Learn 6 things and you will never be lazy, Japanese Techniques 

By Anurag Tiwari

Have you also done a lot of planning in life? Do your plans flop just because you are unable to step out of your comfort zone even if you want to? Are you coming to Lezhneva? If yes then read this article till the end because in this article, we are going to travel to Japan and learn eight Japanese techniques that will help you survive and succeed.

Japan is a country that has gone through the world’s 10 most dangerous natural disasters like tsunami in the 21st century. A country which has faced the devastation of the atomic bomb twice

But despite all this, be it economy or development, Japan is one of the super powers of the world. You will get many answers to the question of how Japan rises again and again and moves forward even after being completely ruined about three to four times.

After reading youtube’s, I have understood that the people there have the biggest role in the rising of Japan. Yes, the people there are so disciplined and active that you will never find them postponing their work. So how did the Japanese people have so much discipline about it? After doing research in India, I found eight such techniques which are

People follow and discipline brings success and fulfillment in life, so let’s talk about those eight techniques which made Japan successful and which can make you successful too. If you are ready then comment, I am ready because it is life changing.

Friend number one is Kaizen Doctor Shiga’s Hino Hara, the most famous physician of Japan who did not take retirement even at the age of 105. Once a patient came to him whose weight was increasing day by day due to which he was facing many health issues. Had to do the biggest

The problem was that her schedule was so busy that she did not have time for exercise. The doctor asked her, “Do you listen to songs?” You can dance for one minute for a week. The patient smiled and said, yes, I can spare that much time. During the next visit, the doctor asked her, can you dance for me for the entire song? The patient promised to try. Later the doctor made her dance on two songs and then asked her to sit while dancing.

Asked for it and in this way, by the end of the year, the patient was able to work out for one to one and a half hours every day and she had reduced her weight by about 20 kg. Someone has rightly said, friends, that every drop becomes an ocean.

Now if this Instead of this, if the doctor had told her that from tomorrow you have to eat only fruits in your diet and exercise for one hour every day, then perhaps she would never have been able to follow him. The human brain is like this, it does not like sudden changes. Whenever you change your diet, If you try to change any habit suddenly, your brain will create the biggest problem and it will tell you to postpone that change.

Someone will definitely give some excuse, be it the excuse that he slept late last night so he couldn’t wake up in the morning, or the excuse that there are still many days left and he will do it tomorrow, this is the reason why whenever you get motivated by Sandeep sir, 6 If you plan to study for 12 hours or work for 12 hours, it cannot last more than a day or two. To get out of the C trap of the brain, Japan’s famous management consultant Masaaki Imai had discovered a technique called kaizen.

Learn 8 things and you will never be lazy, Japanese Techniques 

1. Kaizen- change for the better or continuous improvement

kaizen Means Good Change for Good whenever you change something with the help of smaller gradual changes. If you achieve fruitfully then it is called Kaizen. Now the question arises of how can you use it in your day-to-day life. All you have to do is to divide your work and your time into small fractions. You have to do it gradually but regularly. Focusing on changes is to remember that no matter how bad things are, they can get better.

For example, you are not able to find time to work on a new project. It is simple if you just watch 15 minutes less TV or less every day. If you look at mobile, you can save about one and a half hours in a week, out of which you can do some project-related work.

Like Sachin Tendulkar liked cricket, he learned it and made it a passion, and then he started getting money by playing it, it became his profession, and people were entertained by watching his matches, that is when the need of the world was fulfilled, it became his vocation and which helped the world.

He liked it too, so it became his mission. In this way, by finding his one cow, he became the best cricketer in the world. If you remember the legends of any field in the world, they all will be found working on their one cow because that is their work. It is their passion, profession, vocation, and mission. Scientifically speaking, it is a unit.

By working, neurotransmitters like dopamine are released in the brain due to which you can achieve flow state and this flow state helps you to work at a different level, so you never get tired of doing it nor To do this you will need some external motivation but you will find your income.

2.  IkiGai – Purpose to Leave

Mak Kot is the only coach line painter in the world who paints the pin strips made in Rolls Royce with his own hands. Even after the advent of so much technology and innovations in painting and coloring, he cannot be replaced. Because he is a genius in his work, it takes hours to do this work but still he never gets tired because he follows his own guy. There is an island in Japan, Okinawa, where people live for more than 100 years and till their death.

Do not retire but remain healthy and do your work. Why and Because all the people there follow only one guy. What is this guy and why is it so magical? Let’s see. It is a common thing in India that as soon as you pass 12th, people start giving you different types of advice.

