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KION India’s Innovative Next Step to Green Future

Product of the Year 2024

The material handling industry in India is undergoing significant transformation, driven by the need for efficient, reliable, and sustainable solutions. As businesses face increasing pressure to optimize supply chains and reduce carbon footprints, KION India, a subsidiary of the global KION Group, stands at the forefront, offering cutting-edge technology and tailored solutions to meet these demands.

A Global Leader with Local Expertise

KION Group is a prominent global supplier of forklifts, warehouse equipment, automation technology, and software solutions designed to optimize supply chains. Operating in over 100 countries, the group reported impressive revenues of approximately €11.4 billion in 2023, supported by a workforce of around 42,000 employees. With more than 1.8 million units of forklifts and warehouse equipment in use worldwide, KION Group’s impact on the industry is profound.

In India, KION Group’s presence is embodied through KION India, which has emerged as a market leader in the Indian Material Handling Equipment (MHE) industry. Offering a diverse portfolio featuring renowned brands like OM, Linde, Baoli, and Dematic, KION India is not just shaping the future of logistics technology but also addressing the unique challenges faced by Indian businesses.

Commitment to Quality and Reliability

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In an industry where reliability and quality are paramount, KION India sets itself apart through stringent quality control measures. As an ISO-certified company, KION India ensures that every piece of equipment, especially high performing diesel forklifts, electric forklifts, and warehousing equipment, meets rigorous standards.

“We have a comprehensive process for inspecting incoming raw materials, ensuring they meet strict specifications right from the start,” explains Mr. Nitin Babbar, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at KION India.

“Thorough testing at various production stages validates efficiency, durability, and safety. Before any MHE unit hits the market, it undergoes a robust final inspection to ensure it meets the highest standards. It’s all about constantly reviewing and updating our quality control processes based on data-driven insights to maintain excellence in what we do.”

Sustainability at the Core: The OM Brand

Founded in 1917, the OM brand represents over a century of European technology excellence. Under the KION India umbrella, OM offers exclusive “Make in India” forklifts and warehousing solutions, tailored to the specific needs of the Indian market. This includes a focus on sustainability, a critical concern for today’s industry players.

“There are several ways in which our MHE contributes to sustainability in manufacturing and intralogistics,” notes Mr. Nitin Babbar, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at KION India.

“Energy-efficient, non-polluting, electricpowered equipment reduces reliance on fossil fuels and minimizes emissions. Innovations in battery-powered MHE, such as lithium-ion and hydrogen fuel cells, are at the forefront of this shift. Our latest product, the XE30-Li, a 3.0 ton lithium-ion forklift, epitomizes this commitment to green technology.”

The XE30-Li: Next Step to a Green Future

The OM brand’s latest innovation, the XE30-Li, is a testament to KION India’s commitment to sustainability and performance. This top-performing 3.0 ton Li-ion forklift redefines industry standards with its state-of-the-art technology.

• Efficiency Redefined: Leveraging lithium-ion technology, the XE30-Li offers longer battery life and the convenience of frequent opportunity charging, ensuring uninterrupted and efficient operations.

• Versatility at its Best: With mast selection options up to 6 meters, the XE30-Li provides the flexibility needed to handle any task, making it an indispensable asset for diverse material handling needs.

• Ergonomic Design for Maximum Performance: Designed with the operator in mind, the XE30-Li features an ergonomic layout and efficient component arrangement to maximize performance and minimize operator fatigue.

• Uncompromised Safety and Comfort: Loaded with features to ensure absolute safety and operator comfort, the XE30- Li prioritizes the well-being of the workforce at every step.

• All-Weather Reliability: Engineered to perform seamlessly in any environment, the XE30-Li is your go-to all-weather forklift.

• Superior Stability and Maneuverability: Enhanced stability, a tighter turning radius, and improved gradeability ensure smooth and efficient operation even on challenging terrains.

A Vision for the Future

As KION India continues to lead the way in the Indian MHE industry, its commitment to quality, reliability, and sustainability remains unwavering. By implementing circular economy principles, offering refurbishment and recycling programs, and continually innovating, KION India not only meets current industry challenges but also paves the way for a more sustainable and efficient future.

Innovating for the Future: KION India’s Technological Edge

In the rapidly evolving landscape of material handling, staying ahead of technological advancements is paramount. KION India exemplifies this with its relentless pursuit of innovation, embracing Industry 4.0 principles to revolutionize the sector. The integration of advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), telematics, wireless communications, and artificial intelligence into their solutions is a testament to this commitment.

Under the strategic vision of Mr. Sunil K. Gupta, President KION India, KION group has established a global engineering and technology center, further solidifying its proactive approach to meet the dynamic needs of customers.

This center is a hub of cutting-edge research and development, driving the integration of automated material handling equipment (MHE) and realtime IoT solutions, particularly under the Linde brand. These innovations are designed to enhance efficiency, productivity, and energy management across supply chains, ensuring that KION India not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

 KION India private ltd

Customer-Centric Development: A Feedback-Driven Approach

At KION India, customer feedback is the cornerstone of product development and service enhancement. The company employs a multi-faceted approach to gather insights directly from its users. Through surveys, Net Promoter Score (NPS) assessments, social media interactions, and direct communication channels, KION India ensures it captures the pulse of its customers.

Sophisticated data analytics play a crucial role in processing this feedback, allowing the company to identify key themes and urgent issues. This data-driven approach is complemented by staying attuned to market trends and competitor activities, facilitated by participation in industry conferences, trade fairs, and continuous market research.

Celebrating Excellence: Accomplishments and Accolades

KION India’s journey is marked by numerous accomplishments and accolades that highlight its commitment to excellence and sustainability. A significant milestone was achieving the “Gold” accreditation in the EcoVadis sustainability rating for 2023. This recognition underscores KION India’s dedication to integrating sustainability into every facet of its operations, from environmental initiatives to workplace culture.

In addition to its sustainability achievements, KION India has been honored as the “Outstanding Company in MHE 2023.” This accolade is a testament to its industry leadership and dedication to excellence.

Furthermore, the company’s commitment to its employees has been recognized through multiple awards, including being named a Great Place to Work in 2024 and one of the top 50 “Happy Companies to Work for” in 2023. KION India also received the accolade for “Best HR Practices 2022,” reflecting its focus on employee well-being and satisfaction.


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As KION India continues to navigate the complexities of the material handling industry, its dedication to innovation, customer-centric development, and sustainability positions it as a beacon of excellence.

By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and staying ahead of technological advancements, KION India not only meets the current challenges of the industry but also paves the way for a sustainable and efficient future.

With a strong foundation of achievements and an firm commitment to its core values, KION India is poised to lead the material handling sector into the next era of industrial innovation.

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