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The increasing digitization and technological influence have provoked businesses to evolve to stay relevant to the market. Intensifying competition, rising investment costs, and volatile trading rules are all driving businesses to innovate faster. The scenario is no different for EPC contractors. The increasing investments in technology are driving visible transformation in the EPC segment. The pandemic crisis further speeds up the process and birthed new opportunities, like EPCM.

Put together, with the traditional EPC formula and digital manufacturing (Industry 4.0) – the segment is positioned to be capitalized. And EPC companies, having broad investments in innovative technologies, like AI & VR, should exploit these technologies for efficient operations. Seizing such opportunities, Limber Energy Pvt. Ltd. (LEPL) is building a resounding presence as an PMC and EPCM company across the business landscape. The company works with Oil and Gas/Chemical processing plants and is known for excellence and innovation in all its designs.

LEPL is an EMS as well as QMS-certified PMC firm specializing in EPCM Projects including Third-Party Industrial Quality Inspections, Expediting, Project Management, and pre-Commissioning-Commissioning services within side of high octane industries. It’s dedicated to providing custom services for projects, whether as individual services or as complete solutions.

LEPL is led by a team of experts with vast experience and a track record of quality assurance and control. Together, they ensure that every solution comes with uncompromised quality and reflects the highest standards of operations and undertakings. They consistently seek new and innovative ways to improve themselves, which conform to their Quality Management Systems (QMS).

LEPL focuses on establishing long-term strategic relationships with clients as opposed to short-term opportunity-based engagements. It typically serves industry leaders who have a proven track record of delivering exceptional value to clients and shareholders. LEPL has a long history of providing quality assurance services to some of the world’s most well-known companies in the Oil and Gas, Refining, Chemicals, electronics, construction, power generation, automotive, Defense, aerospace, mining, pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, manufacturing, Process industries, and government sectors.

As mentioned previously, LEPL serves various industrial segments with a wide variety of services. Its core offerings includes Testing, Chemical Analysis, Corrosion Testing, Raw Material Inspection, Metallurgical Product evaluation, Engineering Research and Consultancy. But the expertise built around its specializations makes it distinguished.

  • Third-Party Inspection and Quality Assurance Services: LEPL has talented inspectors, both national and international, with a wealth of knowledge around disciplines, quality standards that ensure the standard and integrity in any project. It provides Inspectors for construction management, painting and coating, and  Field inspection, In-Service Inspection, Mechanical Integrity Programs and many adjacent requirements. Whether it’s a part-time or full-time project, LEPL ensures an equal value to all. The inspectors work in synergy with clients and related members to assure every aspect is up to the mark. They also use tech-based reporting mediums to provide detailed status reports on all things concerned.
  • Raw Material Inspection Services: LEPL also provides material inspection, ensuring supplied raw materials meet clients’ defined specifications. It performs quality analysis on sourced goods and labels them, as per ASTM, BIS, GS, JS, IS and other international standards. It also conducts site visits to evaluate fabrication techniques, assembly procedures and quality. The inspection can be range from a simple walkthrough to extensive sample retrieval and on-site analysis (photography, logging, etc ).
  • Supplier Expediting: Long delays in receiving purchased items lead to severe anxiety for project managers, buyers, and controllers in any project. Understanding these, LEPL provides expediters to eliminate and reduce the cause of delays and accelerate the process. The expediters are well-trained and actively oversee and improve areas across the supply chain that are critical to the procurement schedule.
  • Project Management: LEPL has an accomplished track in project management, be it operation, design, construction, or refurbishment of plants. Its services mainly revolve around coordination, engineering, procurement, feasibility & conceptualization, project administration, bid packaging (preparation & evaluation), construction and erection services, productivity improvement and commissioning. Its project managers are proficient in communication, time management and other required skills. They can understand the inherent needs of clients regardless of project size and are involved in every step from initiation through Pre-commissioning and startup.

The inherent partnership between talent and technology to achieve client pleasure distinguishes its offering. “At LEPL, we believe our people are our strength,” says Mr. Pawan Kumar Agrawal, Director, LEPL. The team commits to tasks/assignments and endeavor’s to develop innovative and superior solutions for its clients and ensure operational efficiency.

It also has state-of-the-art analytical and testing facilities for testing Engineering Goods, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals, NonMetallic Materials such as Polymers, Ceramics, Glass, etc. LEPL also provides technical staffing solutions for clients in the global oil & gas, petrochemical, construction and water utility industries.

Working in high-yielding industries, LEPL mandates Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) serenity. “Our commitment to implement and execute sound HSE practices is reflected in everything we do,” states Mr. Agarwal. Its integrated management system underlines pragmatic work and safety statements that authenticate its safety policy statement.

It disseminates HSE policies to all levels of the organization, and all directors, employees, and clients adhere to the letter. On-site, the designated team is briefed on the safety concerns and associated hazards with the project. LEPL also supplies required safety gear required on-site and does site visits for the same. It establishes high standards and expects all managers to be actively involved with the norms.

Founded in 2015, Mr. Pawan Kumar Agarwal (Director) lead and manage LEPL. With over 20 years of industrial exposure, covering engineering Consultancy, Projects, Equipment Commissioning, Mr. Agarwal has helped LEPL spread its wings across the global market. He has served established players in refineries, petrochemical plants, oil & Gas-offshore & onshore projects, fertilizer plants, plant engineering, etc., building multifarious expertise. During his service, he led prestigious projects across India, like:

  • Green Field Panipat Naphtha Cracker Project
  • Green Field Bharat-Oman(BORL )Refinery Project
  • Green Field HMEL (HPCL-Mittal Energy JV) Refinery Project
  • ONGC-Nada Brownfield Redevelopment Project
  • Greenfield IOCL-Pradeep Refinery Project
  • Brown-Field Bharat-Oman(BORL )Refinery CAPEX-OPEX Projects, and so on

The successful completion of these projects rewarded him with massive respect and a prominent position in several professional foundations, such as the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, Institution of Engineers, All India Management Association (AIMA)-New Delhi, Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering (Mumbai) and International Council of Consultants (New Delhi). His established network and solid industrial footing have proved integral in building sustainable relations at LEPL.

And with his prowess across verticals, he assembled a team of civil, mechanical, structural, electrical and other types of engineers, supervisors, inspectors and technical specialists. He has helped LEPL enter and flourish into multiple pipelines. “Our vision is to go beyond the task independently and objectively assuring our clients that all products and Services perform to specifications in each of the industries we serve,” avers the Director. He aspires LEPL to be a world-class leader in engineering design and consulting, with quality assurance based on demonstrated excellence, commitment to customers and staff, and technological innovation.

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