp the underlying demands.

Identifying the General mindset of people she also added there is a lack of awareness among Indians about Jewellery Designing being an Actual Career. To make a note, Indian Gems and Jewellery sector stands the Largest contributor of around 29% to the Global Jewellery Consumption, we definitely need right talents to be able maintain the Demand Supply chain.

Looking at the current gap in the supply channel of skilled talents, the industry urgently needs to onboard talents who can take charge of upcoming opportunities. Also, With so much unemployment and Financial constraints, potential talents should have a chance to receive professional trainings, polish their skills and improve their lifestyle. With the onset of Covid 19 people became more open to exploring digital world, trusting and building relation out of their regional limitations & upskilling themselves for better career opportunities.

Besides knowledge, she identified that there was a lack of understanding of the market needs. People preferred gold jewellery with heavy embellishments until the last decade, when elegant designs largely supplanted them. With the change in designs, it has become more than just a sustainable investment option. Ornaments have become a daily use apparel instead of an occasional necessity. However, the market didn’t have the mounting creative Designers required to meet the Demands.

Ms. Priyanka wanted to address these gaps. She believed that the craft behind the various styles demanded a tailored training model. This planted the idea of an integrated platform that upskills Jewellery Enthusiasts and Jewellery businesses through Bespoke Guidance. With a clear purpose, she founded JewelShala. Within a few months, JewelShala attracted a lot of attention. It evolved into an Ecosystem where people could connect and empower one another. Most significantly, it allowed housewives and newlywed women who could not step out and work to find fulfillment and financial freedom. As India’s FIRST and FASTEST- growing jewellery E-Learning portal, it also hosts a Community of Designers and Jewellers to bridge the Employment gap.

JewelShala is dedicated to transforming individuals into complete designers, whether they are Jewellers or Jewellery Enthusiasts. Taking that into account, it offers 4 types of courses, namely CAD design, Conceptual Jewellery Design, CorelDraw Jewellery Design and Jewellery Merchandising. The courses focus on dramatic industrial shifts and fulfilling client expectations.

The courses cover all there is to know about Jewellery Design, including the Design Process, Sketching, Gemstone Rendering, Standard Jewellery Sizes & Measurements, Jewellery Mechanisms, Jewellery Fabrication Practices, Orthographic Views, and more. Learners will also gain hands-on experience with practical applications of 3D CAD Modelling.

While the courses have a lot to offer, they are Reasonably Priced so that people from all walks of life can enrol. It’s promoting and encouraging a niche vertical that has huge potential to drive large-scale creative impact. Because JewelShala aims to empower businesses, it offers a hands-free approach to jewellery management and tactics for establishing a Jewellery brand as a merchandiser. The courses primarily complement Priyanka’s in-depth market research and education in jewellery design. “We are constantly learning and innovating to shape the Jewellers of tomorrow,” asserts Priyanka proudly.

E-Learning has been one of the critical breakthroughs that have erupted since COVID-19. Not only has it helped in keeping businesses afloat, but it has set a paradigm for learning and development. Likewise, COVID-19 has been a steppingstone for JewelShala. People’s trust in E-Services grew during this time, and JewelShala received a major boost. They covered extensive geographical boundaries and onboarded talented faculties. “Although our team is dispersed across India, our unfettered collaboration ensures trust and integrity at all levels,” says Priyanka. They cover prominent metros like Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Banglore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, as well as neighbouring geographies like Pakistan.

The primary vision behind JewelShala was to break new grounds in training Jewellers and Designers. But gradually, it also became a mission to Empower Women. The founder claims that during COVID-19, they helped many women in empowering themselves, by providing them with right trainings and employment opportunities. These facts indicate the hues of a wise leader. Priyanka’s career has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. Her idea was born from a vision and the knowledge she gained during her studies. In the beginning, It was challenging to find & onboard the correct personnel into the team.

It was also tough to invest and handle money without any support. But her insatiable thirst to see her vision fulfilled kept her moving forward. She understood the tenacity that comes with being passionate. However, she believes in dealing and leading with empathy. She also feels a leader should ensure that his or her team members enjoy a healthy lifestyle so that they can be their best selves.

“The harder you work for something, the greater you will feel when you achieve it.” The adage perfectly syncs with Priyanka’s endearing journey. She started the journey alone and it is admirable how her concept has thrived. Her vision to address the sector’s skills gap has resulted in the Upskilling of 500+ Designers and Jewellers. It’s ultimately boosting industrial growth while ensuring a positive impact on the economy. Long story short, JewelShala is driving a critical transformation in the jewellery market.

With a limited team, they have created new products, upskilled people, and received much positive feedback. They have also launched their own app, “JewelShala,” without any inorganic investments and an educational engagement community called INFINITY for Jewellery Enthusiasts through which learners can connect & gain access to special Learning Content curated by JewelShala for FREE. The jewellery industry still has many untapped areas which Priyanka wishes to explore. She and her team are planning products that could create better opportunities for learners. We wish them greater success in transforming dreams into successful realities.

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