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Kiara Streater- An ace ‘shentrepreneur’ leading by example 

Kiara Streater- An ace ‘shentrepreneur’ leading by example 

Pertinacious ‘superwoman’, admirable personality, inspiring entrepreneur, fascinating industry-maven, and many more terms define a triumphant ‘shentrepreneur’ featured here- Kiara Streater. As a prominent and well recognized leader with an extensive 15 years of experience in the professional services industry, she has proved her extraordinary competencies in enhancing the business performances for some major conglomerates where revenue generation and market expansion come effortlessly. Her fortes in driving better market opportunities and progress via innovative implementations backed with complex and advanced technologies have been grabbing eyeballs across the business fraternity.

This scenario induced Business Connect Magazine to recognize her phenomenality on the cover page. It was an absolute pleasure hosting her at our virtual meet session where she highlighted various aspects of her entrepreneurial streak as well as her brainchild. Her incredible insights into the respective industry accompanied with thoughtful leadership endorsing women empowerment are commendable indeed and we avidly believe it will amaze our global readership affirmatively.

Kiara Streater pitched in the entrepreneurial space with a noble intent to provide better lives to others. The ‘shentrepreneur’ aspired to claim the title of an influential entrepreneur to inspire others to live a better life. On a personal front, she had been through a rollercoaster ride where she once even survived a traumatic brain injury. No doubt, her journey so far hasn’t been a cakewalk and she has been straining every nerve to make a difference as a leader to the lives around her.

“No matter how difficult times were, I was tenacious and believed I would overcome and achieve my dream of becoming one of the top entrepreneurs in the world. At the time it seemed absolutely impossible, but I knew I could do it,” affirmed the stunning entrepreneur. In her exemplary journey as a successful businesswoman, her husband-cum-business partner played an instrumental role in motivating her to unleash her untapped potential while pushing her beyond her boundaries. Endorsed by him, Kiara founded Extraordinary Headhunters LLC in 2018 and she considers incepting this venture as the best investment that she ever made!

 The preface- company profile
Extraordinary Headhunters LLC
is a certified women-led company that takes immense pride in being recognized as an award-winning creative global and international staffing agency with its corporate headquarter in Columbia, SC. The company’s fortes lie in bridging the gap between national and international organisations with highly-talented/skilled corporate individuals.

Its specialization in the recruitment industry lies in facilitating jobs in healthcare, warehousing, customer services, administrative assistance, project management, engineering, expert level manufacturing and many more other positions to allow an effortless hiring process. With a dedicated team of experienced individuals, the recruitment process is performed at a rapid pace, that too at quite affordable rates. It allows the client organisation to get the skilled workforce for the completion of some critical projects promptly while ensuring better employment opportunities to the masses.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are the core values on which Extraordinary Headhunters LLC has been thriving since its inception. Where other organisations see infeasibility, the venture foresees better opportunities to assist people in stimulating their positive potential to add substantial value to their career pursuits.

What is worth more than a glance?
When questioned to reveal the competitive advantage of the company in the respective space, Kiara who is heading it as the CEO, elucidated that she avidly believes every person has his own talent. But the foremost challenge that every recruiter faces is to identify that hidden talent and even if they do, syncing it with the company objectives becomes a strenuous task itself. Her venture is in perfect alignment with her motive to exceed expectations while performing exceptionally well.

Backed with an efficient system that seamlessly seeks the right person for any job position, the company offers comprehensive recruiting services to the client enterprises. “Since I have been in the recruitment agency for such a long time already, I have developed the ability to match skilled people with the right companies. Moreover, my commitment to what we do makes it possible for me to stay ahead of the curve in the niche market,” asserts the luminarỵ.

Furthermore, Kiara lends credence to her expertise to build a genuine connection with people she comes across for her thumping success. A profit-oriented mindset was never her cup of tea; rather connecting with people at deeper levels and delivering them matchless solutions has been her priority since embarking on the corporate world. The woman entrepreneur’s philosophy is converged on living an impactful life while leading by example. Here, a resilient attitude, hall of fame work ethic and steadfast dedication have always been her top priorities. Her committed efforts are focused on delivering excellence to the targeted audience sophisticatedly as this is how she defines dynamic leadership.

Industry acumen
Having a keen eye for the client’s need is imperative to succeed in the recruitment industry where incessant R&D can do wonders, affirms the tycoon. As it is an extremely demanding space, out-of-the-box thinking could prove to be quite substantial. On one hand, recruiters have to learn the latest statistics about job employment and company-building methodologies, but on another hand obtaining relevant information to help staffing agencies make well-informed decisions pertaining to business operations is the need of the hour. In light of this, being a career and HR maven, Kiara enunciates that she must determine the motivation behind any establishment where R&D makes a sizable contribution to get better insights into the subject.

