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Innovating Spaces with outstanding Door and Window solutions

Who doesn’t know the role of high-quality doors and windows offering enhanced safety features in providing better protection against intruders and external elements, contributing to the overall security of homes and commercial spaces. For this, we all look towards the leading manufacturers who often prioritize energy-efficient designs, helping reduce energy consumption by providing better insulation, ultimately contributing to lower utility bills and environmental conservation.

In this direction, Lingel Windows has been a pivotal contributor in the realm of high-quality doors and windows, setting standards and redefining excellence in the fenestration industry. Their excellence in crafting superior products extends beyond their normal functionality to ensure innovation, durability, and customer-centric solutions. In this narrative, we are in a freewheeling conversation with the company’s Managing Director, Dr. H.C Mario Schmidt who has shared some deeper insights with our team on various aspects of the establishment. Let’s dive in:

Introducing a spectrum of innovative offerings, Lingel has unveiled a new product range featuring snow whitecolored windows. These windows boast a white foil on the uPVC surface, presenting an exceptionally pristine appearance. The company has ensured easy and effective cleaning processes to maintain the product’s pristine white hue.

An exceptional addition to their repertoire is the Aluminum System 6.0, launched in 2017, renowned for its aesthetic appeal in the Indian market. This system, resembling wooden or uPVC windows in design, provides the flexibility of utilizing the complete uPVC hardware range. The offerings within this system encompass entrance doors, sliding and folding solutions, casement opening windows, lift and slide.

The business portfolio

Lingel Windows is well- regarded to have mastered tailoring products to meet the specific needs of its clientele. Their expertise spans a variety of materials, including UPVC, Aluminium, Oak wood, Timber, and an extensive range of supplementary features, all aimed at fulfilling customer requirements.

The company excels in crafting bespoke solutions for a diverse array of projects, encompassing residential ventures such as flats, houses, villas, apartments, duplexes, and projects of varying scales—ranging from small to medium and large housing developments. Additionally, Lingel extends its proficiency to commercial spaces like offices, hotels, hospitals, and resorts. Their diverse product lineup comprises: High-quality timber or wooden windows,The Glass Conservatory, Window Sill, Venetian Blinds, Roller shutters, available in both manual and automatic operation.

Moreover, Lingel offers the Hueck system, a thermally broken high-end Aluminum solution designed for superior heat insulation. These windows, manufactured in Germany, are imported as the final product. Their Oakwood (timber) windows, also crafted in Germany, are celebrated for their texture and timeless appearance.

Also, there has been a remarkable introduction to their portfolio including the Lingel Panzer Glazing (LPG) and Lingel Safety Box (LSB), representing a harmonious fusion of glazing and hardware. Recently, the company has unveiled five new products: Motorized skylight, Roof window, Roof balcony cabrio, New handle selection, and New powder coating finish.

Karl Lingel Fensterbau GmbH &, established in 1959 in Ellwangen, Germany, has emerged as a prominent figure in the European market for high-quality doors and windows. With over 60 years of expertise in fenestration, Lingel operates two manufacturing units located in Ellwangen and Lichtenstein, solidifying its position in the industry.

Recently, the company expanded its operations by inaugurating a new manufacturing facility in Romania. Moreover, their latest giga manufacturing unit in Rewari, Haryana, spanning approximately 1,25,000 square feet, boasts a remarkable production capacity of 14,000 units per month. This strategic expansion aims to accommodate a larger customer base while significantly reducing wait times for product delivery, showcasing Lingel’s commitment to serving its customers more efficiently.

The thoughtful vision

The establishment offers complimentary professional consultations preceding the quoting process, offering a range of free services such as project planning, design consultation, specialized site inspections, and supervision. The company prides itself on delivering top-tier solutions adhering to high standards at reasonable rates, constantly updating its knowledge base to align with the ever-evolving fenestration industry.

Through the incorporation of state-of-theart German machinery and comprehensive team training, they ensure quality aligned with industry standards. The management believes in fair payment terms which is a priority, and each customer is assigned a dedicated sales team that oversees the project from initiation to completion.

