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“One picture equals a thousand words.” With 3D Animation, K P InfoTech is taking this proverb further. It is helping its clients paint a moving, communicating picture through animation. In this era of digitization, it has become vital for businesses to communicate their ideas as innovatively and effectively as possible. In the fields of Digital Branding, Architecture Design, Automobile Design, Machines, Plants and Processes especially, 3D Animation Walkthrough provides the clients with a detailed conception of the products and their workings, which was next to impossible in the earlier days.


K P InfoTech, founded in the year 2000, has nearly two decades of experience in 3D Animation and Digital Marketing Services and is based in Mumbai, India. Keeping a close eye on market trends, the company has diversified its business into three different verticals: i.e. Content Studio, Digital Media Agency, and Skill Development Centre.

K P InfoTech is active in the European marketplace, along with having established a presence in the Indian market. The company has so far served numerous MNCs and Indian companies by developing Animated Video Content like YouTube Teasers, Product or Services Profile, Employee Training Video, Company Profile, etc. Their video content helped the clients acquire substantial digital media potential and promote their business in any geographical location across the world.

The CEO of K P InfoTech, Mr. Khanjan Khambhaita, is certified by GIZ as “Fit for Partnership with Germany” under the Manager Training Program of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. The company also provides consultancy services to corporate and SMEs to help them strategize for further success. K P InfoTech has served almost every vertical including e-commerce, jewelry, engineering, pharma, FMCG, food processing, furniture, architecture, and tourism.

As per CEO Mr. Khanjan Khambhaita, the key to the progress of a company lies in market research. To understand future market growth, continuous research on market trends and consumer behavior is essential. The research can further help in developing market-ready products and services.


3D Animation is the most effective way of mass communication these days. It not only gives a degree of creative freedom, it also works to express certain ideas effectively, that cannot always be shot or described easily. Animation can be used to explain internal processes of machinery, which would not be possible to shoot or describe in words. This approach by K P InfoTech helped their client a lot during exhibitions, sanctioning valuable orders of that machinery.

The reason behind starting a dedicated animation studio was to help the clients in making better advertorial content for their products and services. It helps them in YouTube and social media promotions effectively. Another unique selling proposition of K P InfoTech is their prioritization of Content Security. They have secure log systems over the content and no content can be copied either in a drive or in email to any third party or even themselves by the employees.


Mr. Khanjan Khambhaita started K P InfoTech with a three-people team in the year 2000, after his graduation. The company that began with three chairs in a 100 sq. ft. room has now international clients. In their earlier days, the members used to take two cups of tea among four people to save money on daily expenses, which is now just a fond memory after years on the road to success.

With their determination to work hard and dedication to delivering projects on time, they gained their clients’ confidence in the company and made them associated with K P InfoTech for long-term projects. The company has progressed to have a dedicated team of thirty-eight professionals who have successfully delivered more than 2,000 projects across the globe till date. This helped K P InfoTech to become leaders in the field of Animation and Digital Marketing Service in India as well as in the overseas market.

In the field of Animation and Digital Media, the trends change on a daily basis. To keep up with the latest updates, Mr. Khambhaita and his team sit together and find out the new updates. They make it a priority to keep learning the newer developments so they can deliver projects with the latest technology to the clients.

“Learn, learn and learn: that’s the formula for sustainability in today’s digital world.” To cite an example, the Look a Like Campaign introduced by Facebook recently, helped companies target their clients on the basis of their databank. The team at K P InfoTech learned the Look a Like strategy in just one week and started helping their clients in promoting their businesses on Facebook through the same. They managed to complete an entire project, from scratch to end, in just seven days!


With their experience and combined insights in the field of animation, the team at K P InfoTech plans to expand its clientele and make them aware of the pros of the animation technology. With animated content providing a detailed summary of products and services of a company all across social media, the customers would be more liable to make decisions in the company’s favor, raising the chances of their success exponentially.

Not only does K P InfoTech assist clients in gaining success through their varied services, they also extend a helping hand to give back to the society by being associated with an NGO, which is working for Child Education. K P InfoTech has developed 3D Animation Walkthrough Project for the Indian Embassy based in Germany and now plans to increase its presence in the USA in the next five years.

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