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An exemplary brainchild of Kamaljeet Kaur: Rendering ingenious waste management solutions

Today, the surging population has resulted in the overproduction of waste that is adversely affecting the environment. It is the need of the hour to come up with ingeniously sustainable solutions for waste management. Many big enterprises are making significant offerings by providing products that can convert biodegradable waste into beneficial manure by the process of composting. But still, we need to come up with better tools to deal with the human-generated waste that is disastrously polluting the Earth.

A pioneer, Kamaljeet Kaur, was struck by the realization of the need to curtail the amount of produced waste to prevent the harmful effects on the environment. With the passionate drive to prove her fortes for producing innovative waste management solutions, she incorporated Kamal Green Composters- a manufacturing company of the compositing machines.

Kamal Green Composters is the key manufacturer of the composting machine in which, any kind of biodegradable waste can be converted into manure within 24 hours only. This process is absolutely automatic and no bio culture is used for the decomposition of the waste to make the compost. With the mission to manage the solid biodegradable waste in an effective and beneficial way, the Company has pioneered the domain with its exemplary Waste Managing Machine. It is coming up ahead with a number of variants in the machines for Industrial, Domestic, Commercial purposes, etc.

Kamaljeet Kaur, the Managing Director, commenced this business venture with the motive to manage the green waste in the more productive and effective ways. The exemplary women entrepreneur has acknowledged the need for managing solid waste with efficient techniques to reduce the amount of solid waste that is hard to
manage. According to her, managing agricultural waste is quite a distressing task in terms of the environment. For dealing with this issue, her team is striving to collect that waste from the farmers and return them with fertile manure that can bestow them with fertile compost to grow healthier crops.

The motto with which Kamaljeet is leading her organisation is ‘It’s the payback time, let’s give it back to nature’. She elucidates that apart from providing good quality manure to the farmers, her endeavours are inclined towards dealing with the landfill problem that is the prime reason for the soil pollution and many other environmental issues. In New Delhi, India’s tallest rubbish mountain is the proven example of the human inefficiency to manage the surging amount of solid waste. And, to make a significant contribution in reducing the amount of waste from being dumped in the landfills or the garbage mountains, Kamal Green Composters has come up with a unique solution.

Kamaljeet accentuates the fact that there are numerous service providers in this domain, offering the machines for manure formation. As the work station is headquartered in Ludhiana, Punjab, the targeted customers are from this region of the country, where only the distributors are offering the machines for sale. But, Kamal Green Composters is making a difference in the relevant domain by being the sole manufacturers of the composter machine.

Their endeavours are absolutely focussed on reducing the amount of solid waste from the ground level only, to prevent any further addition to the huge pile of garbage in different regions of the country. Kamaljeet states that green waste can be utilized in numerous ways, such as to make bio enzymes, room fresheners, floor cleaners, natural detergents, etc. Her efforts are aligned towards utilizing the waste in the most sustainable way that can benefit the society as well as the environment also.

Kamaljeet is also associated with the organisation- ‘Sahkar Bharti’, where she is training the women associates with the ‘pit and pot’ compost making procedure. This method can be utilized to make the manure from the animal faeces even without the required machine. Her initiatives have served as a beacon in empowering the women from the ground level.

Kamaljeet is an avid reader and fond of writing poetry. Her interest in reading and writing stimulated her to attain a Bachelor’s Degree in Reflexology, after her marriage only. Being married for over 22 years, she dedicated a significant portion of her life to her family. But, as her children grew up and forged ahead to pursue higher education, she felt the need for doing something of her own. As her family members became busy with their pursuits for a brighter future, she pondered over the possibilities of serving the society in her spare time.

Soon, she became a volunteer for the WOW organisation where the Chairperson, Jatinder Pal Singh has infused the philosophy-Sow the seed of unwavering faith in your heart and let that faith grow into a fruitful tree gradually. He believes that this philosophy is much better than performing the duty without considering the results and even a minuscule effort with good intention is enough to change the world. His personality inspired Kamaljeet to believe that her efforts can create a huge impact on her as well as on other’s lives also.

Hailing from the medical background, she decided to commence the business venture to make a difference in the current environmental scenario. She single-handedly incorporated her very first entrepreneurial venture. Reminiscing upon the time while volunteering for the campaign- ‘Aan Milo Daryaon’, she states that she witnessed the humongous amount of waste that needed to be managed well.

She also came across the fact that due to the seasonal water stream in Ludhiana- Buddha Nala, the water of river Sutlej was being polluted with the carcinogenic compounds. It shocked her to the core of her spine that people in Rajasthan are left with no other options but to utilize the extremely polluted water of the river Sutlej that is the prime reason for cancer in those people. Kamaljeet states that acknowledging this fact inspired her to contribute to waste reduction and since then, there is no turning back.

From a skill development centre- PAU, she received the training of incepting a company on her own along with the management skills, under the guidance of Dr. T.S Riar, Associate Director of PAU. Afterwards, she was chosen for conducting an experiment of incubation for PUSA AGRIPRENURE under a training program- RKVY Raftar, Incubation programme.

For the dynamo, this entrepreneurial venture has allowed her to acknowledge her strengths as a woman. Kamaljeet expounds that each woman is efficient to conduct creative improvisation. As a home-maker, she ensures to create something useful even out of the wasted articles. So, when a woman delves in the
entrepreneurial world, her creative aspect allows her to come up with the most effective and effortless way of conducting business operations. She believes that women are great managers, owing to their family managing skills. She firmly states that more and more women should enter the business world to emerge out as
exemplary leaders.

The visionary entrepreneur is constantly striving to offer more and more employment opportunities to the women in the first place. She aspires to witness the up-gradation of all the segments of the society with the intense women involvement in the near future. Kamaljeet’s endeavours are solely converged on women empowerment and she desires to forge ahead to pursue her future prospects by allowing other women aspirants to walk beside her.

Highlighting the future prospects of the Company, Kamaljeet reveals that she would like to expand the reach of her business venture to abroad and give a kick start to women entrepreneurship with this innovative idea in foreign countries as well. The Company foresees a bright and blazing future ahead. As the rising population will result in a surge of waste material, this domain will propound more business opportunities to the aspirants.


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