Someone says It means that you should do the work that you like, some say that you should do the work in which you get good money, some say that you should do the work in which you are good, some say that you should do the work that the world needs, but in reality The truth is that if you choose any one of these things then you will never be able to feel balance in your life. This is the balance in life.

I Guy is the work which fulfills every perspective in your life. Let us understand it from the Japanese Circle of I Guy. There are four types of jobs in the world, the one which you like and the one which you are good at doing. The one in which you get good money and the one which is needed in this world.

When you learn the work that you like and perform well in it, then it is called your passion and you get money for doing the work in which you are good. If you start getting money then it is called profession. If the work from which you are getting money and the world needs that work then become that.

3. Pomodoro Technique – A time management method

You will get important information: Number Three Pomodoro Technique If you are looking for a technique by which you can increase your attention span and complete your most difficult tasks without burning yourself out, then give developer and entrepreneur Francis a try in your studies and assignments.

When Poo was struggling a lot in completing the work, he used this technique and found that by dividing his work into small sessions, we can easily complete it. He created a time frame of 25 minutes during which he did the work without any distraction. and then 5 minutes

You have to take a break and then work again for 25 minutes distraction free. In this way, when four such sessions are completed, you can take a long break of 15 to 20 minutes. Francisco has named these sections Pomodoro because he got the idea of this technique. Pomodoro was a Japanese word that means tomato sauce. Pomodoro technique is used not only in Japan but in different countries of the world, especially for those students who need to concentrate. The problem is that as we have already said that our

When the brain sees any work as a big mountain, it starts feeling negative about it, hence it starts procrastinating, but when we divide our work into small sections which can be completed in 25 minutes. If possible, we will be able to complete even the biggest work very easily because even if your work will be completed in 4 hours, your brain will focus only on the work that can be completed in 25 minutes, hence it will not seem that difficult. Apart from this, the biggest enemy of our focus is our phone i.e. our frequent emails.

Habit of checking messages and social media: When we give ourselves a restriction that we have to check the phone after 25 minutes, then gradually the craving to check our mobile also starts reducing.

Nowadays, many versions of this technique have been developed. And many times people modify it according to themselves, like one version is 52 11 52 minutes work and 11 minutes interval. This is beneficial for those people who have to do some work whose concept takes time to understand like competitive. Aspirants of exams, many people also do it in such a way that they focus on one chapter or one section of the work.

Do focused work then take a short break and do the next section and after four big sections take a big break. Now it is up to you which version you choose but it is very important to keep in mind that 5 minutes The break should not be for one hour.

4. Kai Kaku- Radical change

that if there are 100 goldsmiths, then there is the same as that of one blacksmith. The difference between Kaizen and Ka Kai Kak, on one hand, Kaizen achieves its goals by making small gradual changes. is the way to reach, whereas Kai Kak is about making a basic change at once that

Kai Kaku is a Japanese word which means radical change. This word may be new to you but it is being applied in the world of industry and business for many years, especially in Japanese companies, which is the second largest car in the world.

The company also observed that our brain does not accept the changes easily, then how will this radical change fit into the brain, that would be through the Five Y technique before making any big change, you have to ask yourself five times Y i.e. why so that you can solve the problem. If you can reach the root cause, you will see that the last

In Y you will get such self-motivational answers that your brain will become positive about that change, your work is done, this is all theoretical talk but how are you going to use it. Suppose you sit to study every day but only for some time.

Your attention wanders here and there and then you somehow postpone the work and get busy with phone, laptop or TV or any other work. Now all you have to do is to ask yourself five wise things like in the example you If you ask why I am not able to study, the answer will be because my attention went to my mobile. The second question came that

Why is attention being paid to mobile? The answer will be that because you have become habituated to keep your phone with you for 2 hours for route calls, keeping your phone with you, now the only big change you have to make is that whenever you do any important work, do not take your phone with you.

Keep it on or turn off the internet. Personally, I put the phone on airplane mode. I become absolutely not restless when I am doing any important work. In this way, you can identify the root cause of every problem by using this technique. You can create a big change in your life

5. 3s technique.

There is a revolutionary method based on Japanese 3s technique organization with the help of which you can increase your productivity and any kind of waste is being used in many big sectors like identification, you can also use it in your daily life and Many daily tasks can be made easier than before.

Just imagine if your house is cluttered, will you feel good there? Will you not find something at the right place? And when the right thing is not found at the right time, then time will be wasted in searching for it. So that you can focus on your main work

It will go away and you will feel frustrated. It helps in conserving time and energy. 3s technique. There are three S’s in this technique. The first is seri i.e. sort, the second is set on i.e. set in order and the third is so shine or clean. Now, first of all, you have to sort out the things in your home and workplace, what is useful for you and what is not, whether it is old clothes or files, whatever is not useful, throw out only the useful stuff in the house. And keep it in the office. If you go to Japan, you will see that people there rely on minimalism.

They believe that only the necessary items will be found in their house. After sorting the items, it is the turn to set and order, that is, to arrange them according to your routine. Be it keys, hard disk or your shoes, keep them all at fixed places.

It should be there so that you can use it whenever you want and finally comes the turn of shine i.e. you have to always keep the things around you clean and neat. Cleanliness brings a positivity which gives motivation to your brain to work. Imagine if you find all the stuff piled up on your desk, then you will have to interrupt your work.

You will not have to break your flow by going here and there again and again to get a pen, sometimes to get water, sometimes to get a file, and the work which you used to do in two hours, you will probably be able to do in less than 1 hour, so isn’t it the icing on the cake?

6. The Rule of Three.

This technique helps you in keeping your work on the track. Many times we start the work with great enthusiasm but within a few days we deviate from our track. And we start postponing things and gradually laziness surrounds us. This happens because every day in our life someone or the other

A new task comes and generally our brain tells us to finish the easy task first due to which many times we leave the important tasks and start doing less important tasks like you have to make a presentation but your brain will say let’s clean the bike first.

Let’s take it and then make it, after that let’s bring groceries to the market, then make it, then meet friends, then let’s make it. In this way, your brain will prefer easy things. Then you will think that it was such a busy day that you still got time to make the presentation. Not only this is not true, if you want then you can avoid those tasks.

You could have made a presentation. The Rule of Three technique is made only for such situations. According to this technique, every morning you have to mark the three most important tasks of that day and note them down priority wise. You have to keep in mind that till the end of the day, these three The work must be done, in this way you will never feel disappointed and your work will also get done on time.

7. The Jan of Mindful

Mindful is such a thing which has been much discussed in the last few years. Many people associate it with spirituality. But this is something that can help you in every aspect of life.

Be it controlling your emotions or achieving your goals or achieving your goals, the basic meaning of being mindful is to live in the present moment, that is, you neither have to think about the past nor about the future, only the present moment is there, by doing this you You can look at things without being judgmental.

You can figure out why the problem is occurring and why you are procrastinating. Once you understand that, you can remove that area of your mind, just like you did. Whether it was Kai Kaku or Kaizen or finding a unit.

It is very important for anyone to be mindful. Studies show that the practice of mindfulness improves the tempo of your brain which controls things like memory, learning, compassion and rational thinking.

How to do this, you just have to take out 10 minutes every day and sit at one place. And just feel yourself, your breaths coming and going, your thoughts, no matter how the thoughts come, do not fight them, do not run after them, do not judge them, just feel them coming and going as if you are sitting on the roadside. There are more cars coming and going. You won’t run after cars, you just run after cars.

Just look at your thoughts in the same way, do not run after them. By doing this, you will feel that after a few days you will be at a different energy level, which will make you happy. If you take out a list of people, then about 80 people practice mindfulness.

If you want to see yourself in this list, then stop living life in unconsciousness and start practicing mindfulness and on being mindful, a like is created. At Shokan in Spirit in Japan, you will get to see a very special thing, whether it is work or work. No matter how big or small, people strive to achieve mastery in their work.

They have passion. Seeing an entire country working with this dedication is very special in itself, that is why whatever field the Japanese go into, success kisses their feet. Even developed countries like America recognize such dedication.

You will also have to bring it into your work, no matter what profession you are in. If you do your work not only as a professional but also as a spiritual and social responsibility, then you will not only be its technical expert but you will be called its genius in the true sense. You will succeed in your work

If this is your religion then you will neither be lazy nor bored in doing it. This is the spirit of Japanese shokan i.e. to become expert in any work, because it is better to be expert in any work and become a master of one than to be a master of none at all.

I write articles, I don’t consider it just a profession, I consider it my social responsibility that writing it will change the lives of millions of people, it will have a positive impact, our country will change. If you are reading this article till now then share the article.

So that I know that you liked this article very much, it will help me in writing good articles, so friends, this was the Japanese technique which will help you in getting rid of the trap of laziness. In the last, I would just say that your biggest enemy is you. You can become yourself and also have a best friend.

If you take decisions without thinking, then no one is your bigger enemy than you. And if you take every decision after thinking, then no one is your bigger friend than yourself. So decide that you Which technique are you going to use and also tell me in the comments.

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