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Written By:- Mehak Malhotra

In India, the COVID-19 crisis has led to a perceptible change in the growth of various industries. Certain to mention, the Investment banking industry has also witnessed visible changes. There has been a volatile shift between the pre-covid and post-covid scenarios. It has piloted the companies to modify their financial policies and strategies.

The majority of SME / MSME companies are facing challenges either on cash flow/ fundraising or business growth. Traditional methods of raising finance through Indian banks / NBFC is becoming very tight so new methods of growth are picking up like International Joint Venture / Technology tie-up / foreign investment and also looking for new methods of doing business like online marketing or looking at new markets

The financial advisory industry provides credible investment banking advice and customized financial solutions to corporates. The right advisory concludes in the right financial product, better structure and expansion of business by using the knowledge and expertise to make growth and profitable plans.

Through this edition, we are going to shed a light on the spectacular work of one such investment banking firm, serving the market with their earnest proficiency in the domain

Manhaday Consultants Pvt. Ltd is a boutique investment banking firm, recognized as one of the leading investment banking and financial consultant firms in India. In their bouquet of services, they offer strategy and growth advisory services, Project / Structured Loan Syndication, Debt & Business Restructuring, Private placement of equity, Venture capital, M&A, JV, CFO services, etc. Besides, they foster enormous international services like M&A, PE, JV, India entry, Contract manufacturing, Outsourcing services to a client overseas.

The company came into existence in 2007, headquartered in Mumbai, India. Uday Hegde and Dr Patil were the brains behind the inception of this phenomenally designed and developed venture. The company has been very active in giving its services across India to clients spread across various sectors.

The company delivers an extended range of services to its customers, sustaining its vigorous brand value in the market. Shedding a light on some of their exclusive services:

  • Corporate Advisory Services
  • Corporate Finance Syndication
  • Equity Solutions
  • International Corporate Advisory Services
  • Project Finance Syndication
  • Project Advisory Services
  • Agribusiness Services

Manhaday Consultants runs effectively by the valuable guidance of its key officials, holding wealth and diversity of knowledge in the domain. They share their wisdom and wealth of hard-earned expertise with employees to ensure the maximization of output.

Enlightenment on the company’s key officials concludes:

The Director, Uday Hegde has experience of nearly 25 years in the Financial and Corporate world. Attaining an MBA degree in International Business as his specialization, he has immense knowledge about financial solutions, structuring which helps the client in their growth story and also to come out of challenging situations. He is respected and recognized for his professionalism and wide network of lenders/investors and clients spread across India. Mr Uday is a regular speaker at finance / economic events and is a member of many business chambers/network both local and international

DR Patil is an Agriculture, Natural Resources Economist and also a social scientist. He has advised the Government of India as an export policy adviser/ consultant. As one of the new generation consultant and researcher in the area of agriculture and natural resources, he has versatile experience of working with various prestigious organizations

The covid crisis has emerged into a desperate or should we say surviving situation. Everything around us is changing and getting restructured. In the business world, meetings and exhibitions are not being conducted the way they used to be conducted Pre Covid days, concluding to wider use of digital platforms to administer interviews.

The lenders are hesitant about rendering loans to the companies and the equity investments have been just the opposite as they are predicting a great growth story going forward, that is one of the reason the inflow of FDI and stock markets are looking up as they are discounting the great future of Indian corporate. Even after all the challenges India is better placed and that is the reason even the GDP forecast by the majority of economist including IMF (International Monetary Fund) changes every 30 days but one thing is sure that India will be the fastest-growing economy.

Manhaday Consultants has clients from startups to large group and spread across India. As per Uday Hegde post covid, they are seeing a lot of opportunity for advising the clients with the services they can offer. They also foresee that many SME / MSME clients are incapable to think or find solutions for their finance or business challenges they clients face and this is where Manhaday finds itself in a great space, as the saying goes Manhaday is in the right business, at the right time with the right products and services. Manhaday Consultants already has MOU with many international firms and as per Uday. Hegde now post covid the numbers will only increase.

Manhaday sees opportunities in the Real estate/ Infrastructure, manufacturing and services sector.

Manhaday Consultants have taken their business to international horizons for the last couple of years and the benefits are being seen in today’s scenario. They have associations with various investment bankers law firms, M&A networks from various countries majorly comprising, Singapore, Korea, Japan, China, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Canada & the USA.

Shortly, the company will be forging towards expansion in many new countries. These networks help Manhaday in taking mandates from Indian clients for international finance / JV / Technology tie-up. This being one of the focus areas in post covid scenario Manhaday is in discussion with many clients across India and clients also sees this as an opportunity to come of the present challenges and also future growth with valuation multiplying much higher.

SkyEarthTradecom Private Limited is a group company where they take license or marketing rights / Business development rights for India of international companies for their products and services. They started with some big names like Hyundai group company from Korea and Schneider Electric. Now many western countries companies are looking at India and SkyEarth is in right place. Now SkyEarth has started the reverse of taking Indian companies internationally, they are trying to become the de facto export department for Indian companies.


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