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Kentex Textile Fabrics LLP: Creating Textile, Developing Relations

Kentex Textile Fabrics LLP: Creating Textile, Developing Relations

Written By: Kriti Anand

Company Overview
Kentex Textile is a dynamic young company in the old and traditional textile industry. The company provides processing with greige as per customer needs in a cross variety of cotton & viscose based fabric and end to end packaging. They understand constantly changing fashion trends and never fall back in terms of bringing freshness every season. Analysing the changing customer service needs and quality concerns, Kentex Textile ensures that neither is ever compromised from its end.

Being ‘customer driven‘ was the founding stone of the company. At Kentex, needs of the customers are held above everything and the first priority will be to serve the customers to the best of their abilities. The inception idea of Kentex was clear from day one, to provide high end customer service, while maintaining the quality and timeline to complete and meet requirements.

The products available in the market had been standard since ages, but the customer approach of the existing companies needed to be enhanced with time. Kentex figured that there was a major gap to be fulfilled. The company was founded in 2017, and since then they have been dedicated to this vision.

At Kentex, they value the Human Resource deeply, as people make a business. To drive it they believe they need a degree of focus and not just merely a degree of book knowledge.This has been possible with the great visions of the company’s director/founder Mr. Divesh R. Ramchandani, and amazing co-founders like Mr. Ameya D. Kawathkar & Mr. Devansh S. Tiwari. Their practical experience is a must to live and drive the team for each member to achieve the vision. Finding great people for a team is quite a challenge, but one has to believe in it. At Kentext, the idea behind team building was simple: people who believe in you and in the idea, make a great team set. They approached their trusted first network of family and close friends, and found the core team.

Happy Team, Happy Clientele
Kentex has extremely strict standards of quality of service in the company. They take feedback very seriously. Kentex keeps the timelines and progress in line with the client so as to avoid delay and derailment from the quality of product and service. Service is equally important as the product. Achieving both makes a Happy and Loyal customer.

They serve a lot of clients in the B2B segments in national and international markets. They are also engaged with some major retailers of the apparel industry. They deliver precision and pristine quality, as they believe that is what holds the customers’ trust, and they can’t afford to lose the faith. Business is a matter of trust, and Kentext ensures that they never lose on it, no matter what it takes.

The market is ever changing: in trying to keep up with it without R&D, one can never be in or ahead of the race. They study a lot of trends and metrics before taking any decision on their future strategy or operational methods. Research also imputes a heavy weightage to control any situation and keeps us updated, informed and edged. Kentex not only makes use of traditional marketing tools but also the modern day tools like social media, digital tools, etc, to reach with their customer driven approach and enhance the community with giving the best that it can.

Service, and not just product, is the key strength of the company. Moreover, the vision that the company brings with its performance and dedication, is very individual and independent. Also, in terms of the machinery, Kentex stands apart in manufacturing and stands apart from competition. As Kentex is able to and does produce a huge bulk in the right compositions that the clients need. The quality standards of Kentex’s machinery complies to international standards, again proving its promise of quality.

Process time is a huge concern for any client. Ensuring right machinery, human resource and chemical compositions with experience of understanding fabrics, Kentex stands at sharp timelines of delivery without delay or quality drawback.

A fresh mind is a fighting force everyday. All of Kentex’s human resource personnel have monetary as well as non-monetary incentives based on performance. They keep a healthy environment, and regularly organise recreational activities to have a good team spirit and constantly review their team strengths and weaknesses. They believe their team is their first customer. A happy team works hard and dedicatedly and makes a happy customer.

They have attended a lot of fabric and apparel trade shows and conferences. They are also one of the fastest growing startups in the industry of Textile and Processing.


Summarising Kentex
Quality, Quality and Quality, makes Kentex stand out and surf through each and every difficult time, be it a pandemic or not. They are focused to deliver completely sanitised goods while taking care of other hygiene concerns that are involved in the processing. As a community initiative Kentex has also donated masks in needy segments of society and provided affordable but quality masks to clients, understanding that in tough times they have a responsibility and a need to think about the community and not just the business. The company fulfills its responsibilities towards various stakeholders of society.

Kentex focuses a lot on technology and its constant advancement, as evolving is a must. Dynamism will only ensure that business always grows. They make use of technology in the project handling needs besides the industrial technology to stay at the edge of it.

Kentex wishes to expand and grow their vision to deliver quality and surpasses great service standards and are almost always at par. They wish to expand in other complimenting parts of the respective business industry to strengthen their whole ecosystem as a company and reduce the project timeline further, to cater more customers and keep reaching ahead of all milestones.

“Never look back to negatives, they will always be there. Seek for the positive, the journey shall go on. Destination is always arrived, the question is do we have what it takes to reach there. The world is ours to take, we just need to stick around with what is right. The wrong will be eliminated as default of nature, hence seek the positive, it’s around.”

– Mr. Divesh R. Ramchandani




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