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Here, we are in an exclusive conversation with the leadership panel of new age HR Consultancy i.e. LITSA Services. What made us highlight its story in this outstanding edition is its emergence as one of India’s fastest growing women centric HR Consultant and Manpower Recruiting firms. Its service portfolio is enriched with a gamut of services that are catered to the specific needs of the clientele.

Since its inception, it has successfully emerged as well as established itself as a reputed and trusted recruitment organization. It is heavily active in permanent hiring, contract hiring as into soft skill training. We know that our global aficionado is in constant quest of motivational capsules to keep their spirits high for performing extraordinarily across their targeted space. Hence, our apt team found the entrepreneurial story of the founder- Anamika P Singh to be quite motivational for our targeted audience.

Indeed, her journey was an uphill climb at first but gradually, she started to align her energy as well as her employees along with the established goal. This made her to share her views, ideas, vision and mission with her followers that changed the course of many people associated with her. And especially when it comes to empowering women who are the homemakers, she has been focussed into providing life changing possibilities with a promise to better lifestyle. Let’s dive into her success story.

What drives the organization?

Today, LITSA Services has become a company that is driven by a 100% women workforce. Back in 2017, the organization sprouted as a brainchild of the founder post facing several challenges after giving birth to her baby. She was working in Times Group, as Assistant Manager but had to quit her job being a mother- recognizing that her kid needed her during that essential phase.

It was the realization of the problems faced by women at the workplace and she decided to start her own business where she has hired all the female staff, offering them various flexibilities along with work from home facility to allow them manage their homes as well as their career aspirations effortlessly. She dedicated her venture to the establishment of a company that would go extra miles to train and support such females who had to leave their respective jobs for numerous reasons such as marriage/ family responsibility or any other personal extension.

Today, her venture has managed to change thousands of lives by providing family women with their dream jobs at flexible timings and schedules. This insightfulness possessed by the founder is what drives the organization and its culture accordingly. When it comes to dealing with the clients, owing to their effective and seamless hiring processes the delivery of excellent services is done easily. The recruiters associated with them are highly skilled in different niche technological hiring and expect the candidates to validate their requirements. The pool created by them allows the right candidate to meet the right recruiter in the most effective manner.

“Today’s woman is Superwoman , they have already been multitasking and now they are dominating and leading across various domains. For instance, I am Grand Master in Pranic healing / Angel Therapy and Certified Tarot card reader . I have given various healings session to many people in Covid times and helped them in faster recovery.”

quotes the founding lady By ensuring every lady with equal opportunity to rise and shine in her aspired space, no racism and discrimination, the company has asserted firm values of equality and transparency so far. We sincerely commend the initiatives taken by LITSA Services in empowering the women folks out there.

A leader with a difference

Leadership has different aspects. It has become synonymous with collaborative approach, synchronized teamwork, better productivity, supporting creativity and innovation. Well, Anamika is a blend of various factors that make her stand out from the rest. As intuitive and thoughtful she is, her tech- savvy outlook is equally amazing to witness. She asserts the use of technology as a factor that has helped her organization handle the data in better ways and allow in enhanced recruitment data management that is our priority.

Being a leader, she believes in empathy/empowerment and understanding where she equally treats her friend as her fellow mates. Also, she asserts the significance of maintaining self discipline while working at home where it is the must to have a key rule. With a continuous and powerful reward system and additional incentive, the management propels people to work hard and allow them to bloom as the outperformers in the best possible way.

Owing to her thought leadership, the company has witnessed 200% growth in the last fiscal year. They have been able to successfully provide placement to over 500+ quality candidates in their niche domains. At presen, Anamika has been envisioning a brighter future for her brainchild where she could expand it across the country, serving quality services to the targeted masses. And later, her endeavors are into stretching the presence across the global landscape helping women from different geographic regions retain their power and change lives.

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