Views on tech-inclusion
The ‘trailblazer’ stated that owing to upgraded- technologies, her business operations have witnessed considerable progress. Her diverse experience and profound knowledge in utilizing MCS, FISS, COMPUDATA, PECOS, PETS, I-Flow, QMS 360, MCSDT, and PSUP, EDI software and tools, have been the secret sauce to her surging success. “My company continues to use the latest tools in recruiting the best people for corporations or companies. We have created a coherent system that makes it easy for interested applicants to go through the recruitment process,” revealed the leader.

Assertive leadership style
Kiara Streater is well-acclaimed for the admirable stewardship that she believes was heavily influenced by the Pop-Star, Beyonce. She remains to be my inspiration as an entrepreneur and a global impactful national and international leader. I think she does an amazing job both managing her personal and professional life so gracefully and professionally. Her words constantly remind me to be the driver of change wherever I go,” explained Kiara how Beyonce’s influential persona has touched her life.

Driven by this, the leading lady takes time to assess and evaluate the company performance and employee expectations. Never does she staunchly advocate her ideology rather possesses a broad-minded perspective towards new ideas or philosophies. “I encourage every member of my team to move out of their comfort zone and I consistently embrace women empowerment. I think this is one of the reasons why we have a healthy company culture, which eventually helped me expand my company in leaps and bounds,” claims the dignitary.

Notches on the leader’s belt
Steering the operations of one of the fastest-growing minority and woman-owned staffing enterprise in South Carolina, Kiara is intensely proud of all the accomplishments ensured by her organisation. She overwhelmingly conveyed that all the recognitions bestowed upon her have been the propelling force to her to make significant strides in the industry. And above all, being a woman leader and torch-bearer of women empowerment has always been a primary source of happiness and joy to her. Today, Kiara is a proud member of some eminent organizations flourishing across the globe and we have enlisted all such entities below-

  • Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce (Board of Trustee)
  • Advisory Business Council for the Benedict College Women & College
  • SC Chamber of Commerce Business Council
  • Columbia Chamber of Commerce Business Council
  • Forbes Business Council
  • Contributor for Columbia
  • Greenville Business Monthly,
  • United Way- Women in Philanthropy
  • Senior Consultant – Guidepoint
  • Edventure Children’s Museum – Discovery Board Council
  • Global Brand Director – Alpha Magazine
  • International Professional Women’s Society
  • Women Inspiring Girls – Non Profit
  • The Now Group – Advisory Board
  • CovrtX- Senior Advisory Board
  • Daniels Christian School – Executive Board Member
  • Alpha Media – Silent Hero Honoree 2020
  • United Way – Young Leaders Society
  • Put- Back – Vice President of Board of Directors

Kiara Streater has also been honoured with several awards such as-

  • Business Spotlight Honoree (Business Spotlight Program, City of Columbia OBO) Proclamation presented by Columbia, SC – Honorable Mayor Steve Benjamin 2021
  • Sheen Magazine Awards 2021 – Business Acumen (Awarded presented to Mr. Matthew Knowles in 2018 (Beyonce Knowles Father)
  • Women of Influence 2021 (Columbia Regional Business Report)
  • Front Page Cover (Sheen Magazine) Business Honoree 2021
  • Induction at Marquis Who & Who 2021
  • Alpha Media’s 2020 Silent Hero Honoree
  • Better Business Bureau – Business of The Year Winner 2020
  • 35 and under Best and Brightest 2020
  • SC Top Women in Business 2021
  • Proclamation Honouree granted by Honorable Mayor Lancer Shull of Batesburg, South Columbia in 2020

Foreseeing a radiant future
Kiara envisions her business portfolio to be growing exponentially in the upcoming years. Also, while expanding the horizons of her venture, she aspires to keep transforming millions of lives by shining their path with better future prospects.  Additionally, she wants to add substantial value to the lives of her employees as well for which, she has created an exclusive roadmap. Beyond any doubt, her philanthropic approach to every aspect of life is quite applaudable and somewhere a key contributor behind her resounding success.

The corporate learning by the ‘Founding Mother’
“I want to remind young, aspiring entrepreneurs out there that it is important to dream. Do not be afraid to aim high and set a target for your business. Keep in mind that you can change your life, and the lives of the people around you. There are times when you will encounter several challenges in your journey to success. Instead of giving up, the best thing to do is to persevere and practice resiliency. Remember that anything is possible. Believe that you have what it takes to succeed. NEVER EVER ACCEPT DEFEAT! YOU HAVE IT!”

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