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Mas Callnet India

Mas Callnet India Pvt. Ltd.

Most Reliable BPO Based in National Capital Territory

Mas Callnet India Pvt. Ltd. with the innovations, has established itself to be one of the most reliable Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and IT solutions provider companies in India. With the change in business models in today’s connected world, to obtain world-class quality cost-effective end to end solutions, the company has gained deep insights into business processes and has built the required competency and thought leadership to provide valuable solutions for customers across industries. The company was founded in the Year 1990 but started its operation in the Year 2003 with its base in New Delhi.

Mr. Deepak Kashyap, a young entrepreneur of 43 years old, is the Cofounder and CEO of the organization. Holding a strong in-house creative IT team, the company has brought eruptive growth over these years and has developed its competency in delivery, transformation and relationship domains. It provides 360-degree customer support capability. The company has its major client’s as Vodafone, TATA, Apollo, Telenor, Aircel etc. Other groups of major clients of the company include some of the Biggest Business houses in the country today like Godfrey Philips India Ltd, Ecom Express, Usha Shriram etc.

The company has received numerous awards and recognition, including Award for “Innovation& Technology” by Franchise India, named the “Pioneering Spirit” by Lufthansa ET now. Apart from this, it was featured in a famous business magazine in the category of 10 most recommended productivity technology solution providers – 2018. It is the destination for all major business areas that include process &management, database management and software development. The company deals with the process integration and data management services to understand the requirements of the users. They are consistently adding more value to their customers.

It is the organization which is also into payment gateway solutions. It is one of the few BPOs or probably the only one which offers the customized customer service solutions on a “pay as you go” model, designed by their IT team as an in-house activity. It has focused on building a strong culture in the organization, which follows the “win-win” format. The company offers ‘Pay as you go’ facility to be flexible and accommodate the customer’s business growth. The company has recently launched its own online payments solution called ‘PayPik’.

With the plan to enter foreign markets, the company for the first time is going to launch its unique customer service product called “Dialdesk” into new markets globally in the year 2019. The company is focusing on next orbit of excellence. “DialDesk” is the company’s solution for Startups, MSMEs and SMEs that need high flexibility in billing and high-quality customer care solutions. “DialDesk” offers the ability where multiple calls can be attended frequently, a web-based CRM to maintain data and gain insights, 24X7 customer care support, SMS and E-mail alerts. The choice of Toll-Free / UAN / Mobile / Landline customer care numbers offer a strong value to growing businesses.

For incubating a new idea, every 2 years, the company launches new solutions that improve CX (Customer experience) exponentially for their customers. Very recently the company has launched #CXREFRESH, the platform that will share curated thought leadership on how global businesses are creating world-class CX. It is building one of the world’s most trusted customer experience (CX) companies. Its solutions are designed to deliver value to customers across industries and business size.

Also, the Company’s employee-centric approach has ensured quality of employees and the work.“Learn and Teach” approach has made it an amazing organization with a huge quantum of the knowledge base which propels them to take up any challenge. A strong focus on Customer experience is one of the strategies that make them stand out of the crowd. All the above strategies make them one of the most loved BPOs around. It practices honest approach and best consumer experience solutions to provide value for money. Thinking from a client’s perspective in terms of service and monetary mileage has helped it tremendously to build a level of trust level with them. Constant innovations, automated CRM’s and 99.9% uptime have been some of the bricks of trust they have built their relationship on.

In the training domain, The Company follows a unique culture of “Learn and Teach” and “Teach and Learn” in which the role clarities are defined properly and the knowledge required to fulfill the role and to enhance them are identified. The trainings are conducted either using an in-house expert or through paid external agencies. The company conducts workshops on a regular basis to upgrade their skills and ensuring the domain expertise is as per the global standards. It has different methodology and layers of checking the quality and consumer experience through its in-house audit mechanisms which happens at a regular frequency.

The company has put a lot of time and efforts in upgrading its system to novel technologies that have sprung up over the past few years including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to meet the client requirements. This is important to remain relevant in the future and be a trusted partner of customer experience for the customers. The Company has developed in-house technologies; Voice and data applications, IVR solutions, Dialer& ACD solutions, CRM applications, Lead management systems. The AI integrations and other tools that help them to deliver world-class Consumer Experience constitute the forte. The clients are really happy with the automation they have done and with the ease of doing business. Apart from this, the company uses and support all the leading technology service providers like Avaya, Cisco’s, Genesys and all the latest tools available in the market today. The next big step the company has taken is to take the consumer experience to the highest of the levels. They are focusing on building the best of CRM tools to ensure that the consumer experience is delivered at all touch points.

With their strategic vision for encouraging inventions, funding innovations and the idea of global business expansion, the company is leveraging its resources to achieve sustainable success.

Key Officials

Deepak Kashyap – Co-Founder and CEO

Mr. Deepak Kashyap is a result oriented CEO who was the cofounder of the company. He is proficient at creating strategic alliances with organization leaders to efficaciously align with and support key business initiatives.

Ashwani Wadhwa

Ashwani Wadhwa is the chairman of the group. He has been truly a visionary entrepreneur. He is innovative and an expert negotiator.

Bhawana Harjani

Bhawana Harjani is the COO of the company. She has both business and management expertise. She has substantial experience in the practices, policies, and procedures of Outsourcing industry.

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