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Bengaluru Bites: A culinary journey through the streets of Bangalore

Bengaluru Bites: A culinary journey through the streets of Bangalore

The simplicity and awesomeness of Indian food, especially the one belonging to the south region, is a talk of high flavour expectations. Culinary experts around the world know about the greatness of Indian food and the spices or herbs used in it. Owing to the land of exponential harvest, our country nowhere lies behind putting up its excellence. If you are a food lover and have a keen desire to taste the delectable and yummy cuisines of Bangalore, rent a bike in Bangalore to freely roam around and savour the delicious cuisines of Bangalore.

South Indian food is curated with utmost diligence and high taste. Taste refers to the flavours of the ingredients used in cooking a dish rather than the taste of spices only. There are a number of mouth-watering refreshments that Bangalore has under its offerings, like – masala dosa, Mysore Pak, Idli vada, chutneys, etc. All these items are the best street food. Besides this, pav bhaji, chaat and kachori are very popular in Bangalore. Bangalore is famous for its distinctive street food.

You will certainly fall in love once you take the scrumptious and savoury meals in Bangalore. The tangy chaats and crispy dosas are some of the cuisines on which we embark on a culinary journey through the best places for street food in Bangalore. There are some eminent spots for a taste of local cuisine.

Loafers Lane:

The most renowned and special Mexican chaat, Bombay Sandwich, bite-sized cupcakes and momos are available in Loafers Lane. It is one of the eminent food streets. There are all types of delectable cuisines that satisfy the hunger of tourists.

Thindi Beedi:

It is located in VV Puram, Bangalore. It is one of the top-notch culinary places, which is renowned for its Thindi Beedi, which means Eat Street. The mouth-watering and finger-licking cuisines like paddus and curd, roti and Avarekai are available in Thindi Beedi.

24-inch Parantha (Mooch Marod):

This place is different and unique for its special Parantha, which is 24 inches stuffed with butter, yoghurt, cauliflower and green chutney. If you want to win the award, there is a competition in which you have to eat two paranthas in just 30 minutes, on completion of which you can win a prize. This place is located at 466, first floor, 17th G main road, 6th block, Koramangala, Bangalore.

Nandani bus stop (Bamboo Basket, Chiblu, Idli):

It is located in Panchadeep Colony Nandani layout. This shop is eminent for its special child idli, which is offered by a talented lady. The Idli is so flavorful that people come here from far and wide to taste it. The place is crowded at most of the hours of the day. People savouring the taste of this woman’s art praises her cooking skills a lot.

Hotel Shiva Prasad Tiffin Centre:

This place is known for its South Indian cuisines like Idli, vada, sambhar, coconut chutney and chole bhature. All these items are served on banana leaves, which are eco-friendly and environment-free. This combo platter is amazing and palatable. It is located in Sunkenahalli, Hanumanthnagar, Bangalore.

Food truck parks:

It is situated near Cubbon Park. Here, you can find local street food like tasty paranthas, dosas and many other South Indian refreshments. You will never be in despair once you visit this place.

Food court at Mall:

All types of cuisines are available here, whether it is Indian, Chinese, or Italian. The Tangi and savoury chaats are finger-licking. These food places provide a comfortable and nice environment. Dosas and cheesy pizzas are more popular here. It is located in Whitefield, Phoenix Market City.

  • A food street in Rajaji Nagar: If you like tangy and toothsome cuisines like samosas and kachoris, this place is suitable for you. The chaats and Appam are delectable. All types of palatable dishes are served here.
  • Malleswaram 18th Cross Street: This place is renowned for its Maddur vada, Kodubale, Obbattu, sweet flatbread, etc. All these items are traditional Karnataka cuisines. The sugar cane juice is also served here, which will quench your thirst. All these cuisines are yummy and sapid. When you visit, you will be pleased a lot.
  • Russel Market: It is one of the best street food places where you get tangy chaats. The place is always bustling with crowds whenever you visit here. You can never get monotonous vibes here. The fulfilling sandwiches are awesome when you taste them.
  • VV Puram Food Street: It is located in Vishweshwarapura, Bangalore. This food street allures food lovers. They offer palatable Idli, dosa, sapid vada pav, savoury gobi padded and yummy chitranna. This place is well known for authentic South Indian Street food.
  • Brahmana Bhojana: It is located at the BDA complex, Banashankari Stage II, Bangalore. If you are spiritual and want vegetarian food, this place is perfect for you. The Brahmana Bhojana provides poha, jeera rice, corn soup, and mango rabdi. All these items are scrumptious and savory; you will enjoy them a lot when you visit this place. The food here is served in banana leaves. The motto behind this practice of serving banana leaves is that the environment should not get polluted, and eco-friendly techniques for saving nature should be well implemented.


Not a fascination but a passion for food can make you live a vibrant lifestyle. While being in a culinary excellence state, one should definitely spend some time visiting and tasting the culinary expertise of it. No matter where you belong or what you look like, food served in the city is offered with the same thirst for perfection and flavors as it is offered to the locals of Bangalore. The city can be termed as the effigy of great South Indian food and excellent culture. When you are in Bangalore the next time, surely give some of these places a visit and let us know your experience of selecting such awesome dishes.

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