Providing ‘unique value’ to the clients

Now talking of their value proposition. They are known for offering distinctive value propositions on several key pillars. Firstly, their centralized quotation systems stand out as a unique selling point, ensuring specialized teams provide accurate and comprehensive quotations, considering vital factors like wind load, design aesthetics, and commercial viability, prohibiting channel partners from creating their own quotes.

Secondly, Mr. Mario extends direct support to customers through his personal email address, prominently displayed in catalogs and on the website. Thirdly, Lingel’s commitment to expertise is evident through their Lingel Academy, where every team member or channel partner undergoes rigorous training before engaging in product marketing or sales.

Lastly, the company invests significantly in continual learning, sending numerous technicians for extended training sessions in Germany annually, where they receive three months of individualized fabrication training for uPVC, Aluminum, and Wooden doors & windows.

“It is crucial to understand the demands & the design challenges customers are facing. Only while knowing this in deep detail, we can jointly work together with our customer to create and provide our unique customized design solutions. We proudly announce that we love to step in, when others are leaving the design challenges of particular projects. Further value are our unique warranty terms.

Since we have been here in India for the past 17 years, we have fulfilled the warranty terms at thousands of projects. We further maintain detailed tracking records of all the windows produced by us. So we can trace them, track them and know exactly which components are required & even for windows installed 15 years ago. We do keep those spare components with us, so that maintenance or repair can be done even when the warranty period is completed,” explained Mario Schmidt.

Catering to the demands of high-end clients

Lingel offers substantial value to high-end clients, particularly in the intricate landscape of hotel projects where challenges and opportunities emerge right from the planning stage. These projects involve multiple consultants addressing various aspects, ranging from structural and energy/fire safety to acoustic parameters and interior design aesthetics.

With an adept team, Lingel adeptly meets diverse demands, assuring consultants of reliable hands when collaborating with the company. When it comes to execution, maintaining timelines is crucial, especially for high-value fenestration products, ensuring they’re neither installed too early to risk damage nor too late to impede other internal work.

Lingel also specializes in unique solutions, such as integrated, discreet electric switches that trigger actions like the automatic deactivation of AC when a guest opens a room door in holiday resorts—a feature typically installed imprecisely, leading to premature product failure.

Leveraging their extensive expertise in acoustics, Lingel has demonstrated prowess in addressing noise concerns in various hotels, achieving predefined inner noise levels of less than 40 decibels, even with open window curtains, surpassing customer expectations within specified budgets.

Manufacturing units Ellwangen and Lichtenstein

In Germany, the high rate of labor force has led to heavy adoption of highly automated plant machinery, ensuring an exceptionally efficient production pace. Automation plays a pivotal role, enabling rapid fabrication with various steps executed by machines, significantly enhancing production speed.

Leveraging computerized systems allows for swift creation of new production designs, eliminating the time-consuming process of model or sample creation, as product simulations are efficiently handled through different software systems. European, especially German, window designs differ significantly from those prevalent in India.

European standards prioritize energy efficiency, resulting in window frames supplemented with extensive extension profiles to accommodate high insulation requirements. This leads to significant differences in inner and outer wall sizes, with variations of up to 80mm. Additionally, in Europe, each new window typically integrates roller shutters or venetian blinds, catering to privacy, noise reduction (in the case of roller shutters), and weather protection.

However, these designs have not yet gained traction among Indian consumers, despite being showcased at various exhibitions. Lingel remains optimistic about the eventual adoption of these products in India. Another notable contrast between German and Indian windows is the absence of externally operable windows in Germany, where the preference is for inside openable tilt and turn windows, along with lift & slide or tilt and slide systems for sliders, unlike the conventional sliding windows found in India.

Trendsetters in the industry

Renowned as trendsetters in the industry, Lingel has a history of pioneering innovations that set new benchmarks. Their forwardthinking approach was evident as early as 2008/2009 when they became the first company in India to integrate the traditional wooden design into double shutter windows made of uPVC.

