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Math Study Tips and Tricks-How to Score Good Marks in class 10

Math Study Tips and Tricks-How to Score Good Marks in class 10

To ace a subject like maths, one needs to practice a lot. However, what more can be done to get those extra marks and that will increase your overall score in mathematics. First things first, to solve math questions it’s important to clear your basics.

Several students hesitate to solve math problems or find maths as a difficult subject. This is because students often get confused with the previous topics and are unable to figure out how the former chapters are related to the new ones. Once students find the link between the two, it becomes very easy for them to attempt such questions.

Although it’s not that complicated to learn and practice mathematics, it may seem tough to consistently put your efforts into it. But if students regularly try to practice mathematics, they can even score full marks in their board exams.

Study tips to score good marks in 10th

Now let’s discuss some of the study tips for maths which will help you to score well in your 10nth board examinations! Go through these points and try to follow them to get better scores in your maths exams.

  • Read and understand your syllabus

The most crucial part of studying any subject is to begin by reading and understanding the complete syllabus of the subject. This helps students to know questions will be based on which chapters or units in the board exams. Also, to prepare effectively for your 10nth board examinations, it’s best to read which units have more weightage in terms of marks so that you can plan your studies accordingly.

  • Make a study plan for maths

The next step or tip is to make a proper study plan of the topics, especially for mathematics beforehand. Following a good plan can aid you to study quicker and finish your portion. Similarly, students can get enough time to grasp the concepts and enhance the fundamentals. Additionally, this way it will be easier to manage and check what topics have been completed by you and which are the remaining ones.

  • Make a list of formulas and theories

Another relatively vital trick is to just make a list of all the formulas, theories, and standard solving methods. This way, students do not need to waste their time in finding the formulas or theories whenever they practice. Thus, it’s much more convenient to write them separately. However, students must make sure to enlist all the important ones, as they’ll also help in revising them before your exams.

  • Try to solve sample question papers

The best way to check your knowledge is to solve the sample question papers that are available on the website. This also gives students an idea of how the paper patterns have been of the previous years.

  • Take help from NCERT and reference books

When it comes to studying for board examinations, NCERT books are certainly the best option. This is because most of the time, board exams questions are taken from these books themselves! The NCERT books strictly adhere to the syllabus as it’s written by subject experts so that students can easily find the topics they would like to learn and practice.

Similarly, the NCERT books cover the fundamental concepts quite well that helps students to refer to them whenever they have doubts. Students should also go through other reference books to understand specific topics or even get answers to questions. For example, if a student is looking for chapter 2 solutions, they can search RS Aggarwal Class 10 Chapter 2 Ex 2.1 Solutions and get the answer for the same.

  • Don’t repeat the same mistakes

As the board exams approach, teachers always emphasize avoiding making the same or common mistakes in your paper. And rightfully so, it’s noticed that students often overlook this important factor that affects their performance and score in the final exams.

  • Solve the questions in steps

To solve any mathematics question, it’s wise to do it in consecutive and clear steps. By doing this, it’s easy to retain a common method to solve a particular problem, and also students can quickly identify any calculation mistake that has been made. Thus, students will not require lots of time to thoroughly check their answers before submitting the papers.

  • Maintain neatness in your writing

The next tip is also extremely important in board examinations. Try to keep your handwriting as neat as possible, so that the students, as well as the examiner, can interpret what has been written. There are times when examiners cut marks just because the handwriting was unclear to judge whether the students had answered the question correctly or not.

  • Evaluate your answers

Consecutively, a student should evaluate their answers and make a point of the areas where they fall short. It will help in making better improvements in those weak areas and thus can perform well in the final exams.

  • Practice as much as you can

The key to truly getting good grades in mathematics in the 10nth board exams is to practice solving questions daily. Try to make a habit of doing maths regularly for 1-2 hours every day, this will ensure that students do not forget the concepts, topics, and methods. Likewise, it will be easy for students to retain the concepts learned.


In a nutshell, even if you are not well versed with mathematics as a subject, it’s easy and simple to learn especially if your basic knowledge is clear. Not only should students effectively prepare themselves for their maths board exams but also improve their performance by self-evaluation of the topics they are weak in and work on those areas.

Also, students need to understand how much they should dedicate to one question, which depends upon the weightage of that problem, this will aid students to complete their papers on time. Another bonus trick is to keep practising similar types of questions to get yourself familiarised with the topic. Moreover, you also get to understand what kinds of questions may be asked in your board exams.

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