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Dynamic Contribution In Tracking And Security System Brought By The Connoiseur

Women of the present generation are carving eccentric and dynamic paths with their superlative intellect, spellbound decisiveness, audacity, and ‘experimenting’ attitude. Bypassing incredibly all the stereotypes and useless biases, they are majestically empowering their realms.

In the entrepreneurial reign, women are creating a massive and jaw-dropping impact because of their caliber and ultra-confidence. One such exemplar of infinite talent and creativity is Rachitta Juneja, who has brought an impressive and indispensable transformation in the Tracking and Security System of the country. With her magnificence and intellect, she founded the ace organization ‘Letstrack’, and became an astounding CMO of the splendid organization.


The prowess has a creative heart, and an experimenting attitude which impetus her to be at the zenith. Talking about her educational and professional expedition, it is quite round about, and consists of twists and turns.

After schooling, she put her soul into artistic interests, and did theatre till the age of twenty or twenty-one. She had acted, produced, assisted with a multitude of theatre groups and National School of Drama. Afterwards, she went to pursue Engineering, but dropped it meanwhile, and did her Graduation in marketing major, and studied Finance & Investments. She is fond of learning, and still she is in the same phase; and studying AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence.

Rachitta Juneja, the lass says, From doing a lot of odd jobs to working with the Best Brands and the Biggest Names, thereby, gaining experience in Marketing, Advertising & Events, it was all fascinating, but I knew that I wasn’t meant to work for someone else. I was always searching for the right path to permanently live outside the box.

In the professional sphere, she, at first, failed at a few ventures, but always had a firm faith in the statement, “Whatever happens, happens for the best.” In 2018, the sky became clear, and brought a beauteous sunshine, metaphorically speaking. Her career got a tremendous start, and the prowess incepted a Marketing company known as Mirari’, where she worked as the CEO, and simultaneously, invested in another startup called ‘Letstrack’, where she works as the CMO, and it is now Asia’s Largest Vehicle Security Brand.

Letstrack, as the name indicates, deals with the tracking and security; it is Asia’s Largest GPS & IOT Tracking & Security Company with Industry’s largest service & distribution network in PAN India. They are now IOT leader and the World’s first Voice integrated Vehicle Security System.

Their varied family of sophisticated GPS tracking solutions is combined with a powerful yet intuitive patented App and Web platforms which ensures everybody’s security and safety. The Company’s real-time tracking system, is a pioneer in bringing both personal and vehicle security together. Soon, it is launching smart cameras and doorbells, additionally, working on AI.

Letstrack is an IOT company, and the Internet of Things is a true phenomenon. It is the one which is only just scratching the surface of its possibilities. Businesses aren’t just looking to make subtle changes through connected devices, they are in fact trying to ensure they can stay in business, and compete with others making dramatic improvements through IoT connected systems.

The organization is primarily a Consumer brand, and its potential clients include GE, Honda, Uber, Ola, Axis Bank, HDFC bank, YES bank, Liberty, Cars24, Denso etc. The company is doing extraordinarily well in the Government sector as well; twenty-five percent of all Election Vehicles had the company’s devices.

Innovation is the single most important factor which sets the market trend. They will never stop integrating their newest ideas and additional products whilst keeping their prices affordable to the market in order to ensure that they are able to grow their user base at a speed across the world. They have made huge strides in terms of demonstrating what a national service network should look like, and have some exciting plans taking off which will make ‘Letstrack’ a household name. In this manner, the company is pacing up with the changing market trends.

The upheaval in the advancement of technology creates an opportunity for the business who seeks.

“Being a part of an IOT company, I believe innovation is the key to growth, and everyone will get the benefit out of it.”

~Rachitta Juneja

In the present scenario, everyone is working on Narrow AI, which took 60-70 years, but from narrow to strong will take 1/10th time and the same from strong to super strong AI. We, humans, are moving to a future that will be cumbersome to keep up pace with. Factually, Einstein’s IQ was 160, imagine something with an IQ of 6000, you definitely want it to be your ally, and not work against you; for this we need laws that can move at the same pace.


According to the magnate’s perception, women are not just growing, they are thriving in the entrepreneurial world. They’re not just here to ask for the chance, they are here to take it. She says, “Men have learned to manage the business over time, but women are born managers. Women are biologically made to do work better than men. The ‘Corpus Callusom’ in women has thirty percent more connections than men, which means women can do many things at once, as we are better at multitasking.

Women are more attached to the job because of the extra Oxytocin. Women intuitionally know something wrong is going to happen because of the high levels of progesterone, cortisol, and estradiol. No matter where we go what position we hold, we manage everything in our life and in job.”

The biggest struggle I see with women is that they are not demanding from their sides. Competition is a figment of overheated imagination; there’s abundance in the world, look around”.


The notable organization is working immensely hard to stretch its dimensions and horizons to reach the pinnacle. They have recently launched in Sri Lanka, and are preparing a US launch.

.They are expected to be available nationwide in the US, Canada, and the UK within twelve months, whilst reaching Bangladesh in the coming months. The entrepreneur states, We have some big plans, and are working on Narrow Artificial Intelligence, which we don’t believe anyone has done before, but don’t want to talk too openly about it at this stage, so watch the space!”

The company covers more than three thousand cities in India. They are accredited by more than seventeen awards in just three years. The colossal organization is Asia’s best IOT based vehicle security company and the World’s first Voice AI integrated Vehicle Security Company.

The company works for the noble cause of a girl child education, which is quite close to their hearts, so every device they sell, they give a percentage of it to SMILE FOUNDATION, which in turn provides education to underprivileged children, and gives support to poor children’s health. They have proudly put it on their devices boxes, and sold at nationwide retailers. Also, charity begins at home, and the company has launched initiatives for the employees, where their children’s education is looked after by the company.

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