These windows feature glass shutters that open outward and mesh shutters that open inward. Additionally, Lingel introduced integrated grills—a step beyond mere provision—providing options for security grills and diverse designs for both casement and sliding windows, a move that set them apart in the market.

Their commitment to innovation continued in 2010 when they ventured into crafting glass houses and conservatories in uPVC and later in Aluminium. The company takes pride in showcasing the unique selling propositions (USPs) of their diverse product range, recognizing that customers prioritize different aspects when making their selections.

Lingel emphasizes the distinctive advantages of each material: the exceptionally low u-value of uPVC profiles, signifying minimal energy loss; the recyclability of Aluminum, which can be reused multiple times without degradation; and the environmental benefit of wood, as it inherently stores carbon dioxide, preserving the absorbed carbon even after being crafted into a window.

Lingel acknowledges that while each material offers specific advantages, they also come with their own set of limitations. Yet, their commitment to pioneering sustainable and innovative solutions remains a cornerstone of their ethos.

The leadership mantra

In 1994, their journey into the world of fenestration began after completing studies in mechanical science, igniting a passion for this field. With a vision to delve deeper, the decision was made to explore and specialize in fenestration. By 2006, they ventured into India’s UPVC sector, which was in its nascent stages with multiple players.

Recognizing the need to educate buyers about UPVC, they initiated efforts from scratch, gradually building a team, many of whom continue to be integral members at Lingel today. Expanding from Rajasthan, Lingel has now established a significant presence across India, securing a place among the top 5 fenestration brands in the country.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, they achieved the distinction of being the youngest General Manager (factory head) in the window and door field within their German state. Assuming the role of Managing Director at Lingel India in 2006 and later as Plant Head Director at Lingel Germany from 2018, their journey has been guided by a clear vision and unwavering goals, navigating the challenges alongside the guidance of Mr. Karl Lingel, whom they credit as a remarkable leader and mentor.

Since their inception in India, Lingel has established sales offices and experience centers in major cities, progressively expanding their dealer network while seeking like-minded channel partners eager to grow and become part of their esteemed family.

Work culture

As per Mario, the Lingel Family is deeply committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning and skill enhancement among its members. Over the years, they have established the inaugural Lingel Training Academy, dedicated to providing comprehensive skill development for their team. This academy delivers extensive hands-on training on products along with a focus on nurturing soft skills crucial for team development.

The most fascinating factor is that several factory workers undergo specialized training at the company’s headquarters in Germany, further enriching their expertise. Moreover, a team of dedicated trainers from both Germany and India invest their efforts daily to educate and empower the Lingel team and channel partners. The training regimen spans three months, featuring regular weekly assessments to ensure the team attains in-depth product knowledge.

The futuristic outlook

For Lingel, in India, there is a nearly two-decade-long journey that has been marked by remarkable growth and expansion. Their commitment lies not only in increasing their customer base but also in continually innovating, solidifying their position as a market leader in fenestration solutions.

Prioritizing customer choice, they offer a wide array of options to meet diverse fenestration needs. With an impressive 60 to 70% of their clientele coming from referrals, Lingel takes pride in earning the trust of their customers, contributing to a highly successful journey in the country. Over the past 17 years, they have played a pivotal role in landmark projects, earning industry accolades for their exceptional execution.

As a responsible brand, Lingel consistently prioritizes environmental stewardship, engaging in campaigns to reduce carbon footprint and actively participating in skill-building initiatives for the youth. They established the Lingel Training Academy, where a dedicated team of trainers from Germany ensures their staff is thoroughly skilled, providing customers with accurate and comprehensive product information.

With direct access for customers to reach out via email, alongside a robust customer care system, Lingel remains dedicated to prioritizing customer satisfaction. The longevity of their senior team members, many of whom have been with the company for over a decade, ensures seamless operations, placing customers at the forefront of their approach.

Words of Wisdom by Mario

“When you opt for any fenestration products for your home or office. Look for the innovative products a brand can offer. Check out comparative specifications before checking the price. A customer gets what he pays for and so a customer must always focus on the quality of a product